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           In This Iss                             ball' is a mon
                                         'In Basketb                           tter
                                                                 nthly newslet focusing on Australia  an
    Young S
          Stars From Wan
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                                         Junior Bask                           l
                                                                 asketball' will provide Coa
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              WNBL Teamm                            ors          te
                                         Administrato up to dat information, reviews and tips.
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              Player's Tip
         W A Great ABT Prize
         Win         T
          S             n
        GPS Basketball In Sydney
      Nation Schools To
           nal        ournament
                                                                all'       ook           ung
                                         This month 'In Basketba takes a lo at the you stars fro   om

                                         Wanneroo t             ade                     ut
                                                     that have ma the big time, finds ou more about GPS
           Write For 'In                                        nd                      down on the
                                         basketball in Sydney an gives you the full run d
           Basketbaall'                                                    School Tourn
                                         Championship Division in National S            nament in
    Are you a writer for your
           s            r,
    schools newspaper a local                     ABT's Bask
                                                  A                 uote Of The Month
                                                           ketball Qu
    paper o just would love to           "To be cons            od                    u
                                                    sidered a goo basketball coach, you must be able to
    share y             about your
           your stories a                           ame. And ma no mista about it, teaching is an art" -
                                         teach the ga           ake      ake                     a
           asketball ass
    local ba            sociation,       Coach K
    high school basketb team
    or repre
           esentative baasketball                  WIN            ball
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    team.                                        ng           B           Readers to he promote the
                                     ABT is callin on all 'In Basketball' R             elp
            hen         our
     If so th submit yo story to game and b                  ews
                                                basketball ne by forwa                 ewsletter onto
                                                                          arding this ne              o
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    and get your name in lights.
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               .    Every reade that sends this email u
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    Start writing your st                        s            7           er
                                     Entry closes on Friday 7th Decembe and the wi      inner will be
    today!!                          announced in the next is ssue.

    Read the latest story from our             's         ball
                                         ABT' Basketb Assoc            ciation Of The Mont      th
         aders in Wan
       rea            nneroo,      The Wanne              ball
                                              eroo Basketb Association, WA has been recogn      nised as
         Western Aust  tralia.     the most su            sketball club in Western A
                                              uccessful bas                                     2
                                                                                   Australia in 2007
                                              ng                       ad
                                   after winnin the Gillam Trophy. Rea more here   e...

         ung Stars From
       You       s                                           G       etball In S
                                                     What Is GPS Baske         Sydney
        nneroo Ma The
      Wan         ake
                                         Sydney Sch              ball          nd          ou
                                                    hool Basketb is alive an kicking yo just need to visit
            Pro's                                   GPS schools on a Saturd morning to see hundr
                                         one of the G            s            day                      reds of
           ed             ld
    Talente 17 year-ol Wolves                       letes of all ag participa
                                         student athl             ges                      ol
                                                                              ating in schoo basketball. With
    basketb players C    Chelsea                    e
                                         some of the bigger scho  ools entering over 100 weeekly, we decided
    Armstro and Emm Lobb ma                         loser look.
                                         to have a cl
    are well on their wa to
    achieving a lifetime dream                       r                                               s
                                         The GPS or Greater Public Schools Association is made of several
           eing selected in the
    after be             d               elite boys sc
                                                     chools within the Sydney area. The m
                                                                  n           y          member scho ools
    Perth L              or
           Lynx squad fo the             include Syddney Grammar, Sydney B    Boys High, The Scots School,
    2007-20 Women's National
             008                         The Kings S School, SHO              ,
                                                                 ORE College, Newington College, St
    Basketb League s      season.        Joseph's Co ollege, St Ign
                                                                  natius Colleg and The A
                                                                              ge         Armidale Sch
                                                                  n            ball
                                         who do not participate in the basketb competit   tion.
    This se              ws
           election follow on the
    back of highly succe  essful
           careers for bo
    junior c             oth             The GPS ba asketball com
                                                                mpetition is p            g
                                                                             played during Terms 4 an 1nd
    players Read the fu story
                          ull                       The                       n           ol
                                         each year. T 1st and 2nd teams in each schoo is usually run by
    here...                                         hed         all
                                         an establish basketba coach, str    rength and coonditioning
                                         programs, individual woorkouts and te            es
                                                                              eam practice take place  e
            Drill Corn                                          e            ess
                                         throughout the year to ensure succe for the sc                ent
                                                                                          chool. In rece
                                         times players have been offered sch                           s
                                                                             holarships to attend the schools
Calling all coaches to submit    to help boost the profile of the schools basketball program.
their best drills to be          Newington College currently sits on top of the ladder with a 4 wins
published. Each month we will    and 1 loss record after defeating Scots 71-65 in round four of the
publish the best drills that     competition. Tied with Newington with 4-1 records are The Scots
have been submitted, BUT all     School who defeated SHORE on Saturday 58-51.SHORE currently
the drills that have been        sits in third spot with a 3-2 record.
submitted will be available on
the All Aussie website for
coaches to use.                  You can keep up to date with all the results right here.
                                            Check out Newington College basketball here
Any drill used in the 'In
Basketball' newsletter will                    National Schools Tournament
receive a FREE Aussie            The 2007 National School Basketball Tournament (NSBT) is being
Basketball Travellers bag.       hosted by the Geelong Basketball Association from 3-7 December

     Send your drills to         The Championship division is what the top basketball schools from        around the country set out to win. This division is comprised of the
                                 championship teams from each state/territory and is restricted to 8
  Coaching Tip Of The            teams.
                               We are proud to congratulate the following teams that will compete
Coaches Drills - 2 on 0 & 2 on at the NSBT in 2007.
2 Penetrate & Fill Series
Have a look at the wide          Box Hill Secondary College              Victoria
variety of coaching drills we    Launceston High                        Tasmania
have on the                      John Paul College                      Queensland
                                 Westfields Sports High                 NSW
        Coaches Page             Scared Heart College                   South Australia
                                 Lake Ginniderra High                   ACT
     Coaches Corner              Willetton Senior High                  Western Australia
End of Game Situations           White Friars College                   South Australia
Article - By Chris Croft
                                 John Paul College                      Queensland
A Players Perspective To         Willetton Senior High                  Western Australia
Coaching - By Brad Litchfield    Xavier High                            NSW
                                 Erindale College                       ACT
                                 Box Hill Secondary College              Victoria
Do Your Players Have Knee        St Brendan-Shaw College                  Tasmania
Soreness - Make Sure You         Saint Aloysius                         South Australia
Read This Article                Brisbane State High                     Queensland

                                                        See the full draw here
Coaches stay tuned for the
December issue of In                                    Basketball Tours
Basketball where we take a
                                 Aussie Basketball Travellers (ABT) has been providing basketball
closer look at the recent
                                 tours all around the world for over a decade. If you have a team
Basketball Australia Coaches
                                 that is ready to take on the USA then contact ABT's professional
tour throughout the USA,
                                 staff to discuss the idea further.
Spain and France.

   Player's Tip Of The                                Upcoming Tours Include;
         Month                   * Kilsyth Basketball Association           Victoria
Improve your core stabilty       * Cranbrook School                         Sydney
with these exercises
                               * Hawthorn Basketball Association                oria
      o          etter
Tips To Being A Be                       Basketball As
                               * Bunbury B           ssociation             WA
Rebounnder                               Woods Colleg
                               * Tenison W          ge                      SA
                               * Melville High School                           hern NSW
      Enquire About Your
   To E
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