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Word Processing
The following objectives outline the level of competency in word processing expected at the completion of this

The student should be able to:

    Create, save and print a document which is formatted using tabs and indents, and which contains
    bolding, italics, underlining, superscripts, subscripts, and changes of font.
    Use the spell checking facility to check and correct spelling mistakes.
    Change the top, bottom, left and right margins.
    Pre-view and print a document.
    Access all directories and drives.
    Copy a document to and from a disk.
    Produce tables.
    Transfer blocks of text between documents.

The Concept Of Word Processing
A word processing system promotes fast preparation of text, and allows quick and easy rearrangement or
correction of text. Thus, word processing packages eliminate the need to retype drafts when trying to produce a
document that is free of errors.

A word processing system can be mastered easily by an interested and motivated person, possessing basic typing
skills and time to read and practice. No previous exposure to computers is necessary.

Those who use word processing systems find that their level of production of work increases by over 50%. Users
in clerical positions have found their new skills to be a means to achieve promotion or career moves.
What is a word processing system ?
A word processing system = hardware + software + user

The hardware consists of:

      an input device (keyboard)
      an output device (screen & printer)
      processing unit (CPU)
      storage facilities (hard disk or floppy disks)

The software consists of:

1.         systems software that manages the hardware and application software (i.e. DOS or Windows)

2.         application software - sets of instructions / program that allows the user to manipulate text.

The application software required (usually called the word processor) adapts a general purpose computer to
function as a text manipulator. Some examples of word processors as application software include - WordPerfect;
Microsoft Word and Microsoft Works.

Before the development of word processing packages for microcomputers (PC's), dedicated word processing
systems were popular. This meant hardware and software were sold as a "package" for the sole purpose of word
processing. If the user required new features, a new system was often required. Today we have the flexibility of
owning microcomputers that are capable of storing and running many different types of application software.
This means our computers can perform an enormous range of tasks, limited only by the software we choose to
purchase and install.

Choosing A Word Processing Package
We expect you to become proficient in the use of a sophisticated word processing package. Suitable word
processing packages include Microsoft Word for Windows, and Word Perfect for Windows, or Word Perfect for
DOS Version 5.1 or greater.

If you are a novice user of word processing software, we advise you to purchase and work through the Watsonia
Workbook designed for your particular word processing package.

All students are expected to be able to perform all of the tasks outlined in the objectives for this module, and
should test their skill by completing the exercises in Section 5.

Word Processing Review Questions
Attempt the following questions using a word processing package you are familiar with to check that your level of
competency is adequate.

Q1.        Type in the following paragraph and use the spell checking facility of your word processor to correct the
           spelling mistakes that have been deliberately included.

Adam Smith is credited with being the father of scientific economics. He lived in a time when great changes were
taking place in British society, changes that gave rise to the industrial revolution based on capital-intensive industry
and agrarian reform. The publication of his first book "An enquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of
Nations" took place four months prior to the signing of the Declaration of Independence in the infant United
States of America. Connections can be demonstrated between these economical and political events.
Q2.        Type in the following words and set your tabs 2 centimetres apart. Use tabs to align these columns as
           demonstrated below.

           Name      Suburb Phone        Paid?     Amount

           Fred      Vincent 889988 yes            $40.00

           Rick      Murray 991234 yes             $93.50

           Peter     Warrick 923939 yes            $20.30

           Jane      Kirwan 213189 no              nil

Q3.        Produce a table similar to the one that follows.


Dog Sp 1                    3                Good
Dog Sp 2                    3                Poor1
Cat Sp 1                    3                O.K.2
Cat Sp 2                    2                Good
Cat Sp 3                    1                Poor1
Human                       3                Good
1          Review patient
2          Annual follow-up sufficient
Q4.               Organize the following information into an attractive leaflet. Take note of size of font and bold and
                  centre text as appropriate. Leave room (4x4cm) for the College emblem on the upper right-hand side of
                  the page.

                                                                                                                                        College emblem to go here

The Australasian College of Tropical Medicine Inc                                                                                (Incorporated in Qld)


c/- Anton Breinl Centre for Tropical Health and Medicine

James Cook University of North Queensland

Townsville Queensland 4811


Australia                            Tel: 077-47212281 Fax: 077-47715032

International                        Tel: +61-77-47212281                                   Fax: +61-77-47715032


                  4th ANNUAL SCIENTIFIC MEETING

                  16-18 JUNE 2000




This will be the first Annual Scientific Meeting of The Australasian College of Tropical Medicine Inc to be held in

                  TOPICS OF INTEREST

Malaria                                                Tropical parasitology

Travel Medicine                                        ATSI Health

Arboviruses                                                               Infectious Disease

Bites & stings                                         Environmental Health


Title........ Name.......................................

Address.................................... Postcode............

Phone: (H)......................                       (W)..........................

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