Year Six

					Year Six

Key Themes                                            Key Resources                                        Key Literature

6.1 The Reign of God: Breaking Down                   •   Bathurst CEO, Breathing Life into the RE         •   D Kidd, Onion Tears
the Barriers                                              Classroom                                        •   Stories about people who worked for
                                                      •   L Woods, A Dictionary for Catholics                  particular issues eg Mum Shirl, Charles
•   The Beatitudes / the Reign of God
                                                      •   Sydney CEO, Photo-language Kit                       Perkins, William Deane, Martin Luther King
•   Ways Christians live the beatitudes and
                                                      •   Curriculum Corporation, Discovering              •   Stories told by Mother Teresa Edward Lee
    promote the Reign of God
                                                          Democracy Primary Kit                                Jolley
•   Identifying types of discrimination
                                                      •   B Gilligan, Searching For Justice                •   Great Women of the Bible Rev Jude Winkler
•   Personal sin / Social sin
                                                                                                           •   Little Red Bear Penny Matthews
•   Justice/ injustice
                                                                                                           •   The Great Montefiasco Colin Thompson
•   Jesus’ concern for the outcast and
                                                                                                           •   The Last of His Tribe Percy Trezise and Mary
    - Jesus heals a Roman Officer’s Servant
    - Parable of the Good Samaritan                                                                        •   My Hiroshima Junko Morimoto
•   Outcasts of our times
•   Exploring a key issue eg Racism, Sexism,
    Aboriginal Issues, Refugees, Disabilities
•   Exploring the Christian response to the issue

6.2 Lent: a Time for Building a Just                  •   Video Catholic Mission: Faces – the Mission of   •   Stories which focus on upholding human
World                                                     the Australian Church                                dignity, human rights, caring for others,
                                                      •   Caritas –                 working for justice
•   Lent as time of renewal of commitment to
                                                      •   United Nations website                           •   The Giggler Treatment Roddy Doyle
    the mission of Jesus
                                                      •   B Stead, a time of Jubilee: Using Luke’s         •   A Piece of Straw Junko Morimoto
•   Jesus’ mission (Luke 4:16-22)
                                                          Gospel with Children                             •   Feathers & Fools Mem Fox
•   Exploring ways the Church continues Jesus’
    mission                                           •   Stations of the Cross – variety of examples      •   Way Home Libby Hathorn
•   United Nations Declaration on Human               •   Images of issues relating to human rights /      •   The Silver sword Ian Serralier
    Rights/ Declaration of the Rights of the Child        justice issues                                   •   The Blake Mysteries (series)
•   Catholic teaching about human dignity,            •   Building a moral life                            •   Parvana & Parvana’s Journey Deborah Ellis
    human rights                                                                                           •   Shauzia Deborah Ellis
•   Investigating the work of Church agencies                                                              •   The Story of the Cross Mary Joslin
    (Vinnies, Centacare, Catholic Mission, Caritas,                                                        •   Let the Celebrations Begin Margaret Wild
Year Six
    Charitable Works Fund)                                                                                 •   The Deliverance of the Dancing Bears
•   Sr Irene McCormack and others who have                                                                     Elizabeth Stanley
    given their lives to promote the mission of                                                            •   The Boat Helen Ward
    Jesus                                                                                                  •   The Lion and the Mouse (traditional)
•   Holy Week – Stations of the Cross / link to                                                            •   The Little Match Girl (traditional)
    contemporary issues

6.3 Easter: a Time to Celebrate Hope in • A Florian, Signs and symbol, Word and Song: • Grandad’s Prayers of the Earth D Wood
the Risen Lord                            Creating and Celebrating Classroom Rituals  • The Watertower Gary Crew
•   The Resurrection – comparing accounts                                                                  •   Beneath the Surface Gary Crew
•   Experiences of confusion, doubt and fear                                                               •   First Light Gray Crew
•   The Ascension                                                                                          •   Lost Thing Shaun Tan
•   Exploring prayers of the tradition that speak                                                          •   The Red Tree Shaun Tan
    of Jesus’ resurrection, ascension and promise                                                          •   Super Jack Suzanne Gervay
    of a second coming – Apostles Creed, Nicene
    Creed, memorial Acclamations
•   Belief in eternal life – Lazarus
•   Feasts of All Souls and All Saints

6.4 Confirmation: Celebrating the Gift                •   ICEL The Rites of the Catholic Church Vol 2      •   Aboriginal dreamtime stories, particularly
of the Holy Spirit                                    •   Sacramentary                                         ones with symbols of wind or fire or water
                                                      •   Stories/videos about St Francis of Assisi        •   Stories relating to Australian landscape –
•   Symbols and rituals in everyday life
                                                      •   Stories of the saints                                bushfires etc
•   Aboriginal symbols – wind, fire and water
                                                      •   Saints Kit                                       •   Stories which highlight gifts of the Holy Spirit
•   Biblical images of God’s presence – fire, wind,                                                            themes eg courage, wisdom, understanding,
    breath                                            •   Saints for young readers for everyday Vol. 1 &
                                                          2                                                    right judgement, wonder and awe,
•   Pentecost event – symbols of the Holy Spirit                                                               knowledge, reverence
•   Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation –                                                               •   Wildheart I . Carmody
    symbols of oil and water                                                                               •   Book of Saints Part 1, Part 2
•   Rite of Confirmation                                                                                   •   Lives of Saints for girls
    - Laying on of Hands
                                                                                                           •   Lives of Saints for boys
Year Six
    - Anointing with oil                                                                                   •   Saints Lives & Illuminations R. Sanderson
•   Gifts of the Holy Spirit                                                                               •   The Lion Treasury of Saints D. Self
•   Story of St Francis of Assisi                                                                          •   Saints & Angels C. Llewellyn
•   Research on saints                                                                                     •   Saint Francis B. Wildsmith
                                                                                                           •   Bushfire M. Syme
                                                                                                           •   Edward’s Magic Paintbox S. Robinson
                                                                                                           •   Run Damon Run! A. Ingram
                                                                                                           •   The Miracle Tree C. Mattingley

6.5 Mary: a Faithful Disciple                         •   M O’Toole, Mary of Nazareth                      •   Stories which feature women or girls as strong
•   Images of women in society / in the Bible         •   W Threlfo, Walking With Mary: a resource for         characters
•   Research on a woman from OT / NT / Saints /           Primary School Teachers                          •   Stories featuring women role models such as
    Modern Women – identifying qualities              •   Stories of the Saints                                Mum Shirl, Dorothy Day, Jessie street, Mother
•   Scripture search about Mary – qualities of        •   The Rosary                                           Teresa
    Mary                                              •   Images/icons of Mary                             •   Nana’s Land D. Sarago-Kendrick
•   The Magnificat – relate to modern issues          •   Marian prayers                                   •   Different sort of real K. Greenwood
•   Mary as a model for discipleship / of faith                                                            •   When Hilter Stole the Pink Rabbit J. Kerr
•   Marian devotions and feast days                                                                        •   Thunderwith Libby Hathorn
•   Images of Mary                                                                                         •   Bridge to Terrabithia K. Patterson
                                                                                                           •   The Last week in December U. Dubosarsky

6.6 The Bible: Our Sacred Story                       •   L Kelly, A White, A Hari, C Singer, The Junior   •   Joseph A. Fienberg
•   The Parable of the Sower                              Bible Series                                     •   Parable, Stories Jesus told M.Hoffman
•   The Bible as Sacred Scripture / sacred story of   •   M Ryan, The Old Testament
    our relationship with God                         •   C Singer & A Hari, Experience Jesus Today
•   Identifying Old Testament (Jewish Scriptures)     •   C Singer & A Hari, Alive in the Spirit Today
    and New Testament (Christian Scriptures)          •   C Singer & A Hari, Discover the Old
•   Formation of the Bible                                Testament Today
    - Experiences of the community                    •   L Woods, The Bible: God’s Word
    - Oral tradition                                  •   L Woods, The Catholic Bible Story Workbook
    - Writing the tradition                           •   Various Bibles
    - Editing                                         •   Atlas of the Bible
Year Six
    - Canon formed                                     •   Stories from the Old and New Testaments
•   Bible referencing – chapter, verse                 •   Understanding and using the Bible
•   Old Testament timeline of major events –           •   If You’d been there in Bible times – S. Jeffs
    Creation, Noah, Abraham, Moses etc
•   The Covenant
•   Exploring stories of the OT / significant people
•   The Gospels – formation of / timeline /
    comparisons / significant people

6.7 We Celebrate the Sacraments (Pt 2) • L Woods, A Dictionary For Catholics                               •   Stories of commitment, relationships,
•   Review of seven sacraments                      •      M Ryan, Sacraments of Healing                       weddings
•   Stories of human suffering and sickness – our •           •   Stories of human suffering / sickness / healing
    response                                                                                               •   My Dog J. Heffernan
•   The Anointing of the Sick – different elements                                                         •   In Flander’s Field N. Jorgensen
    of the rite / symbols                                                                                  •   Pink Balloons B. McGregor
•   The Church’s healing ministry                                                                          •   The Burnt Stick A. Hill
•   Images of weddings and relationships in the                                                            •   Memorial G. Crew
    media                                                                                                  •   Herbert and Harry Pamela Allen
•   The Sacrament of Marriage – rite / symbols
•   Baptismal call to holiness and fullness of life
•   Different vocations in the church – religious
    life, married life, single life

6.8 Advent to Christmas: a Time for                    •   D White, K O’Brien, S Todd, Into the Deep       •   Let the Celebrations Begin M Wild
Longing and Fulfilment                                 •                     •   With Love at Christmas M Fox
•   Scriptural accounts of people who waited for       •   R Wintour, IChristmas Celebrations              •   Stories about waiting and longing
    the Saviour – Noah, Abraham, Moses, David,                                                             •   In My Father’s Room G. Crew
    Solomon, John the Baptist, Mary, Elizabeth                                                             •   Jonathon Toomey S. Wojciechowski
    and Zechariah etc                                                                                      •   The Nativity J. Vivas
                                                                                                           •   Silent Night M.Hobbs
Year Six
•   Jesse Tree                                         •   Christmas J. Pienowski
•   Experiences of longing
•   People who are signs of God’s presence in the
•   Advent as a time to continue longing for the
    coming of Jesus Christ again – in our lives / at
    Christmas / at the end of time
•   Christmas as the fulfilment of the promised
•   Christmas as the feats of the Incarnation –
    God becomes human
•   The crib as a symbol of Christ’s coming – story
    of the crib and St Francis of Assisi

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