Report of visit to Guangzhou on Saturday, Oct 7 by armedman1


									Report of visit to Guangzhou on Saturday, Oct 7.

1. Wu Ming joined us for breakfast from 7:30am to 9:00am. I gave him a
hard copy of my email outlining the specific items up for discussion and
what we wish to accomplish this trip.
---Evaluation of Novi's report on ISU 2006
---Approval of Training Plan for China in 2007
---Submission of Report on how ITOH Grant was used
---Evaluation of Financial Report on ISU 2006
---Discussion of CISV China's financial plan
---Identification of a Corporate donor for Training Fund of CISV China

Mark discussed the following agenda with Wu Ming:
---Application and selection system for Adult Leaders. A set of the
Application and Selection Kit used by Manila Chapter was given to Wu Ming
for his reference.
---Identification of possible members of Training Core Team

Because it was only Wu Ming at our breakfast meeting, we agreed it is best
we continue the discussion with all members of CISV China's Board.
This will be set later after the "Welcome Party" activities.

2. We then proceeded to the Dong Feng Dong Road Primary School for the
"Welcome Party".
---Mark and I had a short chat with the Headmistress, Ms. Liu Yan Wen,
prior to the start of the program at 10:30am. (I had a lapse in protocol, I
forgot to bring a present for her).
---The activities from 10:30am to 1:30pm followed the program schedule as
planned. It was a well attended "gathering" (as they labeled it), there was
a good turnout of people.

A short comment on the "Welcome Party". In the Philippines, our
"Bienvenida Party" (as we call it) aims to hasten the re-entry of the
participants to the real world. This is the time to re-connect with other kids
and adults in the immediate environment that have the same experience,
therefore they can easily relate with each other. We allot an overnight
weekend experience where all the outgoing delegations of the
year gather for an out-of-town trip to share their camp experiences
with everyone else. Its a chance to look at camp pictures, videos and swap

The "Welcome Party" in China was oriented towards giving a report of their
experience to a large gathering. It seems to emphasize sharing of
information with others/outsiders, rather than an opportunity to share
camp experiences amongst various delegations. This is an observation, not
a criticism, as such an arrangement may have certain benefits at this stage
of CISV China's growth.

<Note> I had Mark meet with Emily to explore how she can be guided for
JB work. She has shown a lot of enthusiasm for CISV and I feel she should
be encouraged to initiate and spearhead JB related activities.
During the gathering, a group of university students (about 6 of them
between 20yrs to 23yrs old) approached Yimin and signified interest to
know more about CISV. Mark and I sat down with these students in one of
the classrooms and conducted a quick orientation about CISV. Mark, as
always prepared, gave a CISV Powerpoint presentation from his laptop. We
realized they could participate as JB and some have the potential to be adult
leaders or camp staff, given the proper training and guidance. We could see
genuine interest in their eyes when we discussed with them CISV 101.
Mark and I believe they represent the future CISV in China.

3. The first meeting under our agenda was "Post Camp Evaluation with
Leaders & Staff" scheduled from 2pm to 4pm. We were suddenly told at
1:30pm that most Leaders/Teachers need to return back to their school so
they wanted us to conduct the meeting in 10 minutes! While some of the
Leaders/Teachers were still present, we decided to hold the Post Camp
Evaluation right away. It started at 1:30pm and ended 2:10pm.

Only the following were able to attend: 3 Adult leaders (ISU) to Germany,
Italy and China. 1 Adult leader (village) to Korea. 2 China ISU staff: Fo
and Kaye.

I credit Mark for being resourceful and prepared, getting as much info from
the participants with whatever limited time we had. The following
questions were asked from the participants:
---What is your general evaluation of your camp experience?
---Do you feel you were prepared properly for the camp experience?
---What was your best and worst experience in the programme?

Some of the comments generated from the above questions include:
---The venue is too far from downtown.
---The food is not good (very European, no rice).
---There is too much embracing. We were unable to let them clarify if this is
the usual CISV hugs or something more significant.
---They all agreed that they need training to be able to perform the roles
and responsibilities of leaders/staff, after having participated in an
actual village/ camp.

The reactions were processed and it is evident that China's adult
leaders were not adequately trained or prepared before they left for ISU or
Village. Our conclusion is that there's a need to conduct a National
Leadership Training, starting in 2007, to avoid the negative experiences
mentioned by 2006 leaders. The NLT will assure adult leaders and staff
are properly trained.

4. We had a late lunch, from 3pm to 4pm. Joining Mark and myself were
Wu Ming, Zhang Yimin, Yang Ying and Woo Man. However, everyone
was exhausted from the morning's activities, so we decided to declare a rest
period. We agreed to discuss the rest of the agenda over dinner instead. I
took the opportunity to submit Novi's report to Wu Ming so he could have a
chance to read it ahead.
5. We met at 7pm for dinner. The CISV board was complete, with the
addition of Emily's mom (I forgot to get her name. I recall she is the
one affiliated with Garden Hotel). This dinner meeting was very
interesting. We focused on the Training Plan for China, and it was the first
time a lot of questions were raised coming from all board members.
(Usually, it's us talking and them listening. Now, they were initiating the
discussions). Their questions were mostly basic and practical, but will have
a significant impact on the way they manage CISV at this point. Some
questions were related to: Selection of leaders (how they can encourage
leaders to join and leave their work for a month); Frequent meetings with
kids on weekends might not be possible considering weekends are devoted
to learning special skills (such as learning to dance ballet or play a musical

---Evaluation of Novi's report on ISU 2006
   Wu Ming read thru the report. However, there was no immediate
reaction on their part. Its clear though that the report emphasized to
them the need for proper training. That may have spurred them to agree to
the training plan presented by Mark below. They were all in agreement that
further training is needed to ensure 2007 leaders & staff are adequately

---Approval of Training Plan for China in 2007

a) "STAFF TRAINING"---To provide the home and international staff the
necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to effectively manage an
ISU and IYM. Expected duration of this live-in training is 2days 1night
(excludes travel time to and out of Guangzhou). Proposed dates of training
is around Jan/Feb 2007.

<Comments of CISV China>
Wu Ming is planning for 6 ISU staff and 6 IYM staff. Since we've agreed
there will be 2 international staff for each programme, there's a need
to recruit 8 local staff for the 2 programmes. Wu Ming said he will have
12 prospects go for training and will select the best candidates after
training. Therefore, venue must be able to accommodate 19 pax comprising
16 participants and 2 or 3 trainers (myself included). Wu Ming needs to
finalize the dates, identify prospects for local staff, and find a venue to
accommodate everyone.

I have agreed with Wu Ming that I will shoulder the cost of sending trainers,
while the cost of travel of international staff will be paid for by CISV China.

b) "LEADERSHIP TRAINING"---To develop the competencies of outbound
leaders and local staff in performing their tasks and responsibilities in
managing a camp/village. Expected duration of this live-in training is 3days
2nights preferably on a weekend. Proposed dates of training is around
Apr/May 2007.

<Comments of CISV China>
Wu Ming and the entire board agree that all new leaders need proper
training. Due to the credentials of Mark, they basically agreed to
whatever program we will propose for their Leadership Training. The
training dates should take into account that CISV China usually picks up
additional invitations on the succeeding rounds. So final number of
invitations and leaders are known after April. Assuming there will be a total
of 8 invitations, venue should be able to accommodate between 10 - 12
people inclusive of trainers. Wu Ming needs to finalize the dates and find a
venue to accommodate the number of participants.

In the meantime, until a corporate sponsor for training is found, the cost of
travel of trainers will have to be our responsibility.

c) "PRE-CAMP ACTIVITY"---To provide opportunity for leaders, staff and
child delegates to work in a similar international camp environment.
Expected duratation of this Pre-Camp is 4days 3nights. Proposed date of
this Pre-Camp is May/Jun 2007.

<Comments of CISV China>
Its not clear if they are ready to implement a Pre-Camp Activity in 2007.
CISV China is still evaluating the benefits of this proposal and how it can be
implemented. The schedule for May/Jun is still falls within the school
period. To implement this, they must find a 4 day holiday within this period,
otherwise, kids will have to miss school to attend the Pre-Camp Activity.

d) "Train the Trainers Workshop" and "CISV Orientation for Parents and
Board"---These 2 training modules are available at APRW in April 2007.
CISV China will send delegates to attend these sessions.

---Submission of Report on how ITOH Grant was used
   Wu Ming said he will just email this report to me.

---Evaluation of Financial Report on ISU 2006
   Wu Ming said he will just email this report to me.

---Discussion of CISV China's financial plan
    Wu Ming requested the fees that our child delegates pay to Manila
Chapter. We have agreed in past meetings that there's a need to set up a
financial plan to source the funding requirement for the programmes CISV
China will be hosting in its 5 year plan. There was a lot of interest from the
board members in reviewing the fee structure being paid by child delegates
in the Philippines.

---Identification of a Corporate donor for Training Fund of CISV China
    Wu Ming said initially it is difficult to find a corporate donor. I mentioned that
we (Junko & Tommy) have personally put together a training fund to pay
for training in China. Wu Ming said to give him time to study this and see if he can
identify a potential corporate sponsor.

6. On Sunday, Oct 8, we pass by Hongkong and had the opportunity to
meet with Amy Yueng over dinner before leaving for Manila. It was more of
a 'get-to-know-you' meeting. We briefed her of our roles in CISV, and she
gave us a background of her professional work and her CISV experience.
Since she may be able to put together a delegation in 2007, we agreed that
its best the Adult leader be properly trained. The leader can join either the
training in Guangzhou or in Manila. We agreed to provide her the training
dates so she can schedule it. Amy may go together with the leader for

We also gave Amy the dates of APRW in Christ Church, New Zealand and
encouraged her to join the conference to get a feel of what's going on in
CISV Asia Pacific region. I like Amy and feel she has the right profile to
initiate/revive CISV in Hongkong.

7. In summary, the following information are to be followed up with CISV
---Specific dates for Staff Training, Leadership Training and Pre-Camp
---Specific sites or venues for the above activities.
---List of prospective candidates to serve as future trainers with
corresponding email addresses.
---Possible corporate donor for Training Fund.
---Report on how ITOH Grant was used.
---Financial Report on ISU 2006

I am now waiting for CISV China to provide the above information.

If you have any questions or seek wish to clarify anything, please don't hesitate to
let me know.

Best Regards,

Tom Adarme

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