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					    The Superhero you
    can’t live without
    Got a smartphone? Then it’s time to get
    smart about security too.
    Losing your smartphone can spell disaster. If you are anything like most users,
    yours will contain lots of personal and sensitive work information, contacts
    and emails. The last thing you need is for it to fall into the wrong hands.
    And never mind the financial loss of losing the phone itself or the massive
    inconvenience of losing all your contact data.

                                    Protect yourself           Protect your customers with Mobile
    It’S a Steal:
   amazingly, 50% of
                                    with Mobile                Superhero
street crime in London              Superhero                   For mobile-based businesses, Mobile Superhero
 involves phone theft.          Mobile Superhero is             offers a brilliant add-on solution that takes care
    Source – UK Met Police      a simple software               of the risk of losing data, offers an unprecedented
                                application that will           extra level of security, protects against identity
    protect you and your phone from loss or theft.              theft and aids product recovery for their
    Mobile Superhero can find your phone                                       customers. It
    for you, will make it easy for someone                                     can be used         loSt In tranSIt:
    to get it back to you, will keep your                                      to generate       nearly 70,000 phones &
    data secure by locking the device                                          extra             PDAs are left in London
    remotely and, if the worst happens,                                        revenue on         taxis every 6 months.
    will allow you to retrieve all your                                        device or                Source – Pointsec

    personal contacts. And, even if your                Press any              application
    phone never gets recovered, Mobile                key to return            sales, can replace or augment
                                                       this phone
    Superhero will render it useless –                                         traditional insurances and gives added
    because only you can unlock it.                                            value through additional security.

                                                                          Mobile Superhero can be adapted or
StealIng the lIMelIght:                                                   rebranded too. So, not only can it offer
61% of consumers don’t use                                           Fetchpeace of mind, but also a whole new
                   because of
 Mobile Banking lost and found company
               the                                                        stream of profit opportunities.
  the fear of identity theft.
      Source – Harris Interactive

                                                                     Fetch SHADED
Installing your Mobile Superhero                         locating your lost or stolen
Mobile superhero can be pre-installed on phones,         Smartphone
downloaded directly to your phone or pre-loaded          With Mobile Superhero you can map your phone’s
on the mobile. It can be used with Blackberry, on        location using either GPS or from identifying the
Windows Mobile and Symbian based phones.                 Cell ID towers the phone is currently using.

For a full list of supported devices go online at        Mobile Superhero needs no network integration.                                     All technology is developed by
                                                         and is patent pending.

how Mobile Superhero keeps
Smartphones protected
The level of protection that Mobile Superhero
offers can be altered by you at any time online.
You can choose to back up your contacts,
block calls at different levels or operate device
• Remote phone lock / unlock protects your
  phone and data
• Phone contact back up / restore allows you to
  recover vital data                                     Who is behind Mobile Superhero?
• Phone locks automatically after an unauthorised        Mobile Superhero has been developed by
  SIM card change                              , a global company, based in
• Device Siren makes the phone a risk to handle          Ireland and backed by the Irish government,
• Calls allowed to phone when locked                     that develops solutions to give peace of mind to
• Calls allowed to encourages           mobile device users. We combat the problem
  returns                                                of protecting and recovering lost and stolen
                                                         mobile devices by offering a fully scaleable
• Autolock functions lock phone following
                                                         global solution that includes physical tagging,
  unusual usage
                                                         smartphone software and laptop software
• Inactivity/call pattern/country dialling/              together with a powerful recovery service.
  roaming locks
                                                         We have a strong customer base of Blue chip
                                                         clients. These include Tesco, Vodafone, o2, Arizona
                                                         State University, American Express, Ace Insurance
                                                         and Dixons group. We are a BlackBerry Alliance
                                                         partner and AT&T certified.

                                                               Fetch PLAIN
            the lost and found company

                                                               Fetch SHADED

Unit 5 Cleve Business Park, Monahan Road, Cork, Ireland. Tel: + 353 21 233 7300 Email:

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