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Figure your unseen financial benefits as a Manatee
County employee.                                                                                                                    BENEFITS
                                                                                                                                       at a glance
Your Annual Salary $

                                      Totals Paid
                                      By Manatee
Benefit            Salary             Government

Retirement         Annual x 9.85%     =$                        “TO SERVE WITH EXCELLENCE”
Social Security    Annual x 7.65%     =$
Annual Leave       Hourly x 130       =$
                                                                 Board of County Commissioners
Sick Leave (4 hours Hourly x 104      =$
  per pay period)
                                                                    Dr. Gwendolyn Brown, Chairman
                                                               Larry Bustle          Donna Hayes
Holiday (14 days) Hourly x 112        =$                       John Chappie          Joe McClash                                       Manatee County
                                              6996.72          Ron Getman            Carol Whitmore
Health Insurance (Employee only)      =$                                                                                                Government
Life Insurance ($20,000 minimum)      =$        55.20
                                                                              Edwin Hunzeker
Long Term Disability Insurance        =$       104.40
                                                                            County Administrator
Employee Assistance Program (EAP) =$            26.40
                                                                   Human Resources Department
TOTAL COUNTY BENEFITS                 A)                                 Garry W. Dye, Director
                                                                     1112 Manatee Ave. W., Suite 863
YOUR SALARY                           B)
                                                                             P.O. Box 1000
TOTAL COUNTY PAY (A+B)                =$                                  Bradenton, FL. 34205
                                                              Phone:                (941) 748-4501, ext. 3865
                                                              Job Line:             (941) 714-7114, ext. 396
                                                              Fax:                  (941) 749-3035


                                                               Equal Opportunity Employer

                                                        This brochure provides brief highlights of Manatee County’s benefits. The
                                                        plan documents for each benefit plan are considered “governing
                                                        documents” and rule in any case of discrepency. Receiving this
                                                        information is not a guarantee of future or continued employment or
HR-11/20/08                                             benefits.
RETIREMENT                                                    Family Sick - Sick leave may be used to cover illness,         HEALTH INSURANCE
Manatee County pays 100% contributions of retirement          injury or wellness checkups (i.e. annual physicals, dental     Access to affordable health care - extensive preventive
into the State of Florida Retirement System for all           check-ups, etc.) for an employee’s “immediate” family up       care at the worksite, child dental and mobile health center.
employees in regular full-time and part-time positions.       to a maximum of eighty (80) hours during a payroll
                                                              calendar year.                                                 Employee Only - County pays 100% of premium
                                                                                                                             ($6,996.72 Annually) and 84% of the Family Coverage
PENSION PLAN                                                  Employees with a minimum of five (5) years continuous          ($14,841.48).
Benefits are payable after reaching retirement age of 62      service, who leave County employment and qualify to
and vesting with six years of service or completing 30        receive payment of unused sick leave credits, may be paid      LIFE INSURANCE
years of service regardless of age at retirement.             a percentage of their existing sick leave balance up to a      County pays premiums for 1x base salary with a minimum
                                                              lifetime maximum of 500 hours. Payouts begin at 30% for        of $20,000, plus Accidental Death & Dismemberment.
INVESTMENT PLAN                                               five (5) years of service and increase at 2% increments, for   Double Indemnity at no cost.
Benefits are portable after vesting with 1 year of service.   each additional year, with a mximum of 50% for 15+ years
                                                                                                                             Additional Life Insurance is available, at members
Upon leaving FRS employment, payment options include          of service.
                                                                                                                             expense, up to four times annual salary without Evidence
lump-sum payout, rollover into another qualified plan or      SICK LEAVE BANK                                                of Insurability at the time of employment. Dependent
IRA, fixed annuity or periodic distribution.                  The member may receive up to a lifetime maximum of one         coverage also available.
Upon retirement, employees are eligible to receive an         week’s pay (based on average hours worked) for each year
insurance subsidy from the Florida Retirement System of       of service completed as of the date of their eligibility for   LONG TERM DISABILITY INSURANCE
$5 monthly for each year of FRS service (maximum of           Sick Leave Bank benefits.                                      County provides 50% of base salary up to $3000 after a 90
                                                                                                                             day waiting period at no cost.
$150 monthly - 30 yrs.)                                       PROFESSIONAL LEAVE
VACATION LEAVE                                                Employees are allowed to use sick, vacation or                 Option to increase to 66.67% up to $5000 per month
                                                              compensatory time leave to attend to personal medical-         through a small payroll deduction.
Up to 5 years of service   130 hours per year
                                                              related appointments.
6-10 years of service      156 hours per year                                                                                PRE-TAX PAYROLL DEDUCTIONS
11 years to termination    182 hours per year                 BEREAVEMENT LEAVE                                              Under Section 125 of the IRS Code, certain payroll
                                                              Probationary and regular employees who have a death in         deductions for Medical and Dental premiums may be
Maximum balance of 400 hours; excess at end of calendar       their “immediate” families are authorized to use up to five
year carried over to sick leave account.                                                                                     taken out prior to income being taxed.
                                                              (5) scheduled work days of leave not chargeable to any
*EMS shift work employees and part-time employees             accrued leave balance (i.e. sick, vacation, etc.).             FLEXIBLE SPENDING ACCOUNT
accrue vacation hours on a pro-rated basis.                   MILITARY LEAVE                                                 Option to participate in Health Care and Dependent Care
Employees who leave employment are paid their accrued         Employees who are commissioned reserve officers or             Spending Accounts that provide pre-tax savings.
vacation balances (maximum 400 hours).                        reserve enlisted personnel in the United States military or
                                                              naval service, or a member of the National Guard, are          DEFERRED COMPENSATION
VACATION AWARD FOR NON-USE                                    entitled to Military Leave for all days during which they      Option to participate in a deferred tax retirement savings
OF SICK LEAVE                                                 are ordered to active duty or inactive duty for training.      plan to supplement your income at retirement.
                                                              Such military leave, with pay, shall not exceed seventeen
Employees receive an additional 8 hours of vacation for
                                                              (17) working days in any fiscal year (October 1 to
                                                                                                                             EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (EAP)
every 6 consecutive months of non-use of sick leave hours.                                                                   EAP counselors are available to assist employees and their
                                                              September 30 of the following year).
                                                                                                                             families with personal issues including emotional,
PAID HOLIDAYS                                                 SUGGESTION AWARDS PROGRAM                                      substance abuse, marital and financial. There is no cost for
Employees receive the following 14 paid holidays each         Employees may submit suggestions qualifying them to            up to 8 visits.
calendar year: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s      receive the following awards:
Birthday, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence           Class “A” Award - $400 Class “C” Award - $100                EDUCATIONAL REIMBURSEMENT
Day, Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving,                    Class “B” Award - $250 Class “D” Award - $50                 The County pays 80% of USF prevailing rates towards a
Thanksgiving Friday, Christmas Day, Christmas Holiday                                                                        degree course related to a County position. A grade of
and three (3) Personal Holidays.                              EMPLOYEE RECOGNITION PROGRAM
                                                              Employees can be nominated for Employee of the Month           “C” (or “pass” in pass/fail courses) is required for
SICK LEAVE                                                    ($100 cash award), Employee of the Year ($350 cash
Personal - Sick leave hours are accrued at a rate of .05
                                                              award), Heroism, Team and Safety Awards.                       MISCELLANEOUS BENEFITS
                                                                                                                             Worker’s Compensation         Credit Union Membership
hours for every hour worked up to 80 hours for regular        DENTAL INSURANCE                                               Direct Deposit                Training/Seminars
employees, and 112 hours for EMS employees working a          Option to buy group dental insurance with pre-tax dollars.
24/48 schedule.                                                                                                              Area Attraction Discounts     Premium Pay Differentials

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