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									What will it cost?
The new reef protection legislation    Some people will need to improve
is all about improving farm            considerably in these respects
management practices to reduce         over a reasonable timeframe,
the risk of nutrient, pesticides       while others will need to make
and sediment damaging the Great        very little adjustment.
Barrier Reef.
                                       Soil testing
Fees and charges                       Soil testing is also mandatory
An agricultural environmental          before fertiliser is applied to crops
relevant activity (ERA) for the        or improved pasture.                    A guideline based on the well
purposes of this legislation                                                   known BSES Limited ‘Six Easy
                                       It is expected the cost to carry        Steps Program’ will be available
does not require registration or
                                       out each test will be about             to determine the optimum rate of
licencing and therefore does not
                                       $120 and there will be an extra         fertiliser.
attract a fee.
                                       charge of approximately $180
There are no other fees and            to produce a detailed report            Having regard to the increasing
charges associated with this           interpreting the soil test results      cost of fertiliser, it is expected
legislation.                           and recommending the amount             that many farmers will achieve a
                                       and type of fertiliser to apply.        considerable saving by applying
All support services are provided                                              no more than the optimum rate.
free of charge.
                                       Applying fertiliser
                                                                               Preparation of environmental
Record keeping                         Under the new legislation no more       risk management plans
                                       than the ‘optimum amount’ of            (ERMPs)
If you grow sugarcane
                                       fertiliser may be applied.
commercially or graze cattle                                                   Farmers that grow sugarcane on
within the three regulated                                                     more than 70 hectares in the Wet
catchment areas (Burdekin Dry                                                  Tropics and graziers that graze
Tropics, Mackay Whitsunday                                                     cattle on more than 2000 hectares
and Wet Tropics) you will have                                                 in the Burdekin Dry Tropics will be
to keep records of the use of                                                  required to prepare and submit an
agricultural chemicals, fertilisers,                                           ERMP by 30 September 2010.
soil conditioners and soil testing
results, the calculation of the                                                The majority of ERMPs should not
optimum amount of fertiliser and                                               take a large amount of time or
the method used to apply fertiliser                                            money to prepare.
and chemicals.
The amount of time this
requirement will take and
the effort required will vary
depending on your current level of

                                       Information line 1300 130 372
However, properties that have a        Financial assistance by way
number of features that constitute     of grants for training and
a higher risk to reef health will      purchase of capital equipment
require a greater application          may be available through the
of time and resources and may          Commonwealth Government’s
need a specialist to help prepare      Reef Rescue program.
the plan, which may cost several
thousand dollars.                      Restrictions on chemical use
                                       Conditions have also been
Implementing an ERMP                   introduced on the use of atrazine,   Quick Facts
An ERMP will be an agreement           ametryn, hexazinone, diuron, and
between the farmer and the             tebuthiuron in the Burdekin Dry      •	 There are no fees and
government and there may be            Tropics, Wet Tropics and Mackay         charges associated with
some implementation costs              Whitsunday catchments.                  this legislation.
involved for such things as new                                             •	 All support services are
                                       As a result of these conditions
infrastructure, property layout                                                provided free of charge.
                                       additional certification and
changes and equipment.
                                       training on the use and storage of   •	 High risk properties will
However, the plan will be flexible     the restricted herbicides will be       require a more complex
to allow for these costs to be         required.                               ERMP.
spread over a reasonable period
                                                                            •	 Soil testing is now
and to suit the individual financial
                                                                               mandatory at the plant
circumstances of the farmer or
                                                                            •	 Using no more than the
                                                                               optimum amount of
                                                                               fertiliser will save money.
                                                                            •	 There are new controls
                                                                               on the use of some

                                                                                                             DERM_01019 Nov 09

                                       Information line 1300 130 372

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