Fire Safety Policy

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									This is a policy that outlines a company’s rules and safety procedures in the event of a
fire in the workplace. This policy sets forth the procedures employees should follow in
case of a fire, including who they should report the fire to, pulling the fire alarm, and
alerting the fire department if necessary. This policy is ideal for small businesses or
other entities that wish to maintain safety and order at the workplace in the event of a
                                 FIRE SAFETY POLICY


The [Company name] recognizes that fire can have a devastating effect on life as well as the
[Company name]’s business and activities. The risk of fire and its consequences will be reduced
if this policy and its supporting procedures are followed.

The aims of this policy are to prevent fires and, in the event of a fire, to prevent injuries, loss of
life, or damage to property and more particularly, so far as reasonably practicable, to:

• safeguard all persons working on [Company name] premises from death or injury in the event
of fire;

• minimize the risk of fire and limit the spread of fire if it occurs;

• comply with the requirements of local ordinances and state law and legislation relating to fire
and fire safety.


In particular, the [Company name] will ensure that:

1.       all premises are subjected to a fire risk assessment and where risks are identified, action
is taken to implement appropriate control measures and remove the risk or reduce it as far as is
reasonably practicable..
2.       measures are taken to protect buildings, installations and equipment from fire
commensurate with the risks to life and appropriate to the value of teaching, research of
commercial importance of assets. This includes (but is not limited to) the provision of means of
escape, adequate emergency lighting, means of giving warning and of fire fighting.
3.       all new buildings and refurbishments are designed, specified and constructed in
accordance with all relevant fire safety local ordinance and state law and legislation.
4.       maintenance of buildings is designed, specified and carried out in accordance with all
relevant fire safety local ordinance and state law and legislation.
5.       effective management procedures are in place to respond to any fire or emergency and to
deal with aftermath.
6.       appropriate instruction is given to all persons working on [Company name]premises in
relation to fire safety and appropriate fire training is given to designated staff who have an active
role in the implementation of fire precautions and emergency situations.

All employees of the [Company name] are responsible for respecting this policy and for
familiarizing themselves with the locations of fire extinguishers, fire alarms and evacuation
routes in the areas they occupy. Evacuation Monitors are responsible for guiding and instructing
building occupants in the event of an emergency or practice evacuation.

Fire Protection Regulations

1.     Intentionally setting off a false fire alarm or vandalizing or tampering any fire alarms is a
violation of this policy and a violation of local ordinance and state law.

2.      Acts or evidence of tampering or vandalism of fire protection devices (fire extinguishers,
fire alarms, emergency exits, exit doors, exit lights, sprinklers, detectors, etc.) should be reported
immediately to _________________.

3.     Safe evacuation routes must be maintained at all times. In particular, corridors, stairways,
and fire escapes are not to be used for storage.

4.    Never overload electrical circuits and avoid the use of long or multiple extension cords.
Defective electrical equipment, such as frayed cords, loose connections, and overheating
equipment should be taken out of service without delay and appropriately tagged.

5.    All employee vehicles shall not park or block marked fire lanes or fire hydrants on or
around company property.

Suspected Fires

Anyone discovering smoke, strong smell of burning, or smell of an unusual nature, should

1.       Inform Security at _____________________
2.       Alert ________________________________

Fire Procedure

1.       Shout "FIRE" repeatedly to give the alert.

2.       Pull the fire alarm.

3.       Telephone the City Fire Department by dialing 911.

4.    Evacuate the premises in a swift, orderly fashion using the stairways and/or fire escapes,
but NOT the elevators, and following the instructions of Evacuation Monitors.

              1. If in the event the designated fire escape exit is blocked or damaged due to smoke
                 or fire, do not attempt to pass. Warn others of obstruction and proceed to
                 evacuate to the nearest alternate fire escape exit.

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              2. If in the event of accident or injury to self or another, during evacuation, _____
                 [Insert Company procedures regarding accident or injury]

5.     Stand outside the building, where the arrival of Fire Department vehicles can be
observed, in order to direct the firemen to the fire.

Internal Monitoring

All fire safety arrangements and systems across the [Company name] campus will be subject to
regular monitoring which will be done through fire risk assessment and general inspections of
buildings by ____________________ personnel, and through formal audit and monitoring

Consequences of Non Compliance
Any non-compliance with this Fire Safety Policy will be viewed and deemed as a serious matter
and ground for immediate and severe action under the Company policies on disciplinary
procedures or misconduct. Any violation(s) of local fire ordinances and/or state laws may be
subject to fines from local fire marshal or police.

Review and Update Arrangements

This policy will be reviewed annually by the _______________ and revised or updated as

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