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					              C1 VBA Macro Fundamentals
              (2 days)
              Learn from industry experts with insights
              from years of practical experience!

Who Should Attend?
                                                               How to read/write data from/to Excel worksheets.
Analysts, Accountants, and Finance Professionals with
significant experience in Excel, who want to take their        How to write your own functions and extend the range
skills to a new level by learning how VBA macros can            of functions available in Excel.
enhance their work and make life easier.
                                                               How to link your macros to buttons and other controls.
This course assumes participants have little or no prior
programming experience.
                                                               How to use VBA’s tools to quickly find problems and
Course Objectives                                               errors then resolve them.
   To provide participants with the skills and abilities
    to write their own VBA macros and identify
    opportunities to utilise macros effectively.               How to create new Excel files within VBA.
   To provide participants with a sound introduction to       How to open existing Excel files via VBA.
    VBA programming concepts.
                                                               How to save Excel files using VBA.
2 Days: Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)                    How to work with multiple Excel files and copy or move
                                                                data between them.
Introduction to VBA
   An introduction to all the                                                   Practical Application to Finance
    building blocks required to write                                            and Accounting
    macros in Excel’s VBA.                                                       The course includes extensive
                                                                                 explanations and examples of how
Introduction to Programming                                                      each of these areas could be applied
                                                                                 to real-world situations in Financial
   An introduction to programming                                               Modelling, Management Reporting
    concepts and writing code.                                                   and typical Accounting/Finance tasks.
   Best practices to make your
    VBA easier to read, quicker to                                               In addition to the code for completed
    run, and more robust.                                                        exercises, the course CD also
                                                                                 includes a large library of sample
Controlling Code                                                                 code that participants can copy and
                                                                                 paste into their VBA Macros.
   How to make code do what you
    want it to do.
   How to write code that can be
    easily modified.
   How to make your macros run
    as fast as possible.

Interacting with Excel
   How to automate common
    Excel functions such as copy,
    move, format, print, delete etc.
   Getting responses from users.
              C1 VBA Macro Fundamentals
              (2 days)
              Learn from industry experts with insights
              from years of practical experience!

Facilitator: Jeff Robson                                    Continuing Education
B.Comm (Accounting & Information Systems),                  This course provides 7.5 contact hours per day towards
Masters (Applied Finance & Investment) – current,           continuing education requirements.
CISA, AIMM, A Fin, Excel Expert
                                                            Key Details
Jeff Robson has extensive                                   Class sizes are strictly limited to 7 or less to ensure
experience in financial modelling,                          maximum contact with the presenter.
VBA development, forecasting,
valuation, model auditing, and                              Comprehensive course notes plus a CD are included.
management reporting for clients
throughout the world.                                       Just call us on +61 8 6210 8500 and we’ll arrange
He is skilled in the development
and maintenance of analytical tools                         Excel® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
and financial models for middle-
market to large corporate
transactions and clients, at all
levels of complexity, in both domestic and international

He has worked with companies such as Chevron,
BankWest, NAB, Great Southern Plantations, Rio
Tinto, Glencore, KPMG, Grant Thornton and Toyota.

He provides training in financial modelling for
companies throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Before working with Access Analytic, Jeff spent 6 years
working in the Corporate and IT Consulting divisions of
a large, multi-national Chartered Accounting firm.

Jeff’s entrepreneurial experience includes:
   The Founding Director and Principal Business
    Analyst of Access Analytic, a leading private firm
    that specialises in financial modelling, training and
    spreadsheet auditing.
   Finance Director of a company which developed
    and commercialised trucking and loader modelling
    and optimisation software for the mining industry.
   Managing Director of a company which developed
    and commercialised software for analysing
    investment property performance.

Jeff is the author of a number of white papers on
financial modelling on subjects such as Financial
Modelling Best Practices and Financial Model Auditing.
Earlier in his career, he spent five years in banking and

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