Credit Card agreement by tyndale


									                                                                                                 Al Hadad Diving Safaris PLC
                                                                                                 Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt.

«_____»          ________________ 20____

This Additional Agreement is entered between Al Hadad Diving Safaris, hereinafter referred to as
“The Contractor”, and
____________________________________________________________________________________________ ,
hereinafter referred to as “The Customer” as an addition to the Contract # ___________________ .
With this Additional Agreement The Customer agrees to settle payment in favor of The
Contractor    for    the    above      mentioned     Contract     for    the    amount     of
____________________________________________________________________________________________ .
  The amount will be debited in Egyptian Pounds by the current rate of Arab African International Bank( adding 2% processing fee.

The Customer pays The Contractor by the following credit card (check and fill one):
__ Visa            Card # __________________________________ Expires on ________                                                /   ________ .
__ MasterCard      Card # __________________________________ Expires on ________                                                /   ________ .
__ JCB             Card # __________________________________ Expires on ________                                                /   ________ .
__ Other __________Card # __________________________________ Expires on ________                                                /   ________ .

Name on the card (capital letters): _________________________________________________________ .
The card issued by (capital letters): _________________________________________________________ .

With this Additional Agreement The Customer declares to whom it may concern that he is the
holder of the above mentioned card and is authorized by law of his country to make this
payment. Also The Customer declares that he has sufficient funds on the above mentioned
credit card account to pay the above amount.
With this Additional Agreement The Customer declares to whom it may concern that he will not
recall, revoke, return, refund or reimburse the above payment in any circumstances
whatsoever. In the case of return payment it must be made by The Contractor after the written
request from The Customer. Return payment will be made to the above credit card account
only and The Customer agrees to pay banking charges and fees involved.

With this Additional Agreement The Customer supplies:
   1. A photocopy of the above mentioned credit card from both sides. On the front side the
       card number, owner name, expiry date and issuing bank logo must be clearly readable.
       On the rear side the owner signature must be clearly readable. The CVV2 code of the
       card may be closed for security reasons.
   2. A photocopy of The Customer’s local passport with the page bearing The Customer’s
       name and signature, matching those on the credit card and on this Additional

The Customer and The Contractor will keep all details of this Additional Agreement private and
confidentional. This Additional Agreement, personal and credit card details may only be
disclosed to bank officials and only in case of any payment dispute.

The Contractor                                                                 The Customer
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