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									the support you need
when you need it
   Welcome to Rehab Rental. The WA owned and operated, leading healthcare equipment Rental Company supplying hospitals,
   aged care facilities and the homecare market.

   We are renowned for our competitive pricing, outstanding service and quality equipment. Our large range of products offers
   a solution for every need, from everyday living to the high care and acute circumstance.

   Our consultants are available to offer a total solution for service providers, hospitals, aged care facilities and home carers, who
   are seeking a way to provide the best outcomes for the challenges faced everyday when providing care to individuals whilst
   helping to maintain their independence and dignity

   At Rehab Rental we specialise in providing the support you need when you need it. We have the equipment that is required
   when caring for patients with manual handling, pressure care and seating needs as well as bath, shower and toilet equipment,
   wheelchairs, powered scooters and mobility products.

   To those who have used our company’s services, we thank you for your custom. To those who are new to Rehab Rental, we
   welcome you and look forward to providing the support you need when you need it.

Why should you rent?
Financial Benefits                                                           Operational Benefits
Conserve your capital                                                        Try before you buy
Healthcare equipment can be expensive and spend too much                     It’s not always clear which equipment make and model will
of its time unused, collecting dust and delivering no return                 fulfil your requirements. A short term rental can give you the
on investment. By renting the equipment that you only need                   hands-on experience you need to guide purchase decisions.
occasionally, you can release your organisation’s capital to
invest in other parts of the business.                                       Keep up with the times
                                                                             Businesses are constantly evolving to keep pace with new
Recover your costs                                                           technologies. Rental allows you to update your equipment in
Generally, rental payments are fully tax deductible, and the                 line with other business and industry changes and avoid the
expense can be recouped far quicker than tax allowances                      risk of accommodating costly dinosaurs.
for ongoing asset depreciation. Streamline Your Accounts:
Equipment is often required for a particular client, project or              Cater for the Unexpected
location. Renting allows you to control your finances more                   At peak periods or when essential equipment breaks down,
effectively and simplifies the process of allocating costs to                rental can put the necessary equipment in your hands,
internal departments or third-parties.                                       ensuring seamless operations.

Wipe out running costs                                                       Refer to the experts
The expense of maintaining, calibrating and storing                          Simply call Rehab Rental for free professional equipment
equipment can be high. By renting equipment, you avoid                       advice and support. 13003 13003
these costs and potentially free-up valuable space within
your premises.

                                                       Transport &      Bath, Shower &
                                                     Access Products    Toilet Products
                                     Seating                                                   Shower
                                     Products                                                 Commodes

                    Pressure Care                                                                           Bedroom
                                                           What can                                         Products

                                                           you rent?
                     Powered Scooters                                                                   Home Care
                      & Power Chairs                                                                     Products

                                    Patient Handling

       Freecall 13003 13003 the support you need when you need it
                 Home Care Products                             Wheelchairs

                                          •	   Manual Wheelchairs - Attendent Propelled
                                          •	   Manual Wheelchairs - Self Propelled
                                          •	   Bariatric Wheelchairs
                                          •	   Lightweight Wheelchairs - Attendent Propelled
•	   Body Ergometers                      •	   Lightweight Wheelchairs - Self Propelled
•	   Pedal Exercisers                     •	   Reclining Wheelchairs
                                          •	   Tilting Wheelchairs
                                          •	   Tilt & Recline Wheelchairs

        Powered Scooters & Power Chairs                  Pressure Care Products

                                          •	   Pressure Care Cushions
                                          •	   Pressure Care Overlays - Air
•	   Powered Scooters
                                          •	   Pressure Care Mattresses - Air
•	   Power Chairs
                                          •	   Pressure Care Mattresses - Foam

     Freecall 13003 13003 the support you need when you need it
                   Mobility Products                               Patient Handling Products

                                                                                  •	   Digital Chair Scales
                                                                                  •	   Mobile Patient
                                                                                  •	   Stand-up Lifters
                                                                                  •	   Stand Aids
•	   Axilla / Underarm Crutches                                                   •	   Slings
•	   Elbow/Forearm Crutches                                                       •	   Mobile IV Poles
•	   Walking Frames - Non Folding
•	   Walking Frames - Non Folding with wheels
•	   Walking Frames - Folding
•	   Walking Frames - Folding with wheels
•	   Walking Sticks, Quad Sticks, Tray Walkers, Seat
     Walkers and Forearm Walkers

                   Seating Products                               Transport & Access Products

•	   Care Chairs
•	   Perching Stools
•	   Day Chairs                                        •	   Telescopic Ramps
•	   Leg & Foot Rests                                  •	   Bi-fold Ramps
•	   Lift and Recline Chairs                           •	   Wheelchair Carriers
•	   Lever Recliner Chairs

     Freecall 13003 13003 the support you need when you need it
                                 Full range of                                Delivery to
                                   products                                   your door

                One week
                                                  Why rent
               minimal rental                     with us?                                   Exceptional

                                                    No Deposit

Bath, Shower & Toilet Products                    Shower Commodes                               Bedroom Products

•	    Bathboards
•	    Bath/Transfer Benches                  •	   Mobile Shower Commodes -
•	    Shower Chairs                               Attendent Propelled                   •	    Bedside Commodes
•	    Shower Stools                                                                     •	    Overbed Frames
                                             •	   Mobile Shower Commodes -
•	    Shower Trolleys                                                                   •	    Bed Cradles
                                                  Self Propelled
•	    Overtoilet Frames                                                                 •	    Bed Rails
                                             •	   Bariatric Shower Commodes             •	    Electric Beds & Accessories
•	    Toilet Surrounds
•	    Toilet Seat Raisers - Donuts           •	   Tilting Shower Commodes               •	    Over Bed/Chair Tables

     Freecall 13003 13003 the support you need when you need it
        29 Alexandra Place, Bentley, WA 6102
        PO Box 605, Bentley WA 6982
        T: 13003 13003                              the support you need
        F: 08 9350 5299                      when you need it

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