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					                            Creative Writing Workshop
                            For Years 5 and 6

Write Like a Writer
 Learn to Write Like a Writer with
 Author, Sue Walker
 Sue reveals some of the
 techniques writers use in a
 workshop designed to spark
 creativity and build “writing
 confidence”.                                     Sue Walker has
                                        been writing for children
 Students learn how to come up
                                        for over 10 years. Some
 with ideas, how to build
                                        of her titles include:
 characters, and how to shape
                                        “Tilly’s Treasure,” from
 their stories.
                                        the award winning
 Workshops are flexible and             Aussie Nibbles Series
 activities include:                    and “Best Friends,” a
                                        Children’s Book Council
    Switch on to Freewriting            Notable Book. Sue’s
                                        books have also featured
    Writing from a visual stimulus      in the Premier’s Reading
    Writing dialogue                    Challenge.
                                        Participant in the “Writers in
    Developing characters               Schools” Professional
                                        Development Program
    Brainstorming                       (PETA/e:lit).

                                     Optimum Class Size: 15 (maximum 30)
                                           1½ hour standard session
                                             1 hour speedy session
                                                Whole school day
                                           (2 x 1½ hour or 3 x 1 hour)

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