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									       Buying ad space -
    challenging the paradigm

                                                Marketing Science Centre’s Research and        can be paired up – reach and frequency,
                                                Development Initiative).                       continuity and budget – and while not
                                                  What a stimulating experience this           directly, they operate in an inversely
                                                breakfast was. Two reasons. The first           proportional manner. In other words, if
                                                is that the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute is        you want reach, it will be at the expense of
                                                right here in Adelaide, operating out of       frequency (and vice versa). Or the bigger
                                                the Adelaide University   .                    your budget, the longer you can advertise
                                                  These guys are global movers and shak-
      Gary Jaffer
                                                ers in the field of market research and
                                                marketing strategy development – their
                                                                                               (and vice versa).
                                                                                                  The perennial battle for media people is
                                                                                               to balance these parameters in a way that
                                                client list includes some of the world’s
                                                                                               maximises the potential of the advertising
                                                great brands – and right here in good old
                                                                                               campaign. This is quite a balancing act,
                                                                                               and requires solid knowledge of the product
                                                  Secondly, Sharp is a stimulating, engag-
                                                ing and confronting speaker. He challenges     being advertised, the media marketplace
THERE was a time when the idea was that         contemporary thinking (habitually I’m          and the subtleties of the media research
a person who booked advertising space           told), not just for the sake of it but based   used to determine audience levels.
would have nothing useful to contribute to      on the findings of the various projects            All sorts of things can influence the
an advertising strategy Advertising strat-
                         .                      undertaken at the Institute.                   market’s acceptance of an advertising mes-
egy was dictated by creative considerations       The presentation last week challenged        sage ranging from the creative execution
and media placement taking the leading          some of the conventional views about televi-   through to the mindset of the individual.
role in the development of the strategy         sion viewing and television media buying.      But generally it has been accepted that

was simply not part of the equation – they                                                     people need to see a message several times
were consulted, then told what media was                                                       before they fully appreciate the import of
going to be booked.                                        These guys are                      the message.
  Today, four of Australia’s big media                 global movers and                          So, when someone comes along and says
buying agencies have offices in Adelaide                                                        “I’ve got evidence that shows that when
and there are a couple of other smaller                shakers in the field of

                                                                                               it comes to TV advertising, frequency is
operators. But the industry has changed
dramatically Media strategy is no longer               market research                         simply not important”, it really does upset
                                                                                               the applecart and challenges this person’s
the poor cousin in the development of                                                          thinking on how TV and the consumer
advertising strategy, but is in fact, in many   Now, I do not agree with everything Sharp      mind works.
cases the leading player. Funny how the         had to say, and there were several areas
                                                                                                  Now, I’m not about to instantly go out
pendulum swings. It has probably swung          in which I would have enjoyed a healthy
                                                                                               and change the way we go about buying
too far!                                        discussion.
                                                                                               TV based on a presentation over break-
  Good strategy and, in fact, outstanding         But the point was, he challenged my
strategy comes when media, creative and         thinking. He forced me too look critically     fast. But I am prepared to challenge the
sound market knowledge combine in a             at the methods and paradigms I work with       paradigm.
media neutral atmosphere. But alas, this        in my day to day business. And this must          The work of people like Sharp and the
is usually the exception rather than the        be good.                                       Ehrenberg-Bass Institute is terrific. I’ve
rule.                                             Media advertising is a cocktail of four      been exposed to some of it now on a couple
  I’ve side tracked slightly because all this   ingredients. Reach (the number of people       of occasions and I believe this sort of work
is leading to a breakfast I attended last       exposed to a message), frequency (the          is critical to the ongoing level of expertise
week hosted by the Ten Network. The guest       number of times exposed), continuity           our industry has to offer. The wonderful
speaker was Dr Byron Sharp, Director of         (or length of campaign) and budget (how        thing is that it is right here in Adelaide, at
the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute (formerly the      much there is to spend). Often these four      our fingertips as it were. Bravo!

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