Overdue Payment Demand


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									This sample letter sets forth a demand for payment on an overdue promissory note.
This generic form gives notice to the borrower that the borrower is now in default of his
or her obligation to repay the principal and interest. The letter demands full and
immediate payment in order to avoid the lender from instituting other legal remedies,
including filing a lawsuit. This template form is intended to supply standard language
and can be modified to fit the needs of any lender demanding payment of any overdue
promissory note.
                    OVERDUE PAYMENT DEMAND

Date: ________________________________

[insert name and address of debtor]

Dear ________________________________:

Reference is made to that certain Promissory Note dated __________________ in the
original principal amount of $___________________________(the “Promissory Note”).

This is to notify you that you are in default of payment of said Promissory Note. I/we
have not received the following payment(s) under the Promissory Note.

Amount: $_____________________ Due date: _____________________
Amount: $_____________________ Due date: _____________________
Total: $_____________________

Accordingly, demand is made for full payment of the entire balance of $___________
due under the Promissory Note. If I/we do not receive your payment within _________ (
) days, I/we will have no choice but to proceed to enforce our rights under the Promissory
Note, including filing a lawsuit, to collect the entire balance. You will be responsible for
all costs for collecting, including attorney’s fees, court costs and interest.


Signature of Lender: _________________________________
Print name of Lender: _______________________________
Address: _______________________
Home phone: _____________         Work phone: _____________

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