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									This Job Share Policy is used by an employer that permits job sharing. Job sharing is
an arrangement where two employees voluntarily share the duties and responsibilities
of one full-time job. This policy outlines the terms and conditions of job share positions.
The full-time salary and holiday and leave time are allocated on a pro-rata basis to each
of the job sharers. Each individual job sharer is entitled to benefits under this policy.
This document should be used by employers that allow job sharing and included in the
employee handbook.
                                     JOB SHARE POLICY

1. Introduction

    A. Job sharing is an arrangement whereby two employees voluntarily opt to share the duties
and responsibilities of one full-time job. Job sharers are not to be regarded as part-time workers.
The full-time salary and holiday and leave time are allocated on a pro-rata basis to each of the
job sharers. The position is held jointly and is conditional upon the offer of employment being
accepted by both the job share partners.

    B. No job will be lost as a result of job sharing. No employee is under any obligation to
enter into a job share arrangement, nor is the company under any obligation to job share any full-
time established post. Each request to job share will be considered on its merits. While all full-
time positions are deemed to be potentially open to job sharing, some positions may be
unsuitable for job sharing, for example, supervisory posts or those requiring a high degree of
continuity. Notwithstanding the foregoing, company’s agreement to a position being job shared
will not be unreasonably withheld.

    C. There are no predetermined rules on how a job share may be split. Each job share needs
to be considered in detail by management and arranged in a way which ensures it can be done
effectively. Guidance on job share arrangements can be sought from the Human Resource
Office when a position becomes vacant, or when a request to job share is received from an
existing full-time employee. The overall duties and responsibilities of the whole position will be
shared between the job share partners. The exact agreed upon working arrangements of the job
share partners will be decided by the company.

2. Recruitment and Selection

Requests to introduce job sharing into a post can arise in a number of ways, including but not
limited to: (i) the company may wish to advertise a vacancy as a job share opportunity, so
allowing applications on a full-time or job share basis; (ii) an existing employee may formally
apply to management for a job share arrangement to be considered in respect of their job; or (iii)
a joint application may be made by existing employees to job share where their individual jobs
and/or mutual skills and experience are suitable for a proposed job share and the post is within
the agreed establishment. When a joint resume is received from job share partners, it must be
assessed in the same manner as applications from other candidates. The normal practice will be
to interview and test the job share partners separately in order to assess each one against the job
requirements. It may also be appropriate to interview the job share candidates together in order
to discuss their joint application. An offer made to job share partners is dependent upon both
partners accepting the offer of employment.

3.   Terms and Conditions of Job Share Positions

All general conditions of service shall be applied as they would to a full time post. A job share is
not a joint appointment; each employee shall have a separate contract of employment with the
company. Offer letters must contain the following statement:
         “Your position is part of a full time position which has been divided under a job
         sharing arrangement. Should your job share partner resign from this post you will
         be offered the remaining portion of the position. If you decline the offer every
         effort will be made to fill the vacancy by normal recruitment procedures.
         However, if this is unsuccessful, and the company still needs a full time post to
         carry out the duties, your part time appointment will be terminated unless suitable
         alternative employment can be found. This offer is conditional upon your job
         share partner’s acceptance of the corresponding offer. If that is not accepted, this
         offer will be withdrawn”

4. Hours

Hours may be divided to suit the job share arrangement, provided such arrangement is approved
by company. The position may be divided equally or unequally, work regular days of the week
or alternate weeks as long as this does not exceed the established post.

5. Pay

The rate of pay will be pro rata to the salary, pro-rated by the number of hours worked.
Commencing salary and increments will be provided in the applicable employment agreements
and set by company in accordance with the appropriate conditions of service.

6. Holidays

Holidays will be shared pro rata, pro-rated by the number of hours worked, and should be
arranged in the usual way by agreement with the departmental head. Job sharers shall take their
holidays at different times.

7. Sick Pay, Insurance, Maternity Leave, Pension, and other Benefits

Each individual job sharer shall be entitled to sick pay, health insurance, maternity leave,
pension and other benefits offered by Company, provided that they qualify in their own right for
the benefits under these schemes. Benefits will be applied in accordance with the conditions of
service as appropriate to the individual employee.

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