Report of the International Commission on Clouds and Precipitation

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					Report to IAMAS- 2007:
The International Commission on Clouds and Precipitation (ICCP).

1) The ICCP conference in Cancun

The international conference on cloud and precipitation --The main activity of the
Commission is to organize the International Conference on Clouds and Precipitation,
which takes place every four years. The last conference was held in Bologna, Italy in
2004. The next conference will be held in Cancun Mexico between the 7 and 11 of
July 2008. The Local organizing committee is headed by Dr. Graciela Binimelis de
Raga from the University of Mexico has selected the site and is working diligently to
assure a successful conference.

2) The webpage

In the past three years the ICCP setup a webpage which facilitates easy access of
information to all members of our community. In addition, the webpage displays the
bylaws and lists various important links to other relevant sites. The webpage will be
used for on-line submission of abstracts to the next conference.

3) Sessions initiated and sponsored in IUGG-2007.

In the IUGG-2007 assembly in Perugia the ICCP initiated and sponsored the
following sessions:
a) The session on Mineral Dust Cycle and Its Impact on Clouds and Radiation
b) The session on Biological Ice Nuclei in the Atmosphere At the Crossroad of
Physics and Biology.
c) The session on Aerosol Cloud and Radiation
d) The session on Aerosol, Biomass Burning and precipitation
e) The special evening session on the effects of pollution aerosols on precipitation.
f) A session on ice phase in clouds

4) Workshop on numerical modeling of clouds processes

The Commission decided to promote a workshop on numerical modeling of clouds
and precipitation. Similar workshops had been previously sponsored by the WMO,
but this sponsorship stopped. Considering that this workshop is an important vehicle
for improving parameterization of physical and chemical processes in clouds, the
ICCP will attempt to organize such a workshop immediately after the international
conference in Cancun. The hope is that this workshop will become a tradition in
future conference.

5) The International Aerosol Precipitation Science Assessment Group (IAPSAG)

In the past four years, a few members from our community participated in the writing
of the WMO/IUGG report on the effects of aerosol pollution on precipitation. This
comprehensive report has been endorsed by the WMO and will be presented at the
IUGG 2007 in a special evening session. A follow-up resolution aimed at enhancing
future research on large scales in collaboration with the WMO has been brought
before the IUGG General Assembly for approval.
6) The Committee on Nucleation and Atmospheric Aerosols (CNAA) will hold its
international conference in August 2007 in Galway, Ireland. This follows a decision
made by the ICCP and the CNAA not to hold the meetings of both organizations at
the same year.

9 July 2007                                                              Zev Levin