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					       UNION BANK RECRUITMENT PROJECT - 2004                         ADVERTISEMENT

Union Bank of India, a Leading                    The maximum age indicated for each post is
Listed Public Sector Bank with Head               for General Category Candidates unless
Office in Mumbai with all India                   otherwise specified. Relaxation in upper age
representation, invites applications              limit will be available to SC/ST/OBC/Ex-
for recruitment for the following                 Servicemen       /Physically      Challenged
posts:                                            Candidates, Domiciles of Jammu & Kashmir
                                                  State as per Government directives.

Last date for receipt of Applications                       : 19th March 2004

Last date for receipt of Applications from
Far-flung areas (See Clause No. 11)                         : 02nd April 2004

Name of the Post/Vacancies:
                                       Scale of
                                        Pay +
                                                                                       Max. age
                                                                                         as on
Post                         Grade/     ces &
               Post                                         No. of vacancies           01.01.04
code                          Scale    perqui-
                                                                                       (Min. age
                                       sites as
                                                                                       21 years)
                                                  SC   ST      OBC    GEN      Total
 01     Deputy    General    TEGS      17660 –     -    -       -      1        1        55*
        Manager(Law)          – VI      19340
 02     Chief                SMGS      13900 –     -    -       -      2        2        45*
        Manager(law)          – IV      16140
 03     Company              MMGS      12540-      -    -       -      1        1         35
        Secretary             -III      15000
 04     Manager(Law)         MMGS      9820 –     1     3       1      5        10       40*
                              – II      13560
 05     Technical Officer    JMGS      7100 -     2     2       3      7        14        30
                               –I       12540
 06     Security Officer     JMGS      7100 -     2     1       6     16        25       40*
                               –I       12540
 07     Fire Officer         JMGS      7100 -      -    -       -      1        1        40*
                               –I       12540
 08     Electrical Officer   JMGS      7100 -      -    -       -      1        1         30
                               –I       12540
 09     Assistant            JMGS      7100 -     25   12       38    75       150        30
        Manager(IT)            –I       12540

Abbreviations stand for: SC – Scheduled Caste;           ST – Scheduled Tribe;
                           OBC – Other Backward Classes; GEN – General Category.
* Inclusive of all relaxation.

Two posts of Assistant Manager (IT)(JMGS-I) are identified for the Hearing Impaired
Candidate. Three posts of Assistant Manager (IT)(JMGS-I) are identified for the
Orthopaedically challenged Candidates with one leg affected (R or L).

    In case of non-availability of reserved candidates, Bank reserves its right
     to inter–exchange these categories as per Government Directives.
    It is clarified that it may not be possible to employ Physically Challenged
     candidates in all Offices/Branches of the Bank and they will have to
     work in the post identified by the Bank as suitable for them.
    Candidates belonging to reserved category including Physically
     Challenged, for which no reservation has been announced, are free to
     apply for vacancies announced for general category.
    The number of vacancies as also the number of reserved vacancies is
     provisional and may vary according to actual requirements of the Bank.

2.   Reservation for Physically Challenged candidates:

     Candidates with following disability are eligible to apply:

     Hearing Impairment – Those in whom the sense of hearing is non-
     functional for ordinary purposes of life i.e. those who do not hear,
     understand sounds at all even with amplified speech.           The cases
     included in this category will be those having hearing loss more than 60
     decibels in the better ear (profound impairment) or total loss of hearing
     in both ears.

     Orthopaedically Challenged or Cerebral Palsy – Persons who have a
     minimum of 40% of physical defect or deformity which causes an
     interference with the normal functioning of the bones, muscles and

    As the reservation for physically Challenged candidates is on horizontal
     basis, the selected candidates will be placed in the appropriate category
     (viz. SC/ST/OBC/GEN) to which they belong.

3.   Relaxation in Upper Age Limit:

     i)     Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe candidates by 5 years.
     ii)    In the case of Ex-servicemen and Commissioned Officers including
            ECOs/ SSCOs who have rendered at least 5 years military service
            and have been released on completion of assignment (including
            those whose assignment is due to be completed within the next
            one year from the last date for receipt of application) other than by
            way of dismissal or discharge on account of misconduct or
            inefficiency or on account of physical disability attributable to
            military service or on invalidment (a) by 5 years for selection
            through written test & interview, (b) by 3 years plus period of
            service in Armed Forces for selection through interview only
            subject to ceiling as per Govt. guidelines.
     iii)   Other Backward Classes candidates, by 3 years.
     iv)     All persons who have                   ordinarily been domiciled
             in Kashmir Division of J & K State during 01.01.1980 to
             31.12.1989, by 5 years.
     v)      Physically Challenged category candidates (a) by 15 years for
             SC/ST (b) by 13 years for OBC and (c) by 10 years for General.

     a)      An Ex-serviceman who has once joined a government job on the
             civil side after availing of the benefits given to him as an ex-
             serviceman for his re-employment, his ex-serviceman status for the
             purpose of re-employment in Government ceases.

     b)      The relaxation in upper age limit is allowed on cumulative basis as
             per Govt. guidelines.

     c)      All persons eligible for age relaxation under 3(iv) above must
             produce the domicile certificate at the time of interview from the
             District Magistrate in the Kashmir Division within whose
             jurisdiction he/she had ordinarily resided or any other authority
             designated in this regard by Govt. of J & K to the effect that the
             candidate had ordinarily been domiciled in the Kashmir Division of
             the State of J & K during 1st January 1980 to the 31st day of
             December 1989.

4.   Eligibility Criteria:

     Nationality / Citizenship
     A candidate must be either (i) a Citizen of India or (ii) a subject of Nepal
     or (iii) a subject of Bhutan or (iv) a Tibetan Refugee who came over to
     India before 1st Jan. 1962 with the intention of permanently settling in
     India or (v) a person of Indian origin who has migrated from Pakistan,
     Burma, Sri Lanka, East African Countries of Kenya, Uganda, the United
     Republic of Tanzania        (formerly Tanganyika and Zanzibar), Zambia,
     Malawi, Zaire, Ethiopia and Vietnam with the intention of permanently
     settling in India, provided that a candidate belonging to categories (ii),
     (iii), (iv) & (v) above shall be a person in whose favour a certificate of
     eligibility has been issued by the Govt. of India. A candidate in whose
     case a Certificate Of Eligibility is necessary may be admitted for interview
     conducted by the Bank but on final selection the offer of appointment
     may be given only after the necessary eligibility certificate has been
     issued to him by the Government of India.
5.   Educational        qualification, Experience, Exposure, etc.:


     Qualification & Experience:

     Minimum       :   Law Graduate
     Desirable     :   Post-Graduation/CAIIB/any       specialised     Banking
     Experience    :   Practice at Bar and/or Law Officer in a reputed Bank
                       with a minimum of 25 years of service or a Judicial
                       Officer in the cadre of a High Court Judge /District
                       Judge. The applicants from the Banks/FIs should
                       have put in minimum of 2 years service in a rank
                       equivalent to Senior Management Grade/Scale V of a
                       Nationalised Bank. Out of the total service of 25 years,
                       minimum of 5 years should be as active practice as an
                       advocate before High Court/District Court.
     Desirable     :   Proper mixture of practice at Bar and experience of a
                       Law Officer in a Bank / Financial Institution holding
                       an Executive rank.
     Exposure      :   Civil/Criminal Practice with special reference to
                       Banking, Exposure to Documentation, title scrutiny,
                       exposure to DRTs and Securitisation & Reconstruction
                       of Financial Assets & Enforcement of Security Interest
                       Act and work related thereto. Experience in Arbitration
                       matters     and   Foreign    Exchange     transactions.
                       Organising a Big Legal Department at Corporate level
                       with Law Officers spread All Over India at different
                       administrative offices/branches. Leadership qualities
                       to head Corporate department in a large bank.

     Post Code No. 02: CHIEF MANAGER (LAW) [SMGS IV].

     Qualification & Experience:

     Minimum       : Law Graduate
     Desirable     : Post-Graduation/CAIIB/Any       specialised   Banking
     Experience    : Practice at Bar and/or Law Officer in a reputed Bank
                     with a minimum of 10 years of service. Out of the total
                     service of 10 years, minimum of 3 years should be as
                     an advocate having active practice.
     Exposure      : Civil/Criminal Practice with special reference to
                     Banking. Exposure in documentation, and title
                     Scrutiny, exposure to DRTs and Securitisation &
                     Reconstruction of Financial Assets & Enforcement of
                 Security Interest Act and work related        thereto.
                 Experience in Arbitration matters and         Foreign
                 Exchange transactions.



First Class Degree from a recognised University with ACS and working
knowledge of computer is essential.


Minimum 3 years experience in Investor Relations, Secretarial Matters,
Statutory Compliance, etc. preferably in a listed Public Sector Bank is

Job Profile

Attending to all Secretarial duties/functions and act as Compliance
Officer for various statutory requirements.

Post Code No. 04: MANAGER (LAW) [MMGS – II].

Qualification & Experience:

Minimum          :   Law Graduate and working knowledge of computer
                     is essential.
Desirable        :   Post-Graduation/CAIIB/Any specialised Banking
Experience       :   Practice at Bar and/or Law Officer in a reputed
                     Bank with a minimum of 5 years of service. Out of
                     the total service of 5 years, minimum of 3 years
                     should be as an advocate having active practice.
Exposure         :   Civil/Criminal Practice with special reference to
                     Banking. Exposure in documentation, and title
                     Scrutiny, exposure to DRTs and Securitisation &
                     Reconstruction of Financial   Assets             &
                     Enforcement of Security Interest Act and work
                     related thereto.
Desirable        :   Experience in Arbitration matters and Foreign
                     Exchange transactions.

Qualification & Experience:

Minimum          :   A Basic Degree in the concerned Branch of
                     Engineering        i.e.      Mechanical/production/
                     Metallurgy/      Electrical    /      Electronics /
                     Instrumentation/Textile/ Chemical and working
                     knowledge of computer is essential.
Desirable        :   Post-Graduation in the concerned Branch of
                     Engineering i.e. Mechanical/production/
                     Metallurgy/ Electrical / Electronics /
                     Instrumentation/Textile/ Chemical.
Experience       :   2 years industrial experience is desirable.
Exposure         :   The candidate should have exposure in preparing
                     the techno-economic         feasibility   reports of
                     projects of medium to large size individually and
                     handled implementation of medium to large
                     industries. He should also have the knowledge of
                     various aspects in setting-up industrial units in
                     backward and forward areas.

Post Code No. 06: SECURITY OFFICER [JMGS – I].

Qualification & Experience:

An Officer with 5 years Commissioned Service in the Army/Navy/Air
Force OR Police Officer not below the rank of Asst. S.P, Dy. S.P. with 5
years service OR Officers with identical rank in the Para-Military Forces
with 5 years service.

Job Profile:

     a) Planning, Co-ordinating and reporting of Security and Fire
     b) Inspection of Branches and Follow up.
     c) Crime Investigation, Reporting and Follow Up.
     d) Liaison with law-enforcing agencies and officials of
        Government/quasi-government bodies, R.B.I., other banks, etc.

Post Code No. 07: FIRE OFFICER [JMGS – I].


Graduate or Associate Member of the Institute of Fire Engineering
(India/London) or equivalent or should have completed Asst. Divisional
Officers‟ Course at the National Fire Service College, Nagpur, or should
be B.E. [Fire] from that Institute.


Candidate should have intimate knowledge of Hydrant System, Fire
Detection Systems, Sprinkler System and Evacuation problems and also
have a minimum 5 years‟ experience as Station Officer or equivalent
post in a City Fire Brigade or in State Fire Services or as In-Charge Fire
Officer in big Industrial Complex. Practical experience is not essential
in case of candidate possessing B.E. [Fire] Degree from National Fire
Service College, Nagpur.

Job Profile:

      a) Maintain the fire fighting equipment in good working condition
         at all times.
      b) Prepare Fire Orders and Fire Operational Plans and get them
      c) Impart regular training to the occupants of the buildings in the
         use of fire fighting equipments provided on the premises and
         keep them informed about the fire emergency evacuation plan.
      d) Keep proper liaison with City Fire Brigade.
      e) Ensure that all fire precautionary measures are observed at all
      f) Assisting the Bank in designing building plans with adequate
         fire safety measures.
Post     Code       No.      08: ELECTRICAL OFFICER [JMGS – I].


The Candidate should be B.E./B.Tech. (Elec.) from a recognised


       a) Have minimum 5 years experience in maintenance of HT/LT
          panels, cables, industrial wiring, commercial / residential
          building, DG sets, air-conditioning plants, etc.
       b) Experience in Project work of electrical installations of
          commercial / residential buildings will be preferable.

Job Profile:
      a) Supervision of supply and distribution of electrical load in the
          Central Office building; rerouting the cables for optimum
          usage and optimising the use of electricity; and preparing and
          updating the circuit diagram accordingly.
      b) Supervise Maintenance & Repairs of electrical installation at
          administrative offices and residential quarters.
      c) Supervise Maintenance & Repair of AC plants and window
          units, lifts, water pumps and DG sets.
      d) Maintain close liaison with BEST and arrange for additional
          load of power as per requirement from time to time.
      e) Maintenance and upkeep of the entire system, documentation
          and control of expenditure.
      f) Devise ways and means to cut down the consumption and
          wastage of electricity in the Central Office and other
          Administrative Offices in Mumbai.
      g) Act as Electrical Adviser on projects.

Post Code No. 09: ASSISTANT MANAGER (IT) [JMGS – I].

Educational           :   B.E (Electronics or Computer Science) or B.E
Qualifications            (Any Subject) with MCA/post graduate
(Minimum)                 diploma in IT or Graduate (with minimum 55%
                          marks) with MCA/post graduate diploma in
                          computers     from     reputed   Universities/
                          academic institutions.

Desirable             :   Aptitude for IT related work.
       Job Profile           :   Candidates will work in the Department of
                                 Information Technology or the Regional
                                 Computer Cells /Data Centre in the Bank.


The selection will be made on the basis of Written Test &/or Personal interview
as specified below.

For Post Code Nos.01, 02, 03, 06, 07 & 08 there will be no Written Test and
Selection will be based on Personal Interviews of short-listed candidates.
Merely satisfying the eligibility norms will not entitle a candidate to be called
for an Interview. The Bank reserves the right to call only the requisite number
of candidates for the interview after preliminary screening / short-listing with
reference to the candidate's qualification, suitability and experience, etc. The
Minimum qualifying marks in the Personal Interview shall be 50%.

For Post Code nos.04, 05 & 09, there shall be a Descriptive Test of 1 hour
duration carrying 100 marks, covering subjects in which they have specialised.
Minimum qualifying marks shall be 50%. The Written Examination will be held
on Sunday, the 30th May 2004. Only those candidates qualifying in the Written
Test shall be called for a Personal Interview. The Minimum qualifying marks in
the Personal Interview shall be 50%. Only those candidates qualifying in the
Personal Interview shall be reckoned for selection and ranked on the basis of
the combined marks obtained by them in the Written Test and Interview taken


      (a)   Rs.50/= (only towards postage) for SC/ST/Physically Challenged

      (b)   Rs.150/= for all others, including OBC & Ex-Servicemen, which
            should be sent by Demand Draft/Pay Order favouring “Union
            Bank Recruitment Project 2004” payable at Mumbai only.
            Cash, Cheques, Money Orders, Postal Orders etc. will NOT be
            accepted. Candidate’s name, post code and date of birth
            should be written on the reverse of the Demand Draft/Pay

      (c)   Application once made will not be allowed to be withdrawn and
            fee/postage once paid will NOT be refunded on any account or can
            it be held in reserve for any other selection.


     (a)   Educational Qualifications: The qualifications prescribed for
           various posts are the minimum.         Candidates possessing higher
           qualifications suitable for the posts will be given preference at the
           time of short-listing and Personal interview.        Candidates must
           possess the qualifications as on the last date stipulated for the
           submission of the application.

     (b)   Probation: Two years.

     (c)   The Bank takes no responsibility for any delay in receipt or loss in
           postal transit of any application or communication.

     (d)   As the applications are to be processed by a computerised system,
           it is essential that the application is strictly in accordance with the
           prescribed format and properly and completely filled and contains
           no corrections / alterations / overwriting.

     (e)   Before applying for any post, the candidate should ensure that
           he/she fulfils the eligibility and other norms mentioned in this
           advertisement.        Decision of Bank in all matters regarding
           eligibility of the candidate, the stages at which such scrutiny of
           eligibility is to be undertaken, the documents to be produced for
           the purpose of the conduct of interview, selection and any other
           matter relating to recruitment will be final and binding on the
           candidate.         The Bank in this behalf shall entertain no
           correspondence or personal enquiries. In case it is detected at
           any stage of recruitment that a candidate does not fulfil the
           eligibility norms and/or that he/she has furnished any
           incorrect/false information or has suppressed any material
           fact(s), his/her candidature will stand cancelled. If any of
           these shortcomings is/are detected even after appointment,
           his/her services are liable to be terminated.


     (f)   (i) The candidates should attach with their applications
           photocopies only of certificates relating to their post-qualification
           experience. Photocopies of certificates relating to educational
           qualifications should not be sent with the application.

           (ii) Candidates belonging to SC/ST/OBC and Physically Challenged
           category should send an attested copy of their Caste
           Certificate/Certificate of Handicap issued by the Competent
           Authority as specified below (Sr.No.9).       However, these
           candidates      will    have    to  produce    original    caste
      certificate/relevant        certificates at    the    time    of
      interview, failing which his/her candidature will be cancelled.

      (iii) Candidates belonging to OBCs but coming in the “CREAMY
      LAYER” are not entitled to OBC reservation. They should indicate
      their category as „Gen‟ or „Gen. Physically Challenged‟ as
      applicable. OBC Certificates in the format as prescribed by the
      Govt. of India and issued by the Competent Authority inter alia,
      specifically stating that the candidate does not belong to the
      Socially Advanced Sections excluded from the benefits of
      reservations for OBCs in Civil Posts and Services under Govt. of
      India i.e. carrying „CREAMY LAYER’ Clause, based on income for
      the financial year 2002-2003, issued on or after 01.04.2003
      should be submitted.

      (iv) Physically Challenged candidates claiming the benefit of
      reservations/age relaxation should submit a copy of Medical
      Certificate as specified in the Disabilities Act of 1995 in support of
      their disability.

(g)   An application not accompanied by relevant certificates where
      necessary or requisite fee or not in prescribed format or not signed
      by the candidate or incomplete in any respect will not be

(h)   A recent, recognisable passport size photograph should be firmly
      pasted on the application and should be signed across by the
      candidate. Two copies of the same photograph should be retained
      for use at the time of interview. Candidates are advised not to
      change their appearance till the recruitment process is complete.
      Failure to produce the same photograph at the time of interview
      may lead to disqualification.

(i)   Eligible outstation SC/ST & Physically Challenged candidates
      attending the interview will be reimbursed to & fro Second Class
      Rail/Bus fare by the shortest route on production of evidence of

(j)   Only candidates willing to serve anywhere in India should apply.

(k)   Any request for change of address will not be entertained.

(l)   Any resultant dispute arising out of this advertisement shall be
      subject to the sole jurisdiction of the Courts situated at Mumbai.

(m)   The     Bank    takes    no    responsibility    to   connect     any
      certificate/remittance sent separately.
      (n)   In case any dispute arises               on        account        of
            interpretation in a version other than English, the English version
            will prevail.

      (o)   Appointment of selected candidates is subject to his/her being
            declared medically fit as per the requirement of the Bank. Such
            appointment will also be subject to the Service & Conduct    Rules
            of the Bank.

      (p)   Action against candidates found guilty of misconduct :

            Candidates are advised in their own interest that they should not
            furnish any particulars that are false, tampered, fabricated or
            should not suppress any material information while filling up the
            application form.

            At the time of Interview, if a candidate is (or has been) found
            guilty of:

            (i)    resorting to any irregular or improper means in connection
                   with his/her candidature by selection or

            (ii)   obtaining support for his/her candidature by any means,
                   such a candidate may in addition to rendering
                   himself/herself liable to criminal prosecution, are liable to be
                   debarred, either permanently or for a specified period, from
                   recruitment conducted by Bank.


      For SC/ST/OBC:

      (a)   District Magistrate/Additional Distt. Magistrate/Collector/Deputy
            Commissioner/Additional         Deputy      Commissioner/Deputy
            Collector/1st    Class     Stipendiary   Magistrate/Sub-Division
            Magistrate/Taluka      Magistrate/Executive      Magistrate/Extra
            Assistant Commissioner.

      (b)   Chief   Presidency   Magistrate/Additional        Chief    Presidency
            Magistrate/Presidency Magistrate.

      (c)   Revenue Officer not below the rank of Tahsildar.
      (d)   Sub-Divisional Officer of               the   area       where     the
            candidate and/or his family normally resides.

      For Physically Challenged:

      Authorised certifying authority will be Medical Board at the District level.
      The Medical Board will consist of Chief Medical Officer, Sub-Divisional
      Medical Officer in the District and an Orthopaedic Surgeon.


      (a)   (i) Application should be neatly typed or hand written in English or
            Hindi on a foolscap size paper in the format given at the end of this
            advertisement. (ii) A recent passport size photograph bearing full
            signature of the candidate across the same with date should be
            pasted at right hand top corner at the space provided in the
            application. (iii) It should also be accompanied by Demand Draft /
            Pay Order (Candidate‟s name, postcode and date of birth should be
            written on the reverse of Demand Draft Draft/Pay Order) and
            attested copies of certificates/ testimonials/medical certificate. (iv)
            Experience Certificate(s) specifying NATURE & PERIOD of
            experience should be enclosed. (v) Candidate desirous of applying
            for more than one post must send separate applications for each
            post together with separate set of copies of required certificates
            and separate fee/postal charges as applicable.            The single
            application for more than one post or two or more applications
            sent in one envelope shall be treated as invalid. (vi) Candidates
            serving in Government/Quasi-Government Offices, Public Sector
            Undertakings (including Banks & Financial Institutions) are
            advised to send their original application form along with the
            remittance in advance and produce a “No Objection Certificate”
            from their employer at the time of interview, failing which their
            candidature may not be considered and travelling expenses, if any,
            otherwise admissible, will not be paid.

      (b)   Application complete in all respects should be sent only by
            ordinary post in a closed envelope superscribed “APPLICATION
            FOR THE POST OF ________________________________________”, at
            the following address using the relevant post bag number:

                     Union Bank Recruitment Project 2004,
                     C/o. Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS),
                     Post Bag No. 8589,
                     Kandivli(East), MUMBAI 400 101.
11.   LAST    DATE    FOR    RECEIPT         OF    APPLICATIONS:

      specified address and Post Bag No.8589 ON OR BEFORE 19th March
      2004.       For the candidates staying abroad and for those posting
      application from Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep, Minicoy
      Islands, Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Manipur,
      Nagaland, Tripura, Sikkim, Ladak Division of J & K State, Lahaul and
      Spiti District and Pangi Sub-Division of Chamba District of Himachal
      Pradesh, the last date for receipt of application will be 2nd April 2004. An
      application received after the last date will not be entertained by

      The IBPS/Bank will not be responsible for loss of application in transit or
      for rejection of application because of non-receipt of application on or
      before the stipulated date.

                                                   GENERAL MANAGER (HRM)

      Date: 21st February 2004.


Examination Centres for Recruitment of Specialist Officers 2004:

      The Written Test on 30.05.2004 will be scheduled at the following
centres and the address of the venue will be advised in the call letters:

                  Centre Code         Name of Centre
                       21         Ahmedabad
                       22         Bangalore
                       23         Bhopal
                       24         Chandigarh
                       25         Chennai
                       26         Ernakulam
                       27         Delhi
                       28         Hyderabad
                       29         Jaipur
                       30         Guwahati
                       31         Kolkata
                       32         Bhubaneshwar
                       33         Lucknow
                       34         Patna
                       35         Mumbai
                       36         Pune

     The Bank reserves its right to change the Centre for examination
depending upon the number of applications received.

                                            APPLICATION FORM

To,                                                                                    PLEASE AFFIX
UNION BANK RECRUITMENT PROJECT - 2004                                                  YOUR RECENT
POST BAG NO. 8589, KANDIVLI (EAST), MUMBAI - 400 101.                                  PHOTOGRAPH
                                                                                       HERE AND SIGN

        With reference to your advertisement in Employment News dated 21/02/2004, I submit my
application in the prescribed format.

1. FULL NAME IN BLOCK LETTERS : (Leave one space blank between two parts of
    your name)
Mr./Mrs./ Miss


                                                                    PIN CODE

3.   CENTRE OF EXAMINATION :                                                           CODE:
     (Refer Annexure)
       (if applicable)

4.   POST APPLIED :                                                                    CODE:

5.   (i) CATEGORY TO WHICH I BELONG                    SC           ST           OBC           GEN
         Indicate by mark in appropriate box. (Please enclose photocopy of certificate)
     (ii) IN CASE OF PHYSICALLY CHALLENGED:                      OH          VH                HI
       Indicate by mark in appropriate box.
       Please write percentage of Disability : ______%
                                                        (Please enclose photocopy of certificate)
        Being Physically/Visually Challenged, I intend to use the service of a           YES         NO
        Scribe at the Written Examination

6.   DATE OF BIRTH :            DD                  MM                    YY

     AGE (As on 01.01.2004) : ______________ Years             ________ Months.

7.   PARTICULARS OF FEES:              (Demand Draft / Banker’s Cheque - Pay Order)
     Name & Address of issuing      Drawn in favour of  Date of Issue   DD/PO       Amount
          Bank/Branch                                                     No.

Examination Fees should be sent in the form of Bank DDs/PayOrders only payable to “Union Bank
Recruitment Project 2004” at Mumbai. Cash, Cheques, Money Order, Postal Stamps will not be

8.   MY CONTACT NO. (with STD Code No.____________):

     TELEPHONE                                                       E-
                                      FAX NO:
     NO.                                                            MAIL


     (i)     GENDER :      MALE              FEMALE
             MARITAL STATUS: SINGLE                  MARRIED             WIDOW/WIDOWER
     (ii)    a] EX-SERVICEMAN ? :             YES                  NO

             b] In case of Ex-serviceman/Commissioned Officer/Police Officer/Other Equivalents,
                 1. Date of Discharge : _____________________
                 2. Rank at present/last held: A) Acting _____________ w.e.f.____________
                                                   B)Substantive ___________w.e.f.____________

     (iii)   Am I a candidate who is ordinarily domiciled in Kashmir          YES    NO
             Division of State of Jammu & Kashmir during the period
             01.01.1980 to 31.12.1989?

     (iv)    I belong to a Religious Minority Community?                YES         NO

                If yes, please state your Religion: ___________________________________

     (v)       In case of SC/ST/OBC Candidate
             (i)      Name of the Caste/Tribe/Class: _________________________________
             (ii)     Name of the State to which I belong: _____________________________

10. FATHER’S/HUSBAND’S NAME (indicate appropriately):

11. NATIONALITY: ______________________

12. PLACE OF BIRTH: Place ________________ Dist._____________ State ______________


                                                                              PIN CODE

14. EDUCATIONAL/PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATION (From 10th standard onwards, as on last
                                              date of application)
      Examination                Name of University/ Institution          Subjects        Month & Year of   %age of
        Passed                             Studied                                           passing         marks

                                  (if space is insufficient please attach separate sheet)

    Name of Employer &               Designation      Period of service       Length of        Nature of      Reason for
  Nature of activities carried                        From         To          service           duties     leaving service
         out by them                                                                           performed
                                                                           Yrs       Mths

                             (If space is insufficient please attach separate sheet)

16. Languages known (indicate by  mark in appropriate box) :

     A]                   Read     Write     Speak        B]              Read   Write   Speak

     C]                   Read     Write     Speak        D]              Read   Write   Speak

17. I am applying for more than one post and sending separate application for      YES    NO
     other posts. (Indicate by  mark in appropriate box)

  If yes, post code(s) of other posts are

18. Any other information : ________________________________________________________


I hereby declare that all statements made in this application are true, complete &
correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that in the event of any
information being found false or incorrect at any stage or not satisfying the eligibility
criteria according to the requirements of the relative advertisement, my
candidature/appointment is liable to be cancelled/terminated. I am willing to serve
anywhere in India. I agree that Bank has right to transfer me to any part of the
country at its discretion.

I hereby agree that any legal proceedings in respect of any matter(s) or claims or
disputes arising out of this application and/or out of the said advertisement can be
instituted by me only at Mumbai.         I undertake to abide by all the terms and
conditions in the advertisement given by the Bank.

                                                                SIGNATURE OF APPLICANT

Place : ______________ Date : ________________

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