World Spearfishing Championships- Portugal 9-18 September

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					World Spearfishing Championships-
Portugal 9-18 September
Meet the Australian team travelling to the World Championships in 2006.The team for the
World Titles campaign is one of the strongest Australia has been able to field in recent times.

World Spearfishing Championships- Portugal 9-18 September. Australian team and
manager confirmed (see below). Rules are likely to be different from previous world
championships to allow “use of swimming by fins” as opposed to one boat per diver.
Some discussion also of a one day 4 hour competition rather than 2 days. For more
information see

Meet the Australian team travelling to the World Championships in 2006
The team for the World Titles campaign is one of the strongest Australia has been
able to field in recent times. The Australian team has high expectations as the
competition format which this year may involve a swim-off as opposed to the
traditional boat based diving, will suit the fit Australian team.. Tony Heugh will be
managing the Australian team to Portugal in September this year with competitors
Ian Puckeridge, Robert Torrelli, Alex Lewis and Drew Fenney. Some more
information on the very experienced Australian team is below.

Ian and Rob have each won 6 National Titles and both have been the top competitors
at the last two of these. Alex has steadily been improving over the last few years and
was placed third in the most recent Titles in South Australia. Drew is a young diver
who has performed extremely well over the past two National Title events in Victoria
and South Australia.

The Australian team will need to get to Portugal early so as to spend time scouting
the area and adapting to local conditions. This is likely to be a huge financial strain
on the team and any assistance in the form of financial support would be greatly
appreciated. The AUF will pay for sign-on fees and contribute $2000 towards costs of
the team (this money is accounted for in the Strategic Plan and comes from profits of
the Blue Water Classic, Paspaley Pearls sponsorship and a proportion of membership
Tony Heugh- Manager
Tony started spearfishing during summer school holidays whilst at school in Cape
Town, South Africa. He was 28 years old when he was introduced to spearfishing
from a boat off Cape Augullas and speared his first large fish, a 14 kg Leervis,
speared off the wreck of the Oriental Pioneer near Arnesten.

In 1986 Tony started competition spearfishing and for a few years speared for
Eastern Province at the annual National Titles. Tony participated in Nationals each
year, and often placing in the top 10. Tony was also invited to Springbok trials a few
times and his best placing’s have been 3rd and 4th.

In 1992 Tony spent a few months travelling around Australia and speared the
Australian Titles in Perth early in 1993. In October 1996 Tony emigrated to Australia
and took up residence in Queensland. In 1998 Tony was a member of the Australian
freediving team to Sardinia. In 2003 Tony started manufacturing diving equipment
and his brand of Edge spearfishing gear is now well established in the Australian

During his stay in Australia, Tony has speared 9 National Titles, often placing in the
top 10, twice in the top 5 and having 3 times been selected to represent Australia in
Spearfishing at the Inter Pacific competition. Tony went with the Australian team to
New Caledonia in 1997 and will be heading for Tahiti in April this year, where he
will be pairing up with Ian Puckeridge. Tony has also won the Blue Water Classic,
Queensland State Titles and paired up with New Zealand diver Kieran Andrews to
win the New Zealand National Titles.

Ian Puckeridge- Competitor
Ian Puckeridge, age 40, current Australian spear fishing champion. Ian has been
spear fishing for 27 years, 17 years at competition level. He has always been
interested in the sea which saw him fishing competitively from an early age; firstly as
a line fisherman he later made the transition to spear fishing. Ian has won the
Australian Championship six times, 3 of these consecutively. He has represented
Australia in Spain, Italy, Tahiti, Brazil and New Zealand and this year will compete
in the Interpacific Championships in Tahiti and the World Championships in
Portugal. Ian has received a bravery award for trying to save the life of a rock
fisherman who was swept into the water during rough seas.
Ian works as an electrician at P&O Ports at Port Botany and as commercial
fisherman. He also has a commercial divers’ licence. He is married with 2children
and lives at Bondi.

Rob Torelli - Competitor
Rob Torelli, aged 40 has been spearfishing for thirty years.
His competition background saw him competing at a national level from age 14 and
international level from age 17. Rob has represented Australia in South Africa, New
Caledonia, New Zealand and at the 1994 World Titles in Peru and 1996 Worlds in

A former Australian Junior Champion, Rob now shares an equal record six Open
Australian Championship. Rob works as a freelance underwater cameraman and
owns Blue Water Hunting International, a business that caters for Blue Water
Spearfishing expeditions through out the South Pacific region.

Rob had a “lay off” from comp diving over the past 6-7 years returning recently due
to his son Jakes interest in spearfishing. Rob is looking forward to the 2006 Worlds as
he feels confident with his fellow friends in the team and is keen for Australia to
obtain a “solid” placing in the teams event. He is concerned with recent discussions
about Australia being removed from the World Titles circuit due to poor recent

Rob is also looking forward to catching up with his friends from across the globe that
he as met over the past twenty years or so.

Alex Lewis- Competitor
Alex Lewis began spearfishing 16 years ago, mostly for coral trout, barramundi and
crayfish in the shallow waters north of his native Cairns. Meeting local legends Lyle
and Cadel Squire at high school, Alex was soon heading out with them to the Great
Barrier Reef looking for bigger fish.

A qualified engineer, Alex gave up his professional career to dive for aquarium fish
for the Squires’ family collecting business. He soon had the skills to earn him a
second place in the 1997 Queensland Titles, which he managed to win in 2005.

Greater challenges lay ahead during a year spent spearing in South Africa with Ryan
Burmeister and Tony Hartney: Deeper dives, colder water and big fish.

After a stint away from spearing (working as a snowboard instructor in Canada),
Alex returned to Australia, moved to Sydney and joined the Sans Souci Dolphins
spearing club. New mates Simon Trippe and Paul Roso gave him the low-down on
spearing in southern waters.

Pairing up with Paul Roso, Alex began competing in pairs events and had a third
placing at the New Zealand nationals in 2004. Later that year, he and Paul joined
Scott and Lee Paxman to represent Australia at the Inter-Pacific Championships in
New Caledonia, again coming third.

It was just the experience Alex needed going into this year’s Kangaroo Island
selection trials, which he and Paul won. His third placing in the individual
component of the national championships is his best placing in six attempts.
Having speared fish all over the world, Alex is hoping to do his country proud in
Tahiti and Portugal. He reckons the new rules for the world titles, meaning a more
swimming-based comp, will suit his style.

Drew Fenney- Competitor
Drew Fenney has been participating in water sports since the age of 6. He took up
spearfishing with a group of school friends at primary school. Drew has had to over
come cancer in the past few years and with Rob Torelli’s inspiration and mentorship
has gone on to become 2 times back too back Intermediate Australian Champion. He
has also been a team member of the winning Interpacific team in Eden in 2005,
Victorian team member 2 years in a row and is a member of the Southern Freedivers
club in Victoria.

Drew is 23 years old and is currently working in the diving industry for Legendary
Skindiving Equipment. He is looking forward to representing Australia in the world
titles and having the opportunity to meet other divers from around the world.

More information and to support the team
Manager- Tony Heugh- 33 Bell Road, Glasshouse Mountains QLD 4519
07 3889 4992

Dr Adam Smith
National Chair- Spearfishing

Dated: 8 March 2006

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