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Is Airsoft Better Than Paintball by snoopdoggywuf


Is Airsoft Better Than Paintball?

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Airsoft fans and paintballers are devoted fans of their sports. Is one
really better than the other?

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This question is bound to stir debate and controversy amongst the most
ardent of airsoft or paintball fans.

Both airsoft and paintball are both hobbies based on replica firearms and
wargames. Is this unhealthy? That depends moreso on the person themselves
rather than the hobby. An interest in pursuing a hobby that involves
weaponry only becomes unhealthy if taken to extremes - which is true of
most things in life. Paintball and airsoft are not morbid hobbies and
only run the risk of being dangerous when participated in by dangerous

Paintball itself is a more mobile sport. It requires a certain level of
physical fitness, mobility and skill - if you paintball then you gotta be
able to move fast. The weapons themselves are functional and are only
designed to serve the purpose of the sport as opposed to looking good.
Paintball rifles are designed to take a real beating when it comes to
their use. Paintball fans fall into the 'extreme sport' category and
enjoy the pure adrenaline of each paintball match and are driven by the
desire to win.

Airsoft is a somewhat different sport. The guns used in airsoft are both
conversation pieces and are also functional sports 'weapons'. Airsoft
rifles and pistols are capable of firing both small plastic pellets and
paint filled pellets so are useful both in the sport itself and also for
backyard target practice.

The major difference is the power of the guns themselves. Paintball guns
are driven by high powered gas cylinders whereas airsoft guns fire
projectiles either through springs, electronic firing mechanisms or with
compressed gas. The issue is that most airsoft guns lack the range and
accuracy of the larger paintball guns simply because they were never
designed with long range fire in mind.

Conversely airsoft guns are available in a huge range of styles and
models. Everything from a Glock handgun to a sniper rifle to a CAR15
assault rifle. Airsoft guns are equally at home hanging in your
livingroom or at use on the airsoft playing field. You can even go as far
as buying an airsoft minigun. Many airsoft fans simply collect the guns
and never get involved in airsoft wargames at all. This is the much the
same as many sword collectors - they display the weapons at home but
don't go running around waving them at people.

The truth is that neither airsoft nor paintball is superior. They're both
a case of personal preference. If you're the extreme sports type then
paintball will suit you more. If you're more of a collector then airsoft
will be more you thing.

Regardless of whether you're a paintball fan or an airsoft fan it's
essential to take proper safety precautions when using these guns. Proper
eye protection in the form of safety goggles should always be worn and
suitable protective clothing to cover your neck and upper torso should
also be worn. Even though some people see these as guns as toys they are
capable of causing injury either through accident or even deliberate

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