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					The two most prominent free blogging sites are Blogger and
Though the ease of set up and use is tempting, there are some serious drawbacks you should consider
before going this route.
Blogger is owned by Google and you may think this is an advantage but it is not. First and foremost,
the Terms of Service (TOS) gives Google rights to your content. Secondly, your URL address will end
in which drives traffic to Google, not you. (An SEO disadvantage) Last but not least –
when you realize that self hosting is much better and you choose to move your blog to a new Host, you
will find that it is quite difficult, if not impossible.
Blogger is also very restrictive when it comes to customization and plugin availability, compared to the
WordPress platform. is probably worse because your site advertising is limited and many plugins are not
Note: does not use the same platform as the WordPress download for self hosting
You can easily avoid all this and set up free hosting with the full WordPress platform, thus eliminating
any restrictions while having complete control over your blog’s appearance, behavior, and SEO. was created, and is hosted, using the following information.

Domain Names
The first thing you want to do is get a domain name that is relevant to your business or service. If this is
going to be a personal site with no intent on making income don’t worry about it.
It is highly recommended to get a .com domain name. These cost less than $10/year from GoDaddy
and are well worth the small investment. This will give your business credibility and show the search
engines that you are for real.
If you really don’t want to spend the money will provide you with a domain name free of
charge. Let’s say your business is selling books and you chose newnusedbooks for a name, it would
then become For the rest of this article we’ll assume you used
Register your name and write down all the particulars like the domain name, date of registration, and
login info.

Free Hosting
Computertactics offers the best free hosting available at InstanetFree, which is powered by Byethost.
There are no forced ads or any requirements whatsoever.
What’s included:
Account Specification           File Management                     PHP
5500 MB disk space              FTP account                         Zend encoder supported
200 GB monthly transfer         Online file manager                 Ion Cube support
                                Free FTP software
Domains                         All file types allowed              Statistics
50 addon domains                                                    Disk space usage stats
50 parked domains               Email                              Bandwidth usage stats
50 sub domains                  Unlimited POP email accounts       CPU time usage stats
                                Web mail                           MySQL query stats
MySQL                           PHP sendmail enabled
50 MySQL databases              Custom MX records                  Account Features
PhpMyAdmin                                                         Instant activation
Slow MySQL query stats          Automatic Script Installation      No ADs or forum posting required
                                Fantastico type installer          VistaPanel Control Panel
Support Options                 Instant PHPbb forum                Free setup
Free 24/7 support               Instant SMF forum                  Password protected folders
Integrated support help desk    Instant Media Wiki                 Account upgrades
Tutorials and help                                                 Network tools

Once your account is set up log in to your Vista Panel and click on “addon domains.” This is where
you will enter your new domain name At the bottom of this window you will
see “name servers.” Copy down the first two, they should look like and
Go back to, login, click on “Domain Settings,” then click on your domain name. You will
now see a gold button that says “setup” – click this and the next window is where you enter the name
server info. When you finish entering the name servers click the “setup” button again and you are good
to go. Keep in mind that it could take up to 72 hours for the name servers to transfer.
Now you can go back to InstanetFree and start building your new site. You will find the free Site
Builder in the Vista Panel under the Software section.

Free WordPress Blog installation
Simply go to your Vista Panel and find the “iVista – Easy Script Installation.” Click this open, locate
WordPress and click install. You will install this into the root directory of the domain name to be used.
The install window should show a textbox with a forward slash “/” – leave this as is and click
“Complete Install.”

That’s all there is to it. Your WordPress login information will be listed here; write it down so you can
access your admin panel.
WordPress is designed to be managed outside of your hosting panel, therefore, it has it’s own address
which is the url for your domain followed by /wp-admin (
Your login ID is admin and your password is the same as what you use for your hosting service. These
can be changed in the “Profile” section of the admin panel whenever you want.

The first thing you should do is go into your InstanetFree control panel >online file manager
> >.htdocs then click “edit” for the wp-config.php file.
copy and paste this code:
    if(is_admin()) {
     add_filter('filesystem_method', create_function('$a', 'return "direct";' ));
     define( 'FS_CHMOD_DIR', 0751 );
    at the very bottom of page. DO NOT leave any spaces or blank lines after the code.
Once you do this, click the blue square icon at top left to save, then click the blue arrow to return to file
log out of Instanetfree.
This will allow you to automatically perform upgrades to WP and other components such as plugins
and themes. This also enables you to upload themes and plugins from the WP control panel.
Should you decide that you do not have the time, or not want to deal with the technicalities, we can
set all this up for you plus add themes and plugins so you are ready to start blogging.

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