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					                                       Ocala, FL 34474
                                       3003 SW College Road, Suite 109
                                       Community Services Department

                                                                         Marion County SHIP
                                                                                                 Marion County
 Come in today to
     begin the
application process                                                                           R E H A B I L I TA T I O N
                                                                                              P RO G R A M
  (352) 671-8770

              Equal Housing

 Prepared as a Public Service by the                                                            Marion County Community
          Marion County                                                                                 Services
  Board of County Commissioners                                                                3003 SW College Road, Suite 109
  Community Services Department
  with SHIP Administrative Funds                                                                      Ocala, FL 34474
          November 2007
                                                                                                 Phone: (352) 671-8770
                                        Loan Requirements:
Rehabilitation                          1. The maximum loan amount
                                        2. A no-interest mortgage will be

T    his program is designed to
     assist homeowners with
                                           placed on the property for the
                                           amount of the loan.
needed repairs or additions to
improve health, safety, and the
                                        3. Payment is due in full if the home is
                                           sold, refinanced, or not owner-
                                                                                    I mprovements that contribute
                                                                                      to the health, safety and well
                                                                                    being of the occupant or to the
structural integrity of the home.       4. Loans may include eligible repairs,      structural integrity of the home
                                           inspections, work write-ups and
                                           closing costs.
                                                                                    are eligible.      Repairs may

                                                                                    •   Sewer, water, plumbing;
                                                                                    •   Insulation, windows, doors;
                                                                                    •   Heating & cooling systems;
    Eligibility                                                                     •   Electrical wiring;
    Criteria:                                                                       •   Structural supports;
                                              Contractual Agreement                 •   Deteriorated siding,
• Home must be located in Marion                  Requirements                          porches, steps;
  County, but outside the city limits
  of Ocala;                             A   pproved applicants must
                                        contractually agree to the following:
                                                                                        Handicap accessibility; or
                                                                                        Additions to alleviate over-
• Home must be owner-occupied;                                                          crowding.
• Property taxes & mortgage             1.   Abide by SHIP program guidelines;
  payments must be current;             2.   Submit all required documentation;
                                                                                           Visit us on the web at
• Household must be certified as        3.   Sign a mortgage and note; and
                                        4.   Abide by recapture provisions.
  very-low or low income.                                                                 communityservices.htm
• Mobile homes are not eligible.

                                                                                    Marion County SHIP