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									City of Marquette Arts and Culture Center                                    Presenting the opportunity to learn a wide range of arts.
                                                                             Including theatre, music, dance, visual arts, language, and
                                                                             much more.

Winter Workshops
Language and Cultural Workshops
Japanese Art Class
Come and learn about the arts of Japan featuring origami and Japanese calligraphy. Children, teens, and adults welcome!
Instructor: Tomoko Inoue Registration: Free (kids & teens)/ $5.00 Adults Dates/Time: Saturday, April 17 from 1-3:00pm
Ay ur What?! (Ayurveda 101)
Discover Ayurveda and how it can benefit your health and wellness. Learn the basics of this 5,000 year old East Indian wisdom.
Find your dosha type and ways to balance your mind, body, and spirit. Instructor: Sue Belanger Registration: Per class: City
Resident $7.50 Non City $12.50 Lab Fee: $1 Ages: 18 and up Dates/Time: Choose a date that works for you - Monday Feb 1,
Tuesday Feb 9, Wednesday Feb 17, Thursday Feb 25 from 6-7:30pm on these days, or Friday March 5 from 4:30-6:00pm.

Movement Workshops
Oriental Dance (Belly Dancing)
You will learn arm and hip movements, shimmies, undulations, hip circles, and traveling steps. Dance to the beautiful music of
countries like Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, and Lebanon. Get a good workout and most important have a great time dancing! Choose
from three levels. Two six-week sessions available. Instructor: Maggie Barch Registration: $25.00 City Resident/ $30 Non
City Lab Fee: $5 CD Ages: 18 and up Dates/Time: Mondays- Beginner: 5:45-6:45pm , Intermediate: 6:45-7:45pm, Advanced: 7:45-
8:45pm Session One: Jan 18-March 1 (No class on Feb 15) Session Two: March 15-April 19
Prana Hoop Yoga
This class offers a yoga practice that will help you breathe, get fit, burn calories, and elongate your stretch. Prana (oxygen) Hoop
(spontaneous movement) and Yoga (union/balance) combine to shift you into your highest potential.
Sign up for this six week session. Instructor: Jayne Fons Registration: $25.00 City/ $30.00 Non-City Lab Fee: None. Bring
yoga mat if available. Ages: 13 and up Dates/Time: Wednesdays, Jan 27-March 3 from 6-7:00pm
Vinyasa Yoga
A more advanced form of yoga practice. You will focas on yoga flow and spontaneous movement in your breathing exercises with
this class. Sign up for this six week session. Instructor: Jayne Fons Registration: $25.00 City/ $30.00 Non-City Lab Fee:
None. Bring yoga mat if available. Ages: 13 and up Dates/Time: Mondays, Jan 25 - March 8 from 4-5:00pm (no class Feb.15).
Basic Ballroom Dance
Offering basic ballroom instruction in the Waltz, Rhumba, Cha Cha, Salsa, Tango, and Pasadoble. Sign up for this six week
session. Instructors: Camilla Mingay & Don Ohman Registration: $45.00 City/$50.00 Non-City Lab Fee: None. Wear com-
fortable shoes Ages: All ages Dates/Time: Wednesdays, Jan 20 - Feb 24 from 7-8:30pm
Intro to Dance
Explore different dance style. Each class will focus on a different dance style. Students will be encouraged to do improvisation
with choreography. Main focus on jazz, contemporary/modern, and hip hop. Instructor: Kristin Halsey
Ages: 6-10 yrs from 1-2:00pm Registration: $20.00 City/$25.00 Non-City Ages: 11-18 yrs from 3-5:00pm Registration: $40.00
City/ $45.00 Non-City Lab Fee: None. Dress for movement Dates: Saturday Jan 23 & 30 Feb 6, 13, 20, & 27
Intro to Contemporary Dance
This class will give students a brief introduction to contemporary/ modern dance. Class will consist of warm ups, across the floor,
and some basic choreography. Instructor: Kristin Halsey Ages: 6-13 years. Registration: $20.00 City/$25.00 Non-City Lab
Fee: None. Dress for movement Dates: Saturday Jan 23 & 30 Feb 6, 13, 20, & 27 from 11am-12:00pm
Contemporary/ Modern Dance
For beginning or advanced students. Class will have warm ups, across the floor, choreography. Students will be encouraged to do
improvisational work periodically. Instructor: Kristin Halsey Ages: 16 and up. Registration: $40.00 City/$45.00 Non-City Lab
Fee: None. Dress for movement Dates: Saturday Jan 23 & 30 Feb 6, 13, 20, & 27 from 2-4:00 pm

Acting Workshops
Physical Comedy Improvisation
This workshop is designed for adults with all backgrounds and abilities. Through the spirit of physical play, participants will
develop their comic sense, sharpen their physical skills, and explore a range of comic styles. Regardless of experience you can
acquire the essential tools to bring your comic self to life and learn what is funny and what is not. Instructor: Gale LaJoye
Registration: $45.00 City/$50.00 Non-City Ages: 18 and up Dates/Time: Sundays Jan 24-Feb 28 from 1-3:00pm.
Wear loose clothing and gym shoes.

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Arts and Culture Programs and Workshops for Youth - Free!
After School Explorers
In coordination with the Peter White Public Library Youth Services Department. Explore the mysteries of the universe through
stories, music, science, & art! Instructors: Corrine Rockow & Janey Joffee Mondays from 4:30 pm -5:30pm. Jan 11th-May 10th.
Grades 1st - 4th
Toddler Arts and Crafts
Creative and fun crafts for toddlers and parents to do together! Weekly themes will go with PWPL’s Monday Story Time.
Instructor: Betsy Rutz Wednesdays from 10-10:30am Jan 13th - March 31st. Ages: 2-4 years with a loving adult.
Japanese Cultural Class
In this 4 week series, students will learn basic Japanese words and phrases, Japanese culture, how to eat with chopsticks, how to
write their name in Japanese calligraphy, how to create beautiful shapes using origami and get a taste of Japanese food. Instructor:
Tomoko Inoue Ages: 3rd-5th Grade: Dates/Times: Wednesdays Jan. 13, 20, 27 & Feb. 3 from 4:30-5:30pm.
Ages: 6th-12th Grade: Dates/Times: Wednesdays March 3, 10, 17, & 24 from 4:30-6pm.                       (906) 228-0472       
 Visual Arts Workshops
 Fused Glass
 Discover the basics of glass fusing and create your own fused glass ornament, sun-catcher or tile. No glass cutting experience
 required. One day workshop. Instructor: Beth Cox Registration:$10.00 City Resident/$15.00 Non-City Lab Fee: $20 for all
 materials Ages: 13 and Up Dates/Times: Saturday Feb 27 from 1-3:00pm
 The Art of Jewelry – The Basics
 This course teaches the basics about jewelry techniques, materials and tools. No previous experience of jewelry making is required.
 This class is designed to create quality jewelry on a budget. Tools will be provided for in class use. Information will be provided at
 the time of registration regarding materials. Session will include: Week #1- The Basics, Week #2-Hand Knotting, Week #3- Hugs
 & Kisses, & Week #4-Earrings. Instructor: Mary Ann Theis Registration: $43.00 City Resident/ $48.00 Non City Lab Fee:
 $16.00 Paid directly to the instructor Ages:16 and up Dates/Times: Wednesdays, Jan 20 - Feb 10 from 6:15-8:45pm.
 Get Wired Part II
 This class builds on the skills taught in the “Get Wired” class offered in the Fall, however you need not to have taken the previous
 class. Learn basic skills of working with a variety of gauges of wire. Information will be provided at the time of registration regard-
 ing materials/lab fees. Session will include: Week #1-Crocheting with Wire, Week #2-Pins, Week#3-Bracelets, &Week#4-Funky
 Necklace. Instructor: Mary Ann Theis Registration: $43.00 City Resident/ $48.00 Non City Lab Fee: $16.00 Paid directly to the
 instructor Ages: 16 and up Dates/Times: Wednesdays, March 24 - April 14 from 6:15-8:45pm.
 Basics of Digital SLR Photography
 Learn the unique advantage of using SLR (Single lens reflex) Camera during this 3 week workshop. Topics covered will include
 photo basics, digital specs, creative use of the camera & basic software choices. Once a week for three weeks. Instructor: Diane
 Jarvi Registration: $37.50 City Resident/$42.50 Non City Lab Fee: Bring a digital SLR camera Ages: 15 and up
 Dates/Times: Saturdays Jan. 23, Jan. 30, Feb. 6 from 11am - 2:00pm.
 Adobe Photoshop Light Room Overview
 This course will demonstrate the basic features and capabilities of the light room photo management software. Topics covered will
 include raw processing, cataloging, and basic image editing. One day workshop. Instructor: Diane Jarvi Registration: $17.00 City
 Resident/ $22.00 Non City Lab: Bring a laptop computer if you have one. Ages:15 and up Dates/Times: March 13 from 11am-3pm.
 Adobe Photoshop Basics
 This class will cover basic photo-shop techniques. Topics include standard work flow, basic image adjustment of editing, masking
 and preparing images for printing. Instructor: Diane Jarvi Registration: $17.00 City Resident/ $22.00 Non City Lab Fee: None.
 Bring a laptop computer if you have one. Ages:15 and up Dates/Times: February 13 from 11am-3pm.
 Electronic Toothbrush Painting
 Discover the fun and creative effects you can get with electric toothbrush painting! One day. This unusual technique has been
 developed over years. Instructor: Daniel C. Boyer Registration: $10.00 City Resident/ $15 Non City. Lab fee: None. Bring:
 Watercolor paper, electric toothbrush, gouache or poster paint Ages: All ages Date: Saturday, Feb 13 from 1-4:00 pm.
 Basic Bookbinding
 Progress through three bookbinding structures in two weeks. The first week you will make an accordion and a pamphlet book &
 the second week you will make a traditional hardcover journal with multiple signatures. Instructor: Betsy Rutz Registration:
 Week 1: $13.00 City Resident/ $18.00-Non-City Week 2: $23 CityResident/$28 Non City Lab Fee: Week One: $12 Week Two:
 $16 Tools: Bring a metal ruler, #1 Xacto knife, pencil, bonefolder, cutting mat, & scissors. Ages: 15 and up
 Dates/Times: Saturdays March 6 & 13th. Week One: 11 am -1:30 pm Week Two: 11 am-3:30 pm.

 Music Workshops
 Guitar Private Lessons
 Guitar lessons for any age and any skill level! 8 week session. Instructor: Jared Deschaine Registration: $140.00 City Resident/ $145.00 Non
 City Resident Lab Fee: Bring your guitar (optional but highly recommended) Ages: Any age Dates/Times: Mondays Feb 1, 8, 22, March 1,
 8, 15, 22, 29 from 1-4:00pm in 1/2 hr increments or Tuesdays Feb 2, 9, 16, 23 March 2, 9, 16, & 23 from 1-5:30pm in 1/2 hr increments.
 Youth Chamber Ensemble Workshop
 Young string players interested in playing in chamber ensembles (duos, trios, quart/quintet) will have the opportunity to build playing and col-
 laboration skills while preparing for a recital at the end of the session. Instructor: Alexis Mahler Reg: $60.00 per person Grades: 6th-12th
 Dates (Six wk class): Tuesdays Jan 26-Mar 2 @ 5-7 pm or Thursdays Jan 28-Mar 4 @ 5-7 pm. Class runs in 1/2 hour increments as groups.
 Musikgarten - Early Childhood Music & Movement
 Come join experienced teacher Corinne Rockow in celebrating your child’s growing independence through the music and movement activities
 of Musikgarten’s “Cycle of Seasons” Seasons program! Instructor: Corrine Rockow Registration: $40.00 City Resident/ $45.00 Non City
 Bring a parent or guardian. Lab Fee: optional instrument pack($22) Ages: 3-5 Dates/Times: 8 wks -Fridays, Jan. 22-March 12 from 10-11am.
 Mountain Dulcimer Private Lessons
 Dust off your Mountain (Lap) Dulcimer and learn some new songs appropriate for your level of experience-beginners and experienced are wel-
 come. 4 week class. Instructor: Gentian Waller Reg: $70.00 City Res/$75.00 Non City Lab Fee:$5 for sheet music. Bring a dulcimer. Ages:
 10- Adults Dates/Times: Sunday Jan 10-31 from 3-5pm in 1/2 hr increments & Thursday Jan 14-Feb 4 from 3-5 pm in 1/2 hr increments.
Registration is complete only when accompanied by full payment and a space is reserved. Waiting lists will be started once a class has reached maximum enrollment. Please do not wait until the last minute to
register, classes fill quickly and teachers must plan. Classes that do not meet minimum enrollment by the deadline may be cancelled. If a class is cancelled, you may transfer to another class or request a full
refund. No refunds will be issued for participants canceling after the deadline date. Registrations may be accepted beyond the deadline date if the class has openforce cancellation of classes. If in doubt, please call
the Arts Center. A make-up class will be offered. Thanks for your cooperation!!!

 Marquette Arts and Culture Center - - Class Registration Form
 Registration Deadline: One week before workshop begins
 Class Name:______________________________________________________________
 Parent Name:(if under 18)___________________________________________________
 City, Zip:________________________________________________________________
 Age (if under 18):__________
 Phone #:__________________________________*E-Mail:_________________________________
 Registration forms may be:
 1. Turned in at the Marquette Arts and Culture Center 217 N. Front St., Lower Level of Peter White Public Library
 2. Call 228-0472 and pay by credit card.
 3. Mail form & payment to: Marquette Arts and Culture Center, 300 W. Baraga, Marquette, MI 49855
 Registration (varies): _________Lab Fee (varies): _________Total:_________
 Payment (circle one) cash check credit card Credit Card (Visa/MC) Credit Card Number:_______________________________ Expiration: _____

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