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					Fire Inspections             Phone (352)291-8000                                                                         Marion County
Fire Inspections can be scheduled On-line or by using AIRS.                                                      Growth Management Department
Inspections requested prior to 7:00 AM will be scheduled for the same work
day. All inspections requested after 7:00 AM will be scheduled the next work                                            Building Division
day.                                                                                                                2710 E. Silver Springs Blvd.
                                                                                                                          Ocala, FL 34470
  Fire Inspection Codes                                                                                             Central Line: (352) 438-2400
 Code          Inspection Type          Code       Inspection Type                             
 300        Dispenser                   306       Tank Hydro & Hole
 301        Fire Marshall               307       Underground Pipe & Hydro
 302        Hazardous Waste             308       Wiring Rough-In
                                                                                                                  HOW TO
 303        Overhead Piping Hydro       309       Residential Board & Care                                  SCHEDULE INSPECTIONS
 304        Pre-Installation Hydro      310       Family Day Care
 305        System Flush                311       Children's Day Care

                                                                                                                     Schedule Online
 Driveway/Right-of-Way (ROW) Inspections Phone (352)671-8686                                                                          (Via the Internet)
 ROW Inspections can be scheduled On-line or by using AIRS.                                  
 Note: Inspections must be scheduled by 3:30 pm the day prior to the
        desired inspection date.                                                                                                               OR

               Inspection Type
             Final Driveway - ROW
                                         Code Inspection Type
                                         354  Driveway Form-up
                                                                                                           Automated Inspection Request System
How to Schedule Inspections for Other Departments                                                                           (Automated Telephone System)
Inspections for: Drainage, Flood Elevations, Tree, Environmental, DOH,
                                                                                                                                       (352) 438-2477
                 Wells, Storm Water, Final Site Plan, DOT, Driveways                                                     Scheduling Inspections
Call the departments listed to schedule the following inspections:                                 All Building and Fire inspections requested prior to 7:00 AM will be
 Code       Inspection Type                           Department / Division           Phone        scheduled for the same work day. All inspections requested after 7:00
                                                                                                   AM will be scheduled the next work day.
  400   Drainage Plan Approval                           Zoning                    (352)438-2675
  425   Lowest Floor Elevation Certification          Submit Certificate to Zoning (352)438-2675     Other Inspections - See back page for instructions on how to schedule these inspections:
  426   Finished Construction Elevation Certification Submit Certificate to Zoning (352)438-2675                         Drainage, Flood Elevations, Tree, Environmental, DOH, Wells,
                                                                                                                         Storm Water, Final Site Plan, DOT and Driveway
  451   Tree Ordinance Final                             Zoning                    (352)438-2675
  452   Tree Ordinance Initial                           Zoning                    (352)438-2675                           Inspection Cancellations
  475   Environmental Sensitive                          Zoning                    (352)438-2675   All cancellations must be made using the AIRS System. Inspections
  477                                                    Zoning                    (352)438-2675   must be cancelled prior to 7:00 AM on the scheduled inspection day.
        Final Site Plan Approval
  525   Department of Health (DOH) Inspection Environmental Health (352)622-7744
  526   Well Inspections                              Environmental Health (352)622-7744
  550   DOT Inspection                                State of FL Transportation (352)732-1338
  375   Storm Water Inspection                        MC Transportation/ROW (352)671-8686
           Scheduling Inspections                                                                      Building Inspection Codes
Note: If you need an inspection not listed on the Inspection                    ** Indicates inspection must be scheduled by Permitting Staff.
       Job card, call the Building Office at (352) 438-2400.                       Call (352)438-2400 to schedule inspection
Note: Inspection cancellations can only be done on AIRS.                        Note: Prior to calling the Permit Office to schedule a ** inspection:
                                                                                 1) A 'Request for Power Release' form must be submitted to the Permitting Office
                                                                                 2) All fees owed must be paid
   How To Schedule An Inspection Online
   Type the following web address into the computer search line:                Code             Inspection Type                  Code                Inspection Type
                                                                                100      Columns                                   240     Final Irrigation
                                                                                108      Final Structure                           241     Final Plumbing
Select Item Number 11                                                           113      Framing                                   242     Final Plumbing for Well Pump
Schedule inspection by permit number
                                                                                115      Fire Wall/Ceiling                         243     Rough Plumbing
Key-in Permit Number                                                            116      Footings, Pads or Piers                    244    Second Rough Plumbing
Select Submit                                                                   118      Wire Lath                                  245    Sewer / Septic Hookup
Type in Your Validation Number                                                  119      Lintel or Tie Beam                         246    Water Service
This is the last three numbers of the permit number                             120      Monolithic Slab
Scroll Down Page                                                                121      Pool Shell                                260     Final HVAC / Mechanical / Gas
All open inspections will be displayed                                          124      Roof Assembly /Strapping/                 262     Walls & Vault Insulation
                                                                                         Tie Down
Click on Box by each inspection code to be scheduled
                                                                                125      Conventional Slab                         263     Rough Gas
You may request more than one inspection
                                                                                127      Sub-Siding                                264     Rough Mechanical
Select Schedule                                                                 128      Tilt Wall Panel Construction              265     Above Ceiling Grid - Mechanical
To submit requested inspections - inspections will be displayed
                                                                                129      Vertical Down Pour
Select Confirm                                                                  130      Wall Ties for Brick/Stone                  751    Roofing Deck Nailing
To confirm scheduled inspections
 Note: If you do not select confirm - inspections will not be scheduled
                                                                                132      Floor Framing                              752    Roofing Dry-in / In-Progress
                                                                                135      Pool / Spa / Hot Tub Barrier               753    Roofing Final
Select View Scheduled Inspections
All inspections scheduled for that permit will be displayed                                                                         756    All Trades Rough
                                                                                 200     Pre-Demolition Utilities                   770    Sewer/Septic & Water Service Connection
How to Schedule or Cancel An Inspection using AIRS                              201**    Final Electrical with Power Release        774    All Trades Final - No Power Release
AIRS is the automated phone system used to schedule inspections, check on the    202     Final Electric for Well Pump               776    All Trades Final with Power Release
status of your permit, or cancel an inspection request.                          203     Final Electrical without Power Release    777**   Electric Service Connection
                                                                                206      Equipotential Bonding Grid                 778    Electric Reconnect/Upgrade
The AIRS phone number is (352) 438-2477 (438-AIRS)
                                                                                 208     Rough Electric                             780    Remove Existing Mobile Home
Follow the phone instructions
                                                                                 210     Rough Electric Underground                792**   Mobile Home All Trades
 You will need the following information:                                        211     Temporary Electric Pole                    796    Mobile Home Structural Final
           Permit Number                                                         212     Above Ceiling Grid-Electric
           Confirmation number (the last three numbers of the permit)
                                                                                 213**   Preliminary Power Release
            Inspection Type Code Number
                                                                                 214**   Construction Electrical Service