That such Court shall be holden before a Judge of the said by alendar


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									ACT for the Establishment of a Court to he called the Supreme
         Cozcrt of the Province o f Xouth A,ustralin.
E IT ENACTED His Excellency ~ I I N
                by                         HINDMARSH of
 the Royal Hanorcrian Ciuelphic Order Capt,;lin in the Royal
y Governor a i d Commander-in-Chief of His Majesty's Province
outh Australia and its L)ependcncies by and with the advice and
ent of the Legislative Council thereof that there shall Fe and
 Excellency thi Governor by and with thc like advice doth erect
te constitute and establish a Court of Judicature to bc called the
reme Court of the Province of South Australia.

 . That   such Court shall be holden before a Judge of the said
1t to be called the Judge of thc Supreme Court of the Province
 outh Australia (Sir Jolrn Williarn Jeffcott Knight ap-
ltcd by 13% Majesty the Judge of the said Province for the pur-
  of holding and presiding in the said Court) and that from time
 me hereafter upon death racancy or resignat'ion the Judge of the
 Supreme Court shall he appointed by His Majesty His Heirs
 Successors save as hereinafter mentioned and that such Court
l also have all such ministerial and other officers wshall be
essary for the administration of Justicc in the said Court mid for
 ( execution of the judgments dccrees orders and processes

    That the numbers names and duties of such ministerial and
   officers shall from time to time be fixed and defined by the
   of the Supreme Court with the consent of His Excellency the
 r w r of the P r o v i ~ ~ c e the time being by and with the advice
                            for                                     m
of the Council thereof and that theLpPointment and removal of such
officers in case of misconduct sh41 be vested in the Judge for the
time being of the Supreme Court.

   IV. That the Judge of the Snpreme Court shall receive such
reasonable salary as the Lords of His Xajesty's Treasury for the time
being shall from time to time order and direct and that the salaries
of the ministcrial and othcr officcrs aforcsaid shall from time to time
be fixed by the Judge of the Supreme Court with the consent of the
Governor for the time being and the Council of the Province and
that such salaries shall be in lieu of all fees or other emoluments
whatsoever it being the intent of this Act that the Judge of the
Supreme Court and the ministerial and other officers appointed by
virtue of the same shall derive no emolument from any fees which
may be made payable under the authority of this Act but that s~ich
fees shall and they are hereby directed to be accounted for and paid
by the person receiving the same to the Treasurer of this Province
for the general purposes thereof on or before the 31st day of March'
the 30th day of June the 30th day of September and the 31st day of
December i n every year.

   V. That the Judge of the Supreme Court shall from time to t
as occasion may require be removed by His Majesty IIis Ileirs
Successors and by no other authority and that IIis Majesty IIi
Heirs and Successors shall in that case appoint another fit and
per person in the place and stead of the Judge so removed :
vided that in case of the absence resignation or death of such J u
or of such disease or infirmity as shall render any such Judge i
pable of discharging the duties of his office it shall be lawful for
Governor for the time being of thc said Province 1)y and with
advice of the Council of the said Province to appoint sorne fit
proper person to act in the stead of s ~ x Judge so being absent
signing dying or becoming incapable until such Judge shall ret
to the execution of his ofice or until a Successor shall be appoi~
by His Majesty as the case may require and in the meantime
person so appointed as last aforcsaicl shall be deemed and taken to
and shall be acting Judge of the said Supreme Court.
   VI. That the said Supreme Court shall have ancl use a seal bear:
 ing a dcvicc or imprcssion of the Royal Arms within m cxcrgue 0:':
 label surrounding the same with the following inscription : " Supremr
 Court South Australia" and that the said seal shall be kept in th
 custody of the Judge of the Supreme Court for the time being.

    VTI. That the said Court shall be a Court of Record and sh
 have cognizance of all pleas civil criminal and mixed and jurisd
 tion in all cases whatsoever as fully and amply in this Province an
 its Dependencies as His Majesty's Courts of King's Bench Comrno
 Pleas and Exchcqucr at Wcstnlinster or cithcr of thwn lit^ fld
 have or hath in England: And the said Court shall also be ;it i
 times a Court of Oyer and Terminer and Gaol Delivery in and f
tlze said. Province and its Dependencies and the said Judge so ap-
pinted or hereafter to be appointed as ilforesaid shall have and exer-
cise such and tllr like jul-isdiction and authority in this Province ant1
its Dependencies as the Judges of the said Col~rtsof King's Bench
Common Heas and l.:schcqner or any of them lawfully have and
exercise and as sllall be necessary for carrying into effect the several
              powers :and alltlwriti~s              to
                                        cominitt~d tlie said Supreme
   VIII. That the said Supreme Court shall be a. Court of Equity in
this Province and its I1)epcldencics and s l d havc power and
authoritp to administer jlxstice anti to do exercisc and pcrfimn all
such acts matters and things necessary for thc illre exccntion of such
equitable jurisdiction as thc Lord TIigll Chancellor of Grcat Britain
can or lawfully may within the I k d m of Engltlnd and all such acts
matters and things as lawfully c m or may bc done by the said Lord
High Chancellor within the ltcttlm of England in the exercise of the
jurisdiction to him belonging.

    IX. That the said Supreme Court shall be a Court of Ecclesiastical
Jurisdiction with full pomcr to grant probates undcr the scal of the
said Court of the last wills and testaments of all or any of the
inhabitants of this Province a r d its al)ependencies and of all other
pcrsons who shall dic and leave pcrsonal cffwts withill this Province
or its Depenthcies and to commit lctters of aciministrntion under
the scal of the said Court of the goocls chattels crcdits and all othcr
cffects whatsoever of the persons aforesaid who shall die intestate or
who s l d l not havc named an Exccutor resident within the said '
Province or its Dependencies or where the Executor being duly cited
sllall not appear and sue forth mch probate annexing the will to the
 said lctters of administration when such pcrson shall havc left a will
without naming any E x r c ~ ~ t orr any person f'or Xxecutor who shall
 then be alir-c and rcsi&nt within the said Provincc and its Uepen-
 ticneics and who b i n g duly cited thereunto will appear and sue forth
 a lwobatc thereof and to sequester the goocls ancl chattels credits and
 other cficts wlmtsorwer of such pcrsoni SO dying in cases allowed by
 l a w as the samr i s and may bc now u s r d in thc 1)ioccse of London
        to demand require takc hear examine an(l allow and if occasion
 rccluirc to dinallow and reject the accounts of thcrn in snch manner
 and form as is now used or may be used in the said Diocese of London
         to do all othor things wilkttsoever needful or necessary in that
 b ~ l d f : Provided always and ille said Court is hereby authorized in
 h l l ~ hcases as aforesaid where letters of administration shall be com-
 mitted with the mill anncxed for want of an Xxccutor applying in
 due time to sue forth tllc yrobatc to reserve in such letters of
  administration full powcr and anthority to revoke the same and tu
  grarlt probate of the said will to such Executor whenever he shall
  duly appear and sue forth the same.

1i Or X. That the lawful nextadministration sllall be gsondying as afore-
      more of
               such letters of
                               of kin of such persona
                                                       a t e d to any olle
,                                                                     said
said and being thcn resident w i t a n the jnrixliction of the said C0111.t
and being of the aFe of twenty-o?e y a r i and in case no such pcrson
shall then be residing within the jurisdiction of the said C'ourt or
being duly cited shall not appent a t d pray thc same t h m that the
same shall be granted to the hrgistrnr or ('lvi-k or somc othor
ministerial offirer of the saicl Court or to such perSon or persons
whcthcr creditor or creditors or not of thci decenscd person ns the
('ourt shall see fit. Yrovideci always that probate of wills and l c t t c l ~
of administration to be granted bp the said ['ourt shdl he limitcd to
such money goods chattcls and effects as thc tlrrrawtl Iwrsoli shall
be entitled to within this Yrovince and its ILkpenrlexcics.

   XI. That every person to ~ ~ h o n i letters of admiuistratioii
shall be committed shall bp himself with one or more sufEcicmt ancl
able surctics bcfore tht. granting thereof give a n d rni er into snfiricn t
security by honrl to such ministerial officc~ the Supreme Court a s
              ~ e
thc ~ u d of the said Court shall for that purpose appoint for the
payment of a competent sum of money 1-e~pcct            being had in the sum
therein to be contnincd oncl i n the & l i t y of t i i r susrtir>sto tl:c reloc
of the estate and that such bond shall be deposited in the said Court
anlong the rero1.d~tlwreaf and them wfcly kcyt and that a copy
thereof shall also be rt\col-cled among thr proceedings of the said
('ourt and that the condition of the sald bond shall be for the niaking
and exhibiting a truc and j u s t accomt and administration of the
chattels and credits of the dcceased to thc satisfaction of the said
Court and according to the directions thcreof and that the form of
the coxdition of the said bond shall be fixed by thc Master or
Xegistrar of the said Court or such other ministerial officer of the
saicl Court as the Judge of the Supreme Court ~ 1 ~for1that PU~.I)OSC
                                                               ~ 1
appoint and that in case it shall be mcccssary to put the said bond ill
suit for the sakc of obtaining the effect thereof for the benefit of such
person or persons as shall appear to the said Court to be interested
therein such person or pcrsoas from time to time g i ~ . i ~ l g    security to
the satisfaction of the said Judge of the Supreme Court for paying
 all such moneys and costs as shall arisc from the said suit or arry part
 thereof sur.11 pwson or persons shall hv order of' the said Court be
alloned to sue the same in the name ; the party to whom the said
bond sliall have been cntcretl into and the said Court is hcschy
cmpowercd to ordcr thnt thc enid bond sliall 1.c pxt in snit in tlli
name of the said party accordingly.

   XII. That the said Court shall aAix certain p ~ r i o d smhcn all
pcrsons to whom probate of wills and letters of adirlinistration shall
t)c grantcd by the said Court shall from timc to time until the effcctb
of the deccnscd person shall be fully aclrrlirristered pass the l~ccountk
relating tl~evctobefore the said Court and in case the effects of the
tlcccased shall not bc fully atlrninisterecl within the tirnca fpr tllat
p r p o s e to be fixcd by the said Court then or at any earlier timc if thc
said Court shall see fit so to direct the person or persons to whom
such prohate or administration shall he granted shall pay deposit and]
clispose of the balance of money belonging to the estate of the'

deceased then in his her or thcir hands and also all other bonds bills
,ccurities chattels and effects belonging to the cstatc of the deceased
ill       rnanner and 1111tosuch persons as thc haid Court &all clircct
for Fafv custody ancl the oaid Court shall from time to tilrle nlahc
       order as shall bc just for thc clue adnlinistiation of snch assets
  11~1for the paynwnt or remittance thrreof or any part thcrcof as
    casioll shall require to or for the use of any person or persons
     ether rcsiclcnt or not resident in illis Province and its Dppendprrcics
     0 may l w csititlrd thcwto or any part thereof as creditors Qa-
  ces or next of kin or by any othcr right or titlc whatsue~er.
   XIIT. That it sllall be lawful for the said Judge of the said
 upreme Court to allow to any Xsecutor or Administrator of the
   'p& of any clcccasd person (exccpt as lwrcia mentioned) such
  n~lnissioilor per centagc ont of thcir assets as shall be just and
  asondde for their pains and trouble therein : Provided always
   at no nllo~~tanccwllatevcr shall be made for the pains and trouble
 f any Esecutor or Aclrninistrator who shall ncglcct to pass his ac-
 ounts at such time or to disposc: of any money goods chattels or
 ccurities with which ho ahnll bc ehar,&xible in ssorh manner as in
  ursuance of any general or special rulo or order of the said C'ourt
 hall he requisite and morcowr ewrp such Exccutor or Administrator
 o neglecting to pass his ncconnts or to disposc of any such money
 oods chattels or securities with which he shall be chargeable shall
 c cliorgetl with interest at the rate then current within this Pro-
  nrc and its Dqwnclcncics for such sun1 and sums of money as from
  me to time shall have been in his hniscls whether IN shall or shall
  ~tmake interest thereof.
5   S W .That the mid Snpremr! C'ourt shall have power to appoint
'nardians and kerpers of infants and thcir estates according to the
  dcr and course observed in that part of the Vnitecl I~ingclom
  114 Ellgland anrl also gilardiarls and keepers of the persons and
  tates of natural fbds m d of s ~ l c has are or shall be clrpived of
  eir understanding or reason by the act of Gocl so as to be unable
   gnvenl theinselves a n c l thcir estates which thc said Clourt is hereby
   thlined i ~ n dempowered to inquire hear and determine by inspec-
     of the p c ~ ~ m n such vthcr ways and means by which the truth
      be best cliscoverecl and known.

    XV. That it shall be lawft~l the Judge of thc said Suprrme
       't to make nlld prescribe such rules and orders touching and
       erning the time and practice of llolding the said Conrts the
          and manner of proceeclings and thc pract~ce pleading upon
     illdictrncnts informations actions suits ancl o t h r matters to be
     light themin the apl~ointment Commissioners to examine wit-
     ses the taking thc examinatioas of witnesses de bene csse and al-
    ving the same as evidence the granting of probates of wills and
    tcrs of administration the proceedings of the Sheriff and other
    nisterial oficcrs the process of foreign attachment and all other
       P'ocess of thc said Court and the mode of executing the same
                                      and barristers the fees poulirlage
the admission of attorileys solicitol;~
or perquisites to be taken by any' officer attorney or solicitor in the
said Court and all other matters and things for the conduct of busi-
ness in the said Court as the ciicumstanccs of the Province may
require: Provided that such rulas and orders shall be subject to bc
disallowed by IEis Majesty and upon such disallowance being signi-
fied through the Governor such rules and orders shall become void
and of no effect.

   XVI. That the Governor for the time heing and the Council of
the said Province (with the exception of the Advocate-General and
Crown Solicitor) shall constitute a Court to be called the Court of
Appeals of the Yrovince of South Australia which Court shall have
power and authority to receive and hear appeals from the judgments
decrees orders and sentences of the said Supreme Court in whole or
in part in all cases where the sum or matter in issue shall amount to
one hundred pounds and shall or may affirm ttltcr or rcvcrse thc
 said judgment decrees orders or serltences in whole or in part or dis-'
 miss the said appeal with costs as may be just: Yrovicled also that
 upon every appeal to be brought before tlie said Court of Appeals
 from any judgment of the Supreme Court founded upon the verdicts
 of a jury of twelve men thc skid Court of Aplmds shall not rcversc
 alter or inquire into tlie said juclgmcnts except only for error of law
 apparent upon the record.

    XVII. That any person may appeal to His JIajesty His Heirs
 and Successors in his or their Privy Council in such maniler within,
 such time and under and subject to such rules regulations and limi.
 tations as are hereinafter mentioned (that is to say) in case any such
 judgment decree order or scntencr s h d l be given or pronounEcd foi
 or in respect of any sum or matter at issue above the amouut or vall~t
 of five hundred pounds sterling or in case such judgment decre~
 order or sentence shall iizvolve dircctly or. inclircctly any clnia
 demand or question to or respecting pl.operty or any civil rig!(
  amounting to or of the value of five hundred pounds sterling or rr:
  case the said C'owt of Appeals should by any such judgment clecrct:!
  order or sentcncc relrprse alter or vary any judgment decree order 01 3
  sentence of the said Supreme Court the person or persons feelin,$
  aggrieved by any such judwnmt dmrcc ordcr or sentence of tlic sait J
  Court of Appcai may within fonrtcen days n e x t after the samr s1d.i
  have been pronounced made or given apply to the said Court c'
  +ippeals by petition fur leave to appeal thcrcfi-orn to His Allztjvsi.
  His Heirs a i d Successors in his or their Privv Council and in CS
  such leave to appeal shall bc prayed by t1;e party who is or 87
  directed to pay any sum of money or to perform wiy duty the sal
  Court of Appeals shall and is hereby ernpowered cither to direct tl
  the judgment decree order or sentence appealed from shall be carr
  into csec~ltion that the execution thereof shall bc suspcndcci pc
  ing the said appeal as to the said Court may apyeax to be most c0
  &tent with real and substantial justice and in case the s t d Court
  App23.1~ shall dircct such judgment decree order or sciitencc to
          into execution the person or persons i n whose favor the same
s l d l be given shall before the execution thekeof enter into good and
sufficient security to be approved by the s$id Court of Appeals for
the due performance of such judgment or oFder as Kis 31ajesty His
Heirs and Successors shall think fit to make$hereupon or in case the
said Court of Appeals shall direct the exeuution of any such judg-
ment decree order or sentence to be suspebded pending the appeal                           ,
the person against whom the same shall &VC been given shall in
liliu manner and before any order for the %suspension of any such
execution is made enter into good and suffichnt security to the satis-
faction of the said Court of Appeals for the Bue performance of such
judgmcnt or order as His Majesty His H$irs or Successors shall
think fit to make thereupon and in all cas& security shall also be
 niven by-the party or parties appellant to th$ satisfaction of the said
 Court of Appeals for the prosecution of the 4ppealar and for the pay-
ment of all such costs as may be awarded b j His Majesty His Heirs
 and Successors to the party or parties respondent and if such last-
 mentioned security shall be entered into within three months from
 the dntc of such pctition for leave to appeal then and not otherwise
 the said Court of Appcals shall allow the appeal and the party or
 parties appellant sEdl bc at liberty to prefer and prosecute his
 appeal to 1% Majesty His Heirs and Succes$ors in his or their Privy
 Council in such manner and under such rales as are observed in
 appeals made to His Majesty from His bfajesty's other Plantations
 or Colonies and in particular that in all cases of appeal allowcd by
 the said Court of Appeals the said Court of Appeals shall certify
"and transmit to IIis Majcsty IIis IIcirs or Successors in his or their
  Privy Council a true and exact copy of all evidence proceedings
 juclgrnents ciecrees and orders had or made in such causes appealed
  from so far as the same have relation to the matter of appeal such
  copies to be certified under the seal of the said Court.

         31st A&ay, 1837,
              Passed in Council,

                   GEO. STEVENSON,
                             Clerk of the Courscil.

                   By His Escellency's command,
                                               ROBERT GOUGER,
                                                                 Colonial Secretary.

 m   .
                                                     .   - A
                Printed by authority by W. C. Cox, Govornmerlt Printer, Victoria-square,

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