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					                       From the keyboard of Pastor Jenny…..

                       Hello friends,

As Lent is quickly approaching it is exciting to think about the flowers that are waiting to bud, the snow
the will eventually melt and all that this spring has in store for us. During this Lenten season we will be
working with the other churches in the area and will be observing Lent by adding a Wednesday night
Lenten service to our calendar. We will also be joining with the Ranch Branch for a Good Friday Service.
I encourage you to come out to the extra services and worship with others in our community.

During Lent I will be doing a sermon series based on a painting called Forgiven. Each week we will focus
on a different element of the painting and explore its meaning and the scriptures it highlights in Christ’s
life. I hope to draw in the visual learning styles as each of us touch Christ in the way that is most relevant
to us. Although I am by no means an artist or an art expert I have often been left with strong images after I
leave an art museum.

While I was visiting Vietnam in college, every time I walked past one particular shop I was always drawn
to this one painting. It is a painting with a rich blue background and four Vietnamese women walking
away from you. There was something about the painting that just brought me a feeling of peace and
comfort. One day I walked into the shop and asked how much the painting was. It was $75, which for art
in the United States is very cheap, yet in Vietnam where I was eating for about $5 a day, that price is
ridiculous. I told the shop keeper, “No thank you.” And went on my way, but everyday I would walk by
this painting and I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. On the last day I decided to buy it and it was one of
the best decisions I’ve ever made. Every morning when I eat breakfast I look at this painting and smile.
As a church during Lent let’s be willing to take those little extra risks, to go out on a limb, to follow God
a little more dramatically, to listen to that urging inside of us that tell us when something brings us
happiness and when something just isn’t right. Lent is a time when we recognize Jesus’ 40 days in the
wilderness. It is a time when Jesus was alone and able to contemplate his calling. Let us act as if we are in
the wilderness, where we can only hear the quiet whisper of God’s voice.

 Let us act as if we are not surrounded by the buzzing of life that we are in. Let us allow ourselves to quiet
our mind just long enough to fully connect with God. For some people this might mean going to the extra
services on Wednesday night, for others it might mean taking just a few minutes each day to pray before
beginning their day, for others it might mean turning off the radio when you drive to work. Let us
intentionally make time to hear the way God is speaking to each of us in our lives.

Thank you for all that you bring to our church family. I continue to feel blessed to be at Walworth UMC.
Thanks to all the people who helped out and were patient with me as I worked on my ordination papers
this past month. I ask that you continue to pray for me as I continue on this journey.

Blessing to each and every one of you,

Pastor Jenny
                          March and April Greeters and Liturgists

March     7            The Druschels                                 Paula Freeman
March    14            The Murthas                                   Russ Godown
March    21            The Freemans                                  Lyle Bassage
March    28            Kay Hall                                      Becky Appleman

April     4            The Almekinders                               Donna Stalker
April    11            The Browns                                    Jessie Keymel
April    18            The Paulsons                                  Jacque Ruth
April    26            The Siracuse Family                           Brenda Jackson

If you are willing to serve as liturgist or greeter, please contact Donna Stalker at 986-1570 or by e-mail at

                              Nursery Service is available during church for children infants
                                through age four.

Easter Sharing – This year for the Walworth Community Food Pantry Easter                            Sharing
our church has been asked to provide 30 5-pound bags of potatoes. There is a                         sign-
up sheet in the vestibule. Please have potatoes at the church by March 28.                            See
Jessie Keymel if you have questions.
                                                   Annual Blanket Appeal
                                                          Spring 2009

                    “Blanket Month” has arrived! February was blanket month. Each year the members
of our church have so generously given to supply blankets for those in need in the Untied States and
across the globe. Each blanket is $5. See Cheryl Sterling with your donation. Your contributions are
greatly appreciated. Some of you getting this before the end of February – if you wish to contribute get
your donation to Cheryl as soon as possible. We hope to once again “cloak the earth in warmth” from
Walworth United Methodist Church.

Did you know that ………

United Methodist Women sell RADA knives, forks,
servers, choppers, etc. all year long? Contact Alice
Reynolds if you are interested in seeing what we
have on hand or in ordering from the catalog.

UMW also has our most recent cookbook
“Feeding the Flock” for sale. $8.00 will provide you
with recipes from some of our church members
(both past and presen)t. Contact Brenda Jackson or
any UMW member.

Did you know that …….

Aldersgate Class sells “Sunflower” dishcloths
all year long? Contact Doris Darron for
colors and prints.

Conference News

Who knows the name of the new conference being formed as of June this year? Be the first person to tell
Russ Godown and get your just reward. There are actually three conference meetings this year which I
hope to attend all three. The first is June 4th to have a final meeting for the closing of the Western New
York Conference. On June 19th will be the first meeting for the “NEW” formed conference and then one
in September to initiate the start of business. Please take some time to visit the link below and read about
what the conference is doing for the people in the world and how your donations of prayers, deeds and
money are working today. This is the United Methodist Church working for our Lord and Savior Jesus
Christ because of the Grace given to us.
From the keyboard of Jessie

                                                                  The U in Jesus
Walworth Council of Churches
2010 Lenten Services                               Before U were thought of or time had begun,
                                                      God stuck U in the name of His Son.
Ash Wednesday, February 17th -7:00 p.m.
Bethlehem Lutheran Church                           And each time U pray, you'll see it's true,
1767 Plank Road, Webster                           You can't spell out JesUs and not include U.

Wednesday, February 24th -7:00 p.m.               You're a pretty big part of His wonderful name,
Bethlehem Lutheran Church                           For U, He was born; that's why He came.
1767 Plank Road, Webster
                                                  And His great love for U is the reason He died.
Wednesday, March 3rd -7:00 p.m.                         It even takes U to spell crUcified.
Bethlehem Lutheran Church
1767 Plank Road, Webster                               Isn't it thrilling and splendidly grand
                                                    He rose from the dead, with U in His plan?
Wednesday, March 10th -7:00 p.m.
Bethlehem Lutheran Church                          The stones split away, the gold trUmpet blew,
1767 Plank Road, Webster                          and this word resUrrection is spelled with a U.

Wednesday, March 17th -7:30 p.m.
Walworth Second Baptist Church                    When JesUs left earth at His upward ascension,
3689 Main Street, Walworth                         He felt there was one thing He just had to
Wednesday, March 24th -7:30 p.m.
Walworth United Methodist Church                     "Go into the world and tell them it's true
3679 Main Street, Walworth                           That I love them all - Just like I love U."

Maundy Thursday, April 1st -7:00 p.m.               So many great people are spelled with a U,
West Walworth Zion United Methodist Church          Don't they have a right to know JesUs too?
3960 W. Walworth Rd, West Walworth
                                                       It all depends now on what U will do,
Good Friday, April 2nd -7:00 p.m.                              He'd like them to know,
Bethlehem Lutheran Church                                       But it all starts with U.
1767 Plank Road, Webster

Easter Sunrise Service, Sunday, April 4th -7:00
Walworth Council of Churches
Lincoln Baptist Church
4976 Lincoln Road, Macedon
     Happy March Birthday and April Birthdays

     March 10        Richard Crooks                       April 2        Gerry Lonneville
                     Megan Stookey                                       Mark Flack
     March 13        Jean Bassage                         April    5     Cameron Jones
     March 18        Lyle Bassage                         April    6     Valerie Loveless
     March 19        Donna Almekinder                     April    9     Abby Schaumberg
     March 20        Alan Jones                           April   12     Adam Murtha
     March 22        Jenna Darron                                        Jonathan Murtha
                     Erica Wesley                         April 15       Karen Flack
     March 23        Glenna Godown                                       Craig Raisner
                     Randy DeMay                                         Helen Watkins
                     Rachel Ruth                          April 21       Malinda Wesley
     March 24        Lisa Daniels                         April 24       Alicia Schaumberg
     March 25        Courtney Pescini                     April 25       Buzz Appleman
     March 26        Melanie Godown                                      Ian Thomas
                                                          April 26       Larry Ruth
                                                          April 28       Dana Stalker-Jones
                                                          April 29       Kris English

       From the keyboard of Elaine Leasure, Missions Chair…….

       The annual Missions “Soup and Bread Luncheon” will be held on Sunday, March 14, 2010. All proceeds
will go to Haitian relief through the Church World Service. We are looking for a couple of soup makers as some
of our master chefs will be out of town. Please contact Elaine at 986.1423.

       The CROP Walk against hunger will be held on Sunday May 2, 2010. 25 % of the proceeds from that
walk directly benefit our local food pantry while the other 75% goes to help others at home and abroad. Plan
now to spend Sunday afternoon walking with us. If you are unable to walk and would like to make a
contribution, see Elaine Leasure or Donna Stalker.

      Food Pantry monthly donations:

      March: hand soap, laundry soap, dish soap, toilet paper

      April: crackers (in sleeves), canned meats, meaty meals in a box (like home-style bakes)
                               It is a pleasure to welcome Craig Raisner to the
                               Walworth United Methodist Church family. Craig
                               brings much experience to us in his role as
                               Musical Director. Craig has worked in theater,
                               television, and movies. He has a background in
                               theater arts as well as music. Craig is an
                               accomplished pianist and organist. To learn more
                               about Craig, visit him at craigtraisner.com.
                               Welcome Craig!

 From the keyboard of Craig Reisner, Music Director…….

  Get in on the Ground Floor of this exciting opportunity to be part of the Walworth United Methodist Joyful
Noise Ensemble: Calling all musicians and closet musicians, all people who can play or “almost play” or who
“used to play” an instrument, whether that describes YOU, your relative (who needs something to do on Sunday
morning) or your good neighbors (who’ve always wanted to “rock out” in church). No instrument too big or too
small. Acoustic AND electric apply here.
  Really. Just looking for people who are:
  (1) willing and able to play solo as well as accompany the choir or the congregation and/or
  (2) would enjoy playing in a group with others but don’t really want to solo, and/or
  (3) just wanting to have fun playing with others as long as talent and musical ability aren’t important…

 If any of these describe you (or anyone you wish to secretly volunteer) please tell me or a choir member or
 leave the information in the organist mailbox.

 Do you sing in the shower? Are you a Weekend Warbler? Do you chant in your sleep?
 If so, you may need a constructive outlet. Please come and join the Choir where your vocal talents will
 actually be appreciated. We rehearse Monday evenings at 7:00 P.M. in the sanctuary! Why just hum along
 when you can sing the words!!!!

          Public Service announcement from the Wayne County Office of Aging

 One of the goals of the Department of the Office of Aging is to promote healthy nutrition services for the
 county’s seniors. The agency is affiliated with Senior Centers in the area that provide nutritious meals and a
 variety of social activities Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). Meals are offered for a small fee or
 are free to those who cannot afford to pay. One of the senior centers in our area is located at:
                                          Village Park and Club Rooms
                                        149 East Main Street (by the park)
                                            Palmyra, New York 14522
 Meals are also provided at Brown Square Apartments, 2100 Brown Square (off Furnace Road) in the
 community room in the first building), Ontario. 315-524-3034
From the keyboard of Jean Bassage, CWS kit chair….

The United Methodist Women will again be collecting the Church World Service kits to give to those in
need around the world. There are many people living in crowded refugee camps, in mission hospitals,
and in tiny villages where these kits are desperately needed. There are also places right here in the United
States where these kits are badly needed.

The kits we will be collecting this year are the Hygiene Kit, the School Kit, and the Baby Kit. These kits
are due on April 11, 2010. Information about what is needed for each kit is on the table in the back of the
sanctuary. You will not need a bag for the school kit as we have purchased some. Just put the items for
the school kit in a plastic ziplock bag or pick up a bag from the table at the back of the church.

If you do not wish to make a kit, but would like to donate money toward a lit it would be appreciated.
That would be wonderful. Just let us know. Shirley Dostman is willing to make beautiful baby sweaters
for the baby kits if you would like one, please let her know.

Please take one of the information sheets and share the many blessings God has given us so that we may
bring some happiness to those less fortunate. If you have any questions you can contact Jean Bassage
(986-1549) or Colleen Siracuse (986-1917). Completed kits can be left on the table outside the kitchen.
Thank you for your prayerful consideration of this project.

      one hand towel (no fingertip or bath towels), measuring 16” x 28”
      one washcloth
      one wide-tooth comb
      one nail clipper
      one bar of soap (bath size in wrapper)
      one toothbrush (in original packaging)
      six band-aids

Seal all items in a one gallon Ziploc plastic bag.

       *one pair of blunt scissors (rounded tip)
       *three 70 count spiral or tape-bound pads of 7 x 10 ½ ruled paper or pads with 200-210 sheets.
NO loose-leaf or filler paper.
       *one 30 centimeter ruler (12 inch)
       *one hand held pencil sharpener
       *six new pencils with erasers
       *one eraser, 2 ½ inches
       *one box of 24 crayons ( 24 count ONLY)
       *one 12” x 14” or 14” x 16” (finished size) cloth bag with handles
Pack all items inside the cloth bag. (See note above about bags.)

Continued on next page……..
     *six cloth diapers (if you can’t find them locally, they are available online)
     *two tee-shirts or undershirts (no onesies)
     *two washcloths
     *two gowns or sleepers
     *two diaper pins
     *one sweater or sweatshirt
     Two receiving blankets (one can be a hand-knitted or crocheted baby blanket)

All items should be new. Wrap items inside of the receiving blankets and secure with both diaper pins.

Thank you for assisting with our missions around the world by participating in preparing the Church
World Service kits.

       From the keyboard of Brenda Jackson, President UMW…

        Our annual Chicken-n-Biscuit Dinner on February 27 was a great successful feeding many hungry
friends and family. Thanks to all of you for your support of this very special time of fellowship. Without
all of your help, this event would never be as successful or as much fun!
        Please join us whenever you can – we meet on the first Wednesday of the month. With Lenten
Services this will not be the typical 7:00 meetings so watch the bulletin for more information.
        If you are looking for a great gift---why not consider our cookbook. They are full of great recipes
from our great cooks and bakers here at Walworth United Methodist. What a wonderful gift for only
$8.00. Contact Brenda Jackson for cookbooks.

If anyone is looking for another way to help with church finances, why not consider an additional
donation to cover the costs of the weekly bulletin or the monthly newsletter. Even a one time donation
helps. Weekly bulletin costs are roughly $6.00 and the monthly newsletter is about $35. Just place your
donation in an envelope and mark it bulletin or newsletter.
From the keyboard of Jacque Ruth, SPRC Chair……

On Saturday January 23 Jacque Ruth and Donna Stalker attended a gathering of Staff Parish Relations
members from several area churches at Fairport UMC to discuss issues and possibilities that we might
work on together. One area in particular that piqued interest was purchasing a consortium for our
churches' custodial products like light bulbs, paper towels, bathroom tissue and cleaning products. If
bought in bulk prices would be kept to a minimum. In addition information was shared regarding
committee handbooks, staff reviews and other topics of interest. Churches represented were Fairport,
Webster, Faith (Henrietta) and Walworth UMC's. We encouraged each other to invite other churches to
join us at the next meeting in April. Not least of the benefits of the meeting were communication and
fellowship with other United Methodists.

From the keyboard of Jessie Keymel…….

  In January Roger and I joined a group of 20 people to travel to New Orleans and become a small part of
“Project Homecoming”. We worked on three homes assisting the homeowners who are rebuilding their
homes that were destroyed during Hurricane Katrina almost five years ago. It has been a long struggle
especially for the people in the ninth ward. The main roads have been repaired. The street signs are back
in place, as are most of the utilities. However there are still areas where the only evidence that people
lived there is the crisscross of roads with cement slabs or a few pilings where homes once stood.
    One crew worked on the last details of a home that was near completion and dedicated the Monday
after we left. Roger did trim work around windows and doors on his work site while others painted and
grouted tiles. The home in my work site was not as far along, the walls were up and primed, the first
stage of the wiring and plumbing were completed and we were responsible for starting to lay ceramic tile
throughout the house. This home was the last to be completed on the street and life has returned to normal
there with many of the neighbors coming back home. What we accomplished in one week did not seem
like much, but we know that the next week someone would be there to take our place and by summer our
homes will be a completed part of “Project Homecoming”.”
   The trip was organized by the First Presbyterian Church of Ontario. The ages of our volunteers ranged
from 18 to 75, and included members of several different Churches. Wherever we went people thanked us
for our efforts, it was humbling to be thanked over and over again for our little contribution. It was
exciting to be a part of a small group of Christians doing good.

News from the Walworth Council of Churches, Jessie Keymel reporting…

In observation of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity the Pastors of the Walworth Council of
Churches exchanged pulpits. January 18th we had the pleasure of hosting Pastor Joseph Stupin from the
Second Baptist Church. He brought the message in the parable of “ hiding your light” to life. Jenny
preached at Zion UMC in West Walworth that Sunday. The next community outreach the Council will be
involved with will be Easter Dinner baskets for the clients of the Walworth Food Pantry, then the
Vacation Bible School in August.
Worship Opportunities during Lent, Jessie Keymel reporting……

 Lent is an important time in our worship calendar as we contemplate what Christ did for us to guarantee
our Salvation.

February 17th is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. Each Wednesday evening the Walworth Council
of Churches has a mid-week Lenten service. The services are held at different host churches throughout
Lent, (the schedule is included in this newsletter.) Our chance to host one of these services is March 24th.
During Holy week, on Good Friday, our congregation holds a 12 hour prayer vigil from 6:00 A.M. till
6:00 P.M. A sign up sheet will be in the sanctuary so that you can be take part. You are asked to pray for
30 minutes, at Church, or wherever you are.

 Pastor Jenny will be participating in the *Methodist Ranch Branch” Good Friday service at 7:00 P.M. in
the Webster Methodist Church.

To celebrate Easter Sunday a full size cross will grace our sanctuary decorated with lily blossoms.
Everyone will have an opportunity to buy blossoms in memory or in honor of loved ones. We usually
have over a hundred blossoms. Cost of the blossoms is yet to be determined, but should be around $3.00.
Watch the weekly bulletin for more details.

*The Methodist Ranch Branch includes five Methodist Churches on the northeast side of Rochester.
They include Union Hill , North Ontario , Webster and West Webster , and Walworth UMC\’s. In the past
we have joined together for Thanksgiving, Good Friday and a summer service.

Another opportunity to help……..

Habitat for Humanity of Wayne County is looking for volunteers to serve of the Board of Directors,
various committees, and/or volunteer to work on building one home a year. If you are interested in taking
an active role in our local chapter of Habitat for Humanity contact them at office@hfhwc.com

A new year brings new opportunities for worship and fellowship. For the next
few weeks (mid February through mid March) a survey will be included in the
church bulletin. Please take the time to complete the survey. Be sure to add
additional ideas to those given. Tell us which activities would most interest you
and your family. Which ones would you participate in? How might you help
with any of the activities or programs?
Walworth United Methodist Church
3671 Main Street
Walworth, New York 14568

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