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When Elvis ruled our charts


When Elvis ruled our charts

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									  22                                                                                guide MUSIC

When Elvis ruled our charts                                                                           HIS is Elvis but not as you know          was a little ho-hum. It gives fans the

                                                                                               T      him. Drop into any music store
                                                                                                      and it’s easy to find countless Elvis
                                                                                               compilations that are impossible to tell
                                                                                                                                                international hit songs that they want
                                                                                                                                                and need – but in all honestly, already
                                                                                                                                                own – such as: All Shook Up, Are you
                                                                                               apart.                                           Lonesome Tonight?, Heartbreak Hotel
                                                                                                  They all serve the same purpose, and          and Love Me Tender.
                                                                                               most of the time the same hit songs make
                                                                                               up the track list. However, this new Elvis
                                                                                               compilation is different.                                 It is interesting to
                                                                                                  Compiled by two of Australia’s biggest
                                                                                               Elvis fans, 50 Australian Top Ten Hits                 spend quality time with
                                                                                               heavily features the King’s songs that
                                                                                               were huge Down Under but did not
                                                                                                                                                       a deep, rich ensemble
                                                                                               trouble the charts overseas.                               of his finest work
                                                                                                  The entire second disc is chock-a-block
                                                                                               full of these gems that fans in other
                                                                                               countries missed.                                  50 Australian Top Ten Hits was
                                                                                                  It opens with Viva Las Vegas, a huge          released on January 8 to coincide with
                                                                                               Elvis song, right? In Australia it was,          the 75th anniversary of Elvis’ birth. It
                                                                                               hitting No.4 on the charts. Stateside it fell    also managed to secure the notoriously
                                                                                               a long way short of the top 20.                  difficult-to-obtain seal of approval from
                                                                                                  Then there is Such a Night, an                Elvis’s estate at Graceland.
                                                                                               Australian No.5 hit song which failed to           Every music fan knows Elvis, but it is
                                                                                               crack the top 10 elsewhere.                      interesting to spend quality time with a
                                                                                                  Do the Calm is one song fans have not         deep, rich ensemble of his finest work.
                                                                                               seen on an Elvis hit compilation, but it           At its best, rock’n’roll inspires and

                                                                                               made No.6 on the Aussie charts.                  transforms attitudes. Listening to these
                                                                                                  One of the best of this bunch is Ain’t        CDs, it’s obvious why he was such a huge
                                                                                               That Lovin’ You Baby, a No.1 smash hit           success and is still adored.
                                                                                               which missed the top 10 in the US and              Elvis’s sound was a blueprint for what
                                                                                               UK. This up-beat number was recorded             would come later, built on a base of Delta
50 AUSTRALIAN TOP TEN HITS 1956-1977                                                           while Elvis was on leave from the army           blues and hip-shaking gospel.
Elvis Presley                                                                                  but it didn’t conquer the charts until 1964.       Elvis changed everything: sex, politics
                                                                                                  After the fun of discovering all these        and especially music.
                                                                                               fantastic Australian hits, disc one                                                 JARRAD BEVAN

Phoenix on the rise
From previous page                            of a live drummer and keyboardist – are            Are Phoenix bigger in their homeland?
                                                                                                                                               AUSTRALIAN SINGLES
                                                                                                                                               1 Fireflies                                   Owl City
                                              sticking close, even on the bigger stages          “Yes and no,” Mars says. “Yes because         2 Replay                                         Iyaz
  Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix has                they’re now playing.                            we play bigger venues. But no because,           3 Tik Tok                                      Ke$ha
brought them more radio play, fashion            “We like to play very close to each other.   uh, there’s a whole side of France that          4 Blah Blah Blah                               Ke$ha
spreads in high-profile magazines and          I think it maybe comes from a trauma            still doesn’t want us.”                          5 Little Lion Man                   Mumford & Sons
buzzed-about performances on big-time         – you know, I liked Guns N’ Roses, but             That “side” includes TV shows,
                                                                                                                                               6 Whatcha Say                          Jason DeRulo
TV shows.                                     when I saw them on TV they’d be a mile          newspapers and radio, he says.
                                                                                                 “At the same time, we’re kind of happy        7 Bad Romance                              Lady Gaga
  What all that has meant for the band is     away from each other and they’d run with
an increased, non-stop workload.              wireless mikes,” Mars says.                     with the situation because if there’s a          8 Empire State Of Mind     Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keys
  As a newish father – he has a three-           Still, Mars is quite enjoying stepping       country where we’d want to be big, it            9 Rock That Body                The Black Eyed Peas
year-old daughter with film director           up to these bigger venues. As might be          would be France, but I want to live in a         10 Haven’t Met You Yet                 Michael Buble
Sofia Coppola and another on the way –         expected from a guy who turned the              country where we’re nothing. I always
Mars is learning that sacrifices must be       story of the man considered the very            think it’s very suspicious when someone          AUSTRALIAN ALBUMS
made if he wants to be part of a touring      first “pop star”, 1800s composer Franz           gets big somewhere and he moves to that
                                                                                                                                               1 I Dreamed A Dream                      Susan Boyle
band on such a scale.                         Liszt, into a hit song, Mars likens the                  .
                                                                                              country I think we’re the opposite.”
  “And I don’t like sacrifice,” he says        experience to a major historical event.            Their choice to sing in English has           2 Sigh No More                      Mumford & Sons
with a laugh.                                    “When you play something very big            had French radio offside from day one,           3 Crazy Love                           Michael Buble
  “It’s the life you always wanted but        it’s scary, but at the same time there’s a      but Mars doesn’t know why the music              4 The Fame Monster                         Lady Gaga
there’s a scary aspect to it. When you’re     beauty – it’s like the fall of the Roman        industry there won’t accept them.                5 Animal                                       Ke$ha
on tour you’re lost a little – it’s nice to   Empire, it’s out of control, it’s a nice           “But there are people coming to see us        6 Wrapped Up Good                   The McClymonts
feel like a gypsy But when you do that
                  .                           challenge,” he says.                            at the shows, it’s not like we’re rejected.      7 Contra                           Vampire Weekend
for a long time … I would be scared to do        “The fact that this record is a success      It’s the same as everywhere – in France
                                                                                                                                               8 The Resistance                                Muse
that on my own.”                              now gives us the opportunity to present         there’s no special care or courtesy for
                                              it live the way we have always wanted.”         us.”                                             9 The E.N.D                     The Black Eyed Peas
  So he and his bandmates – bassist Deck
d’Arcy, guitarists Christian Mazzalai and        There is, however, a notable exception                                                        10 It’s Not Me, It’s You                    Lily Allen
Laurent Brancowitz, with the addition         to all this success.                              Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix out now

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