Web Services which create Trust

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					Web Services which create Trust

            Ron Addie
          Stijn Dekeyser
            Hua Wang
          Richard Watson
                 The Manifesto
   Liberated data capture
   Liberated data use
   Public schema
   Dynamic rules
    These rules will be able to prevent chaotic growth of
     the organisation's schema
   Dynamic work flow
   Audit trails
   Data and form validation
   Seamless schema integration
   Semantic web
           The Project Up to Now
   Experiments and activities
    ACS accreditation
       Once only system for collecting lots of information from
        many people
       Might be needed for other accreditations
    Course Preferences [with the prototype forms
       Simple system for collecting and aggregating information
        from staff in the Dept of
    Coordinator Preferences [with the prototype forms
       Seek input from all members of staff
                                               Functionality of these
        about their preferred responsibility
                                               systems was already
    Meeting with TCC                          more than could be
       Highlighted collaboration problem.     achieved manually.
Web Systems which affect relationships

   Relationships can be effective or not effective.

      Person /           Relationship      Person /
      Organisatio                          Organisatio
      n                                    n


                        Web Service
                    A Story

   A colleague borrows a book
                                     Trust can be a
                                  of productivity, or a
   A student borrows a book           measure of
   A third colleague borrows a book
                Trust as the key

   Three definitions of trust:

1. We can think of trust as a quality of a relationship
   which substitutes for security
                                           Trust as neg-
2. Or, we can propose that there is        ative
   no compromise of security even          security?
                                           Risky idea!
   when trust is in play.
 Uncompromising Definitions of Trust

1. Given that there are:
 ➢   Risks (conditions which must be prevented), and
 ➢   Service agreements (conditions which must be met),

     We could say that any service which prevents the
     risks and facilitates the services is satisfactory. Trust
     is maximizing services subject to avoiding all risks.

2. Alternatively, assuming that security rules are in
   place, trust is actually about the mechanism:
   maximizing flexibility and convenience.
    Optimistic Definition of Trust

   If security is identifying bad things and preventing
    them from happening,

   Trust is identifying good things and helping them to
         Trust has several meanings

   The concept that trust is a quality of human
    relationships is still important.

   Trust as a quality of a relationship between
    humans and systems is also important, and
    similar to human trust.

   Trust as a quality of the mechanisms for
    delivering services is unintuitive – but may be a
    powerful idea.

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