Year 1-7 Word Families Listm by alendar


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									                Year 1 Word Families
an      and     en       in      ot      un
ran     sand    hen      bin     cot     sun
fan     land    pen      tin     hot     fun
man     stand   men      pin     lot     bun
        hand    ten      chin    spot    run
mat     ack     et       it      og      ut
cat     back    pet      sit     dog     hut
that    sack    set      pit     jog     cut
flat    black   let      kit     frog    shut
        crack   get      hit     log     nut
day     all     eg       ig      op      ug
play    ball    leg      big     hop     mug
stay    fall    peg      pig     stop    rug
today   tall    beg      dig     shop    bug
        small            wig     top     tug
ag              ed
bag             bed      id      ock     uck
tag             red      lid     sock    duck
rag             fed      hid     lock    truck
sag             shed     kid     clock   stuck
                         did     block   luck
ad              em
dad                      im              ump
mad                      him             hump
sad             er       rim             lump
glad            her      swim            jump
                         trim            pump
am              ell
ham             fell     ill             ust
pram            bell     pill            just
jam             sell     will            must
dam             well     fill            dust
                         hill            rust
car                      ick
star                     sick
far                      pick
far                      kick
                                         For further
cap                      ip              words refer to
tap                      sip             “Words Their
lap                      lip             Way”
map                      pip             Appendices
                  Year 2 Word Families
a-e     i-e     gl      th      -th      oi      er
space   like    glad    that    with     coin    her
take    bite    glass           both     soil
late    ripe    glide   wh      fourth   spoil   ir
whale   life    globe   when    moth             girl
name    ride    gloom   whip             oy      bird
                        white   -ch      boy     first
ai      ie      cr      wheel   rich     annoy   third
sail    tie     crab    whale   much     toy
train   lie     crack           such             ur
laid    pie     cry     ch               ow      fur
chain   die     crow    chip    -sh      cow     hurt
wait            crane   chin    cash     town    burn
        y               chop    wish     crown   turn
ay      my      st      chick   crash    brown   church
day     sky     step    chat    rush     now
play    by      stop                             or
today   fly     still   sh      -ng      ou      fork
way     cry     stick   shop    rang     loud    port
say     try     step    shut    bring    out     born
                stab    she     long     house   storm
ee      y               ship    stung    round   horse
seem    pony    sk      shirt   thing    mouth
been    sunny   skip    sheep            count   ar
see     happy   skin            -nt              car
feet    baby    skate   ck      went     ow      farm
seed    carry   skill   sick             throw   dark
deep            skirt   block   -nd      blow    park
        o-e             crack   end      grow    start
ea      home    dr      duck    hand     own
clean   drove   drop    neck    sand     low     Contractions
sea     hope    drip            land             it’s
eat     nose    drum            stand    oo      that’s
seat    rode    drag                     took    he’s
read            dress           mp       good    can’t
beach   oa                      jump     foot    didn’t
        road    tw                       cook    wasn’t
        boat    twin                     book    isn’t
        load    qu                       oo
        soap    quick                    boot
        u-e     queen                    food
        cube                             moon    For further
        tube                             pool    words refer
                                                 to “Words
        huge                             broom
                                                 Their Way”
        cute                                     Appendices
          Year 3 Word Families List Page 1
ai        o-e         long i    ear          ea
sail      nose        tidy      hear         each
main      chose       tiny      year         clean
laid      those       tiger     dear         teach
chain     broke       find      near         lead
sailor    stone       behind    clear        speak

a-e       oa          i-e       eer          y-e
tape      boat        write     cheer        happy
place     float       while     steer        funny
name      road        white     sheer        easy
shape     foam        ride      deer         twenty
came      toast       inside    peer         very

ay        ow          igh       oy           ey
tray      show        right     toy          money
stay      know        flight    boy          key
away      slow        high      enjoy        valley
today     snow        might     annoy        monkey
clay      below       fright    destroy      turkey

short a   a-short o   y-i       oi           short e
rang      want        shy       coin         shell
plant     wash        my        voice        ever
stamp     what        try       noise        cent
catch     was         why       point        fresh
sand      watch       buy*      moist        seventy

short o   short i     ie        ee           ea-short e
lost      trip        die       tree         head
box       swim        pie       sleep        bread
cost      wish        lie       street       ready
clock     begin       tie       feel         many
rock      think                 sweet        said*

long o    or-er       sh        er-or-ar     ow
old       world       shot      teacher      cow
only      worm        shut      better       brown
told      word        sheep     dollar       down
over      work        shadow    doctor       vowel
own       worth       shout     mother       how

ar        or          ch        u-e, ue      ou
are       for         child     cube         house
apart     short       chair     fume         about
bark      story       charge    blue         mouth
farm      forty       church    issue        found
start     torch       beach     argue        around
         Year 3 Word Families List Page 2
a-ar     oor-ore-oar   wh        ew          air
ask      poor          where     few         chair
last     roar          which     new         fairy
class    more          when      crew        stairs
father   before        what      jewel       hair
         floor         while     flew        lair
girl     aw            th        oo          er
bird     saw           these     cool        term
thirty   draw          clothes   room        her
whirl    lawn          rather    moon        expert
circus   paws          smooth    school      person
         crawl         mouth     afternoon   stern
turn     au & a (or)   ck        oo          kn
hurt     pause         black     book        knife
fur      sauce         track     look        knock
church   daughter      packet    good        knew
burst    ball          ticket    shook       know
         walk          stuck     pull*
         water                   push*       wr

                                             For further
                                             words refer to
                                             “Words Their
                     Year 4 Word Families List
au=or       ear         ue         lf             ur            thr
caught      gear        clue       calf           surface       throat
sauce       spear       due        half           urgent        throb
            clear       true       golf           disturb
ur=er       rear        glue
fur         fear                   le             or
purr                    soft g     settle         thorn
blur        ea          page       bundle         history
burn        breakfast   giant      middle         order
hurt        steady      ledge      paddle         calculator?
            death       magic      nibble
tch                     change                    ar
fetch       ch=k                   silent k       collar
batch       ache        tt         knife          guard
pitch       Christmas   putter     knit           separate
match                   butter     knee           harbour
witch       oe          pretty     knew
            hoe         cattle     knock          oi
ph          backhoe     little     knot           oink
graph       toe                                   poison
elephant    doe         shr        lm
telephone               shrub      calm           oy
            hard g      shrug                     voyage
soft c      game                   silent w       destroy
city        gate        ould       writing        oyster
place       give        could      wrapper
police      gift                   wreath         ou
fancy       gas         u=oo       wreck          mountain
circle                  pull       wring          double
            mm          bull                      surround
ear=air     summer      put        ie
tear        dimmer      bush       handkerchief   ow
bear                    full       believe        shadow
pear        th
            feather    pp          ay             silent g
ey          weather    supper      crayon         gnaw
key         clothes    apple       basement       gnash
donkey      toothbrush puppet      rainbow
monkey                 slipper                    str
money       thr        happen      ir ????        straight
hockey      thrill                 circus
            throb      nn          thirsty        scr
hard c      thrush     thinner                    screen
catch                  dinner      er
come        sh         beginning   messenger      squ
collect     washer     tunnel      deserve        squawk
camel       dishes     kennel      exercise       squabble
cotton                             different
                    Year 5 Word Families List
silent w   hard c        ture          mm           long ā           long ū        oo/u
wreath     colour        capture       summit       a/a-e/ai/ay*     use           mistook
wrinkle    curtain       overture      hammock      rainbow          knew          sugar
wrench     canoe         rapture       mammal       crayon           tuber         bulletin
wrong      careless      premature     drummer      basement         rescue        ambush
wrestle    cough                       hammer       campaign         argue         cushion
wrist      carnage       sure                       contagious       value
write                    treasure      nn                            tune          ow/ou
           soft c        pleasure      innocent     long ē           beautiful     cow
silent k   notice        measure       annual       e/ea/ee/ie/ey/                 crown
knew       cycle                       tennis                        ear/eer/ *    drown
knuckle    exercise      tch           winner       relief           dear          town
kneel      difference    stretch       connection   believe          cheer         shout
knives                   switch                     season           career        about
knight     hard g        snatch        tt           depart           sphere        amount
knead      gear          butcher       matter       people           atmosphere
knoll      guess         itch          gutter       freedom          disappear     oy/oi
           gold                        flutter      oxygen           engineer      voyage
silent b   magnet        ght           attention    protein                        employ
plumber    garlic        thought       attraction   storey           air/ear*      moisture
crumb                    taught                     hockey           bear          appoint
thumb      soft g        caught        pp           recycled         tear          avoid
climb      gentle        fought        appeal                        airport       destroy
           damage                      opposite     long ī           swear
silent l   manage        dge           upper        i/i-e/igh/y*     weird         au/or
folk       engine        bridge        suppose      delight          severe        taught
yolk       generous      fridge        appear       height                         because
walk                     ridge                      finally     er/ur/ir           auto
talk       qu            abridge       ll           quiet       /or*               audible
chalk      quiet         porridge      million      buy         danger
           quite                       parallel     triangle    whisper            oo/ew/ue
gn         quarter       ge            silly        write       energy             noodle
gnaw       question      large         valley       supply      burst              cougar
gnarl      quarrel       barge         allow        bicycle     circle             loser
gnome                    garage        brilliant    identical   shirt              blue
           thr           enlarge       vanilla      excitable   third              blew
           through                                              worm
           throat        le/el/il/al   neutral      long ō      learn              ion
           thoughtless   double        er/ar/or     o/oa/o-e/ow earth
                         puzzle        teacher      moan        early              subtraction
           shr           simple        collar       groan       search             discussion
           shred         peddle        doctor       show
           shrub         pedal         pizza        coastal
           shrink        fossil        centre                                      correction
           shrank        until                                       For further
                         pencil                                      words refer
                         special                                     to “Words
                                                                     Their Way”
                         national                                    Appendices
                      Year 6 Word Families List
Silent      -dge         sc          sion          PREFIXES
letters     edge         science     vision
knowledge   smudge       scene       extension     in (not)
knuckle     trudge       scenic      expansion     inaccurate
wrinkle     bridge       scent       television    inefficient
wreckage    ridge        scissors    erosion       inactive
wrestle                              division      insecure
rhyme       -ge          re
rhythm      village      religion    tion          non
castle      strange      research    information   nonsense
whistle     barge        remember    invitation    nonstop
            charge                                 nonfiction
qu                       ch-k        ture          nonprofit
quietly     -ion (no     stomach     furniture
quick       spell        chemist     agriculture   pre
aquarium    change)      choir       mixture       precook
squirm      subtraction              future        preheat
equator     injection   ph           temperature   preschool
conquer     protection phrase                      pretest
            extinction  homophone    ment
soft c                  atmosphere   equipment     uni
bicycle     expression trophy                      unicorn
centre      confession autograph     ief           unicycle
accident    aggression phonograph    belief        uniform
cylinder    discussion               relief
medicine                ough-uff     brief         bi
fierce      au          rough                      biweekly
            caution     tough                      bisect
hard c      laundry     enough                     bilingual
cactus      daughter
campus      naughty     ough-or                    tri
candle      author      brought                    triplets
canyon                  bought                     trio
            aw                                     triple
soft g      drawing     ough-oo
engineer    jawbone     through
savage      awful
damage      clawed      ough-o
manage      awkward     though
agent                   although
            al          dough
hard g      although
gadget      already     gh-f
gamble      salty       laugh                                    For further
gallop      halting                                              words refer
garage                  ough-off                                 to “Words
                                                                 Their Way”
gossip                  cough                                    Appendices
                   Year 7 Word Families List
Word Families                             Root Words      Affixes
au          soft g        tion          auto            mono
saucer      original      recognition   automobile      monorail
author      manager       destination   automatic       monotone
August      general       expedition    autobiography   monopoly
autumn      imagination                                 monolith
            college       sion          bio (life)
aw                        provision     biology         bi
awful       gue           occasion      biography       biceps
awkward     tongue        succession    antibiotics     bicycle
lawyer      fatigue                     biochemistry    bifocals
            catalogue     e-drop+ion                    bilingual
al          monologue     celebration   geo (earth)
although                  preparation   geology         tri
almost      ch            exploration   geography       triangle
always      cherish                     geothermal      triple
            chocolate     ance                          triceps
qu                        fragrance     graph (to       triceratops
equipment ch-sh           dominance     write)
quantity    chalet                      graph           micro (small)
aquarium    chateau       ence          paragraph       microscope
equator     chandelier    persistence   autograph       microphone
                          confidence    bibliography    microwave
que-k       ch-k          residence                     micro-organism
antique     Christmas                   meter
cheque      chemistry     ary           (measure)       mega
                          secretary     centimetre
silent w    sc-s          temporary     millimetre      super (higher)
wrinkle     scientific    ordinary      speedometer     superpower
            scenery                     thermometer     supervision
silent g                  ery                           supermarket
champagne sc              stationery    photo (light)   superman
campaign    scholar       scenery       photograph
            scald                       photocopier    hyper
silent p                  ible          photosynthesis hypersensitive
pneumatic   f/ph/gh       credible      telephoto      hyperactive
pneumonia photograph      edible
            physical      audible    tele (far)         pre
en          nephew                   telegraph          precaution
enable      geography     able       telegram           prejudge
encourage biography       dependable television
em          laugh         profitable telescope          post
empower                              telepathy          posterior
            ious          iest                          postpone
soft c      curious       noisiest
electricity cautious      juiciest                      For further words
niece       ly                                          refer to “Words
decision    noisily                                     Their Way”
ceiling     easily

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