Chapter 9_ The Cellular Basis of Inheritance

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					                   Chapter 9: The Cellular Basis of Inheritance

Vocab words to know:

Concept 9.1                              Concept 9.2
Asexual reproduction                     Chromatin
Sexual reproduction                      Chromosome
                                         Sister chromatid
                                         Cell cycle
                                         Mitotic phase

Concept 9.3                              Concept 9.5
Spindle                                  Meiosis
Centrosome                               Karyotype
Prophase                                 Homologus chromosome
Metaphase                                Sex chromosome
Anaphase                                 Diploid
Telophase                                Gamete
Cell plate                               Haploid
Concept 9.6                              Tetrad
Crossing over
Assortment of chromosomes

Objectives to know for test:
  1. Describe how cell reproduction contributes to repair and growth (9.1)
  2. Contrast the two main ways that organisms reproduce (9.1)
  3. Describe the structure of a chromosome (9.2)
  4. Name the stages of the cell cycle and explain what happens during each stage
  5. Summarize the major events that occur during each phase of mitosis (9.3)
  6. Explain how cytokinesis differs in plant and animal cells (9.3)
  7. Describe how homlogous chromosomes are alike and how they are different (9.5)
  8. Contrast haploid and diploid cells (9.5)
  9. Summarize the process of meiosis (9.5)
  10. describe how chromosome assortment during meiosis contributes to genetic
  11. Explain how crossing over contributes to genetic variation (9.6)
  12. Compare and contrast mitosis and meiosis (9.6)