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A Crazy Little Thing Called Love…

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									    A Crazy Little Thing Called Love…
                                                                      I  RUN    A    WINE
                                                                      COMPANY WITH A
                                                                      STRANGE NAME AND
                                                                      I DEAL WITH THE
                                                                      PUBLIC… NEEDLESS
                                                                      TO SAY I HAVE TOO
                                                                      EXPLAIN WHAT THE
                                                                      DEVIL         ‘LAZY
                                                                      BALLERINA’ MEANS.
                                                                      I DON’T THINK I HAVE
                                                                      THE         WORLD’S
                                                                      SILLIEST       NAME.
                                                                      JAMES HOOK SAYS
                                                                      TRY THESE ON FOR

Arrogant Frog – Languedoc, in the south of France -
How can a frog be arrogant? Oh you mean it is a pisstake
against the French. This wine is a old world take on new
world wine. In other words it tastes fruity. Gallic sense of

Greedy Sheep – WA - As per the photo. Named after
a flock of sheep who trashed a vineyard in Cowaramup in
the centre of the Margaret River Wine Region in Western

Mad Housewife            – California - From the back label.
“Somewhere near the cool shadows of the laundry room.
Past the litter box and between the plastic yard toys. This is
your time. Time to enjoy the moment to yourself. A moment
without the madness. The dishes can wait. Dinner be

Fat Bastard - Another Frenchy - It’s sister wine is Utter
Bastard. Coming soon; Total Bastard. Broken Bastard.

Cockfigher’s Ghost - Australia - One wild, windy night as the intrepid travellers were crossing
Wollombi Brook, misfortune struck. Cockfighter, the lead horse, became bogged in river quicksand and
despite all efforts, drowned. A fateful night that gave birth to the legend of Cockfighter’s Ghost...
                                            Chateau Chateau Chateau Grenache                           -
                                            Australia – R Wines. From the fertile marking mind of Dan
                                            Phillips this is not a misprint.

                                            Other gems from R Wines include Evil, Bitch and Suxx.

                                            Prosperity Red           – Santa Ynez, California –
                                            Socialist. Reminds me of the Grapes of Wrath…
                                            “Whenever ya see a cop beatin' a guy. Wherever a
                                            hungry new born baby cries. Whereever there's a fight
                                            against the blood and hatred in the air. Look for me Ma.
                                            I'll be there.”

Golden Beaver             – Canada – This
sounds like a joke from The Naked Gun circa
1988. Leslie Nielsen was not involved in this
wine. Nor Chevy Chase.

For more weak innuendo check out the wine
list from Naked Winery in California. They have
the Foreplay Chardonnay, Dominatrix
Pinot (think about that for a while) and the
prosaic Missionary range – from a mission I
take it. The less said about Penetration Cab
Sav the better. www.nakedwinery.com

Pansy! - Australia- It's fruity, pink-hued,
requires a love of sugar and is marketed at the
gay community.

                    Dudes      – California Petite Sirah; Durif to the rest of the world. Richard
                    Kasmier’s Kaz Winery also makes Champs Cabernet, but for us its Dudes or

Mother Cluckers Chardonnay – NZ – Made by Coopers Creek, thier other wine is called
Cat's Pee on a Gooseberry Bush Sauvignon Blanc. To quote their website, ‘Get clucked!’

                                                 Love my Goat         & Space        Shuttle Red
                                                 – New York State – Cool, crazy.

Bull's Blood - Egervin Egri Bikaver -      Hungary.

The original strange name.

During a siege in 1552, the citizens of Eger in
Hungary opened their wine cellars and drank red
wine to give them strength to fight off the Turks. The
wine spilled over their beards and onto their armor,
coloring them blood red.

As the citizens continued their valiant fight against
the invading Turks, word spread quickly that the Hungarians were drinking the blood of bulls to make
themselves strong and fierce.

The superstitious Turks were fearful and demoralized. As a result, the siege was broken. Victory!


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