; How to Make Paper Airplanes
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How to Make Paper Airplanes


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How to Make Paper Airplanes

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Easy instructions on how to make paper airplanes.

how to make paper airplanes

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It is holiday time and with Bob at home, your hands are filled. This boy
is always up to something, whether it is trying to use the lawnmower in
the garden, climbing up a tree or bringing a puppy home. Today he doesn’t
have anything to do and he has been sulking and pouting since morning.
You don’t want to see him unhappy, do you? How about teaching him to make
a paper airplane? The idea entices Bob and he has always been a good
learner. You only need to have a sheet of paper but making it fly higher
and higher and making it glides and land in style can be a challenging

It is best to experiment how to make an airplane with paper using the
resources from the internet.

This is what you can do. You can cut out a triangle which has a height of
7 inches and a base of 10 inches. You have to follow this height and
weight specifications closely. Join the vertices of the triangle with a
pencil and then fold it along the three lines formed. You have to push
the sides so that its tip is like a mountain peak. The fold is then
squashed so as to bring the tip down and sides out. The central diamond
shape in the paper is folded to bring lower edges down.

The sides are then folded and spread out like wings. This is the easiest
way to help Bob make a paper airplane and the next time he shows it to
his friends, they can all play at flying airplanes the whole morning
while you can safely complete your daily chores at home.

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