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									                 EL PASO MINERAL AND GEM SOCIETY, Inc.
                          P.O. Box 31516, El Paso TX 79931
                                                        FOUNDED – 1947

Membership Dues are due and payable as of December of each year. Dues are $12.00 for Adults (18 and Over)
and $4.00 for Juniors. Make check out to EPM&GS and mail to PO Box 31516 El Paso TX 79931. Delinquency of
over 90 days will result in being removed from the Membership Roster.

Meetings will be held on the 4th Thursday of every month at 2216 East Yandell (The Bridge Club), El Paso TX.
at 6:30 PM. Board Meetings will usually be held a half hour prior to the general meeting. The meeting in July is
our yearly picnic – the date to be announced.

                                                  2009 CLUB OFFICERS

President         Miguel Chrisman       (915)740-0301             Programs             Loraine Johnson       (915)751-4527
Vice President    Judy Herd             (915)821-7818             3 Year Trustee       Matt Durning          (575)382-4301
Treasurer         Linda Durning         (575)382-4301             2 Year Trustee       Tom Smith             (915)356-8653
Secretary         Marie Murphy          (915)471-1071             1 Year Trustee       Randy Herd            (915)821-7818
Historian         Marty Gaugler         (915)859-6634             Show Chair           Harry Bruntz          (915)539-2022
Editor            Charlie Christensen   (575)640-1203             Assist. Show Chair   Jeanette Carrillo     (915)533-7153
Field Trips       Matt Durning          (575)382-4301             Webmaster            Laura Spencer         (575)635-7719
Membership        Charlie Christensen   (575)640-1203             Assist. Webmaster    Charlie Christensen   (575)640-1203

                                                          The Voice
The Voice is the official bulletin of the Society and is published monthly. All articles must be in the editor’s
possession by the Wednesday following the monthly meeting. Any articles received after that will not be published
until the following month. Please note Charlie Christensen’s e-mail address: Please e-mail
articles to be published. Members are encouraged to submit articles for publication. Permission is granted to reprint
material from other sources provided that credit is properly cited. Ads are accepted from members for publication at
no charge for the sale or exchange of items pertaining to the hobby.

WEBSITE: Our club now has a website, Any information you would like to see on this
website contact Laura Spencer at

 The El Paso Mineral and Gem Society, Inc. is a non-profit organization. The purpose of this Society shall be to
 increase and disseminate knowledge about minerals and other geologic materials; to encourage mineral study,
 collecting and fashioning as a hobby; to conduct meeting, lectures, displays, field trips, and to sponsor shows for
 the general edification of the public.

                                                  GENERAL MEETING

The next General Meeting will be 26 March 2009 at 6:30 PM. This is our Rock Auction Night. Bring Rocks, etc, to
auction or bring lots of $$$$ to spend. We always have a great time. Members with the last name starting L thru Z
are asked to bring the goodies. ALL MEETINGS THIS YEAR WILL BE HELD AT 6:30 PM.

                                             SCHOOL BOARD MEETINGS

The School Board Meeting information is posted under School Information and Class Enrollment.

                                                   ADDRESS CHANGES

NOTE: Anyone who has a change in mailing address or phone number please send e-mail to Charlie Christensen
at If, you do not have e-mail capabilities please send notification addressed to EPM&GS
Membership, PO Box 31516, El Paso TX 79931. Thank you.
                                                          or pale colors. The deepest green beryl is actually an
                                                          emerald. March’s alternate birthstone is Bloodstone.
                                                          Source: Rock Chips Mar 2008

                                                          (Feb. 20-Mar. 20)             (Mar. 21- April 20)

  VOLUME LVX             NUMBER 6         MAR 2009              Neptune                       Mars

FOR ALL OFFICERS – There will be a Board                  HINTS, TIPS, AND STUFF
Meeting on 26 Mar 2009 at 6 PM – that’s just
before our regularly scheduled meeting.                   EDITORS NOTES: The source of these tips, hints,
                                                          and stuff are other club bulletins. Be careful
                                                          when trying out any new idea. They have not
                                                          been tried by this editor.

                                                          DON’T FORGET – MEMBERSHIP
                                                          DUES WERE DUE DECEMBER 2008.
                CONDOLENCES are extended to
Ken Raab and his family in the passing of his Wife of     Loraine Johnson, our new Program Director, has set
many years and his son.                                   up the following programs. The one we had for
                                                          February – Silent Splendor – was awesome. You
                                                          guys sure missed a good show.

                                                          28 May 2009 – T-REX – 35 minutes
                                                          Follow process from discovering bones, to
                                                          laboratories, to finished, mounted dinosaurs.
               GET WELL WISHES are sent out to
Art Moreno and Francisco Cuevas. Get well soon            25 Jun 2009 – Agates: Close Up – 40 minutes
guys we need you at the school to keep all them crazy     Examinations include pointing out differences
students in line!!!! Take care.                           between agates formed in sedimentary and igneous

                     BIRTHDAYS AND
                         ANNIVERSARIES                                      Jelrus Model 400 S108
                                                                            Lost Wax Casting System
For those of you who are celebrating one or both of
these occasions in the month of March Happy               Kent Moore Vacuum Pump
Birthday and/or Happy Anniversary.                        Electro Vulcanizing Machine Mk I
                                                          Injection Molds         3 each
BIRTHSTONE FOR MARCH - AQUAMARINE                         Injection Mold Forms 16 each
                                                          Wax Casting Table
Originating from "aqua" meaning water and "mare"          Guards & Many Different Molds
meaning sea, aquamarine crystals are best known for       Hot Wax Pots            2 each
their beautiful blue-green color reminiscent of the       Casting Flasks: 4x4 (16 each); 4x3 (19 each); 4x6 (3
world's oceans. Aquamarine stones range in color          each); 4x5 (1 each); 3.5x4 (1 each); 3.5x 3.5 (1 each);
from clear to blue-green to sky blue. Deeper blues are    3.5x3 (1 each); 3.5x2.5 (2 each); 3x3.75 (1 each)
considered more valuable. A member of the beryl           Rubber Mixing Bowls 2 each
family of minerals, it is often heated to reduce yellow   Wax approximately 10+ lbs
                                                          Steel Shot approximately 30 lbs
Molds Ready Made     25 each
Carbon Cylinders     3 each                               Is "Permanently Bonded" Really Forever?
Insulating Pads      24 each                              Recently I purchased a beautiful Brazilian agate
½ Hp Buffing Machine Double Arbor w/pads 3450             which was glued to a bola slide. When I asked the
rpm                                                       dealer how I could remove the agate, so I could
Large Kiln 3x3x3 approximately                            display it rather than wear it, he replied that he glued
                                                          it with epoxy, and it was on to stay. Later I happened
$1500.00 obo                                              to ask another dealer if he knew of a way I could
                                                          remove the agate from the tie slide. He said they do
Maurice Crawford                                          it all the time. Just put it in the freezer over night.
(h) 575-546-0056 or                                       The next morning use a knife with a thin blade and
(c) 760-417-1249 (best)                                   gently push or pry the blade under the edge of the
                                                          fastener. The tie slide will just pop off. I followed his
DEMING ROCK HOUND ROUNDUP                                 instructions, and sure enough, it popped right off. I
                                                          cleaned off the remaining glue with nail polish
Here is a Tentative Schedule of Field Trips they will     remover, which was the dealers second suggestion if
be having during the Show. They are usually lots of       the freezer method didn't work.
fun and you usually find some really good “stuff”!!!!     Written by Rita O'Neal
                                                          Source: Rock Chips Nov 2008
Thursday, March 12th
Hatch - Rhyolite & Fossils                                Re-polish Cabs? Did you know that you could
Big Diggins - agate, sagenite                             repolish cabs that have become dull from wear
Baker Mine - Geodes (tailings only, NO pit)               without removing them from their mountings? Cut
                                                          1/4 inch diameter soft leather discs and put three of
Friday, March 13th                                        them on a Dremel or screw type mandrel. Use this
Kilbourne Hole - peridot                                  tool with Linde A or diamond paste and you can
Big Diggins - agate, sagenite                             work carefully close to the bezel and around prongs.
                                                          Source: Leaverite News – Sept. 2008 via Rock Chips Nov 2008
Baker Mine - geodes (tailings only, NO pit)

Saturday, March 14th                                      NOTE FROM EDITOR:
Big Diggins - agate, sagenite
Baker Mine - geodes (tailings only, NO pit)               You can also use the following as a means to Re-
Black Dam - geodes, agate, chalcedony                     Polish a cab that has dull from wear, etc.

Donations of $5.00 per person per field trip except       Final Polish for a stone you’ve just set
for Big Diggins, which is $10.00 per person per trip,     Use an electric toothbrush and diamond polishing
are requested.                                            paste. I use an electric toothbrush that the brushes can
                                                          be removed and replaced. I take the brush off and put
NOTE FROM EDITOR/MEMBERSHIP:                              it with the grit that I used so that it doesn’t
                                                          contaminate other grits. I’ve found that after I have
Jim and I will be set up as Vendors at the Rock           worked a piece of jewelry and polished up the
Hound Round Up. I will be set up to receive               sterling, the stone gets a little dull, so I use my trusty
Membership Dues. So if you’re at the Show and             electric toothbrush and put a final polish on the stone.
need to pay your dues stop by and we’ll take care of      Shines up real nice!
                                                          Source: The Voice – April 2007 – written by Charlie Christensen
there. Hope to see you all there.
                                                          Pliers Marring Your Work?
CLUB RAFFLES                                              Use “Plast-Dip”. It’s a liquid rubber coating that’s
                                                          available at Home Depot and comes in a variety of
At our April Meeting we will be Raffling off some         colors. Just dip the nose pieces of your pliers into the
Gemstones. Opal, fireagate, and others – donated by       liquid, pull out and let dry. It’s very durable and
Mike Chrisman. So bring your money and buy some           when it becomes worn, just peel off and dip it again.
tickets.                                                  Source: Glacial Drifter – May 2008 via Rock Chips Oct 2008

We still need donations for our Raffles that we hold      Lapping Geodes
at the meetings every few months. Anything                When you are trying to polish a geode on a vibrating
Rockhounding related - Picks, Collecting Bags, etc.       lap, it is difficult to keep the grit out of the center of
Or, Polished Rocks, Jewelry, Mineral Specimens,           the geode when it is hollow and filled with crystals.
etc. These items are raffled off to raise funds for our   One suggestion has been to fill the center with Knox
monthly rent at the Bridge Club.                          gelatin, a product you can buy at any grocery store. It
turns to jelly when mixed with water and after a               colored banding. I told myself that I was not going to
while, will set up good and firm. Pour this into the           pick up any that I wanted to find petrified wood but I
geode before polishing, and when you are done, just            could not walk over the large book shaped specimen
wash it out with warm water. It leaves no residue.             with great banding. Maybe I had psyched myself out,
Source: Sedona Red Rocking News – 5/2008 via Rock Chips Oct    not hard if you know me. My pooches do regularly.
                                                               Speaking of pooches, a big woof out to Mandy, a
                                                               good looking German Sheppard, who graced us with
                                                               her presence. In our group that day we had a visitor
                                                               from the Las Cruces rock club as well as two
                                                               members from the Deming rock club. That was great.
                                                               Networking, sharing information and exchanging
                     FIELD TRIPS                               field trip information is a great way to go. We also
                                                               have to let each other know that there is current
Note from Your Field Trip Coordinator: Any and                 legislation that could be detrimental to our interests.
all Clubs and their members are cordially invited to           Which have been mentioned in e-mails and news
join us on any of our Field Trips. If you need more            letters. My legislator’s aids know me by name now.
information call Matt at (575)382-4301or (915)491-             So if you get a chance to go on another clubs field
3244 or e-mail                                   trip do so.

The Pick and Shovel Field Trip Report                          That was a good way to say that March’s field trip
By Matthew Durning – Field Trip Chair                          will be to the Deming “Rock Hound Roundup,” show                                                   12-15, 2009. Go to their web page
                                                      for more information. A
To all my rocks and to all my rock hound friends,              great web page design I must add. They go on daily
Happy Valentines Day. This month we had a sweet                field trips, three different sites each day. I’ve been on
time rock hounding in southern New Mexico. I also              them, very cool and very popular. Twenty five plus
have to give a big shout out to all the rock hound             cars caravanning to the sites are not uncommon. It’s
wives and girl friends that get dragged out of bed on          not uncommon that people from all over the country
Saturday mornings to follow us foolish men into the            come for the field trips alone.
hills. There are a few women folk who drag their
unfortunate men and pooches out too. They get up               I have more places planned for field trips in the
early, travel a good amount of miles to get dirty and          coming months such as to a psilomelane site. I’ve cut
to appear enthusiastic about rocks. So Happy                   and polished some agatized psilomelane pieces that
Valentines to all who put up with us, especially to my         are very cool. By the way, the hematite cuts and
lovely darling wife and understanding friend Linda.            polishes very nicely. I’ll show you at the next
                                                               meeting. Till then, fight for your right to enjoy our
Our February field trip was for hematite and agate in          public land because we are under attack by a
the Southwestern Roblados Mountains of Dona Ana                particular N.M. senator.
County. The hematite found had large and small
boytroidal masses similar to bunches of grapes                 Note from Editor: Tentative Field Trip for 11 April
ranging in size from a millimeter to half dollar. This         09 will be to Lordsburg for the above mentioned
particular hematite mineralization can be found in             Psilomelane. More info will be given in April’s
only three areas, here, West Cumberland and Dean               newsletter.
England. All of us found great specimens to take
home, some were outstanding pieces.
From there we traveled about 10 miles north to an
agate field I discovered a month prior while looking
for the hematite. Now geologically speaking, 10
miles is not that far off. There we found milky white
agate masses that contained pink and smoky quartz


Call 915-562-4268 for information and to enroll in Lapidary and Jewelry-craft classes. The Instructors are
volunteers from the school committee of the Society and are not paid in any way by the Society or the students. If
you want to enroll in one of the classes, all you have to do is sign up at the Memorial Park Senior Center which is
located at 1800 Byron Street, El Paso TX. It is important that you register early because a minimum of three
students is needed for a “Go” with a maximum of six students per class. Sign up well in advance as there are
usually waiting lists. Each Class has a $20 fee plus a Lab Fee and any other material costs. The $20 fee payment is
to be made on the first day of the class to the Senior Center, and the Lab Fee will be paid to your instructor. All
other material purchases should be paid for at the time of purchase or delivery.

Active Member Instructors:

Tony De La Cruz             Dorris Brown               Pete Beltran       Francisco Cuevas           Robert Bates
Redgie Medlock              Art Moreno                 Ken Raab           Greg Berglund
Peggy Fontaine              Liz Kosturakis             Norm Ballou        Ron Anderson

                                          SCHOOL BOARD MEETINGS

The meetings are all held at noon in the conference room at the Memorial Park Senior Citizens Center. Anybody
who wishes to sit in on any of the meetings is welcome. We recommend that you call Jim at the Center first to make
sure that the meeting date has not changed. His number is 562-4268.

Wed 28 Jan 2009             Tues 24 Feb 2009           Mon 23 Mar 2009             Tues 21 Apr 2009
Wed 27 May 2009             Tues 23 Jun 2009           Mon 20 Jul 2009             Tues 25 Aug 2009
Mon 21 Sep 2009             Tues 20 Oct 2009           Mon 16 Nov 2009             Tues 15 Dec 2009

Class Schedule: (Classes run from 9 AM to 12 Noon unless otherwise noted)

Monday & Wednesday          Lapidary                                      02-23-2009 thru 04-01-2009
                                                                          04-13-2009 thru 05-20-2009
                                                                          06-01-2009 thru 07-08-2009
                                                                          07-20-2009 thru 08-26-2009

Monday & Wednesday          Silversmith       Beginning                   02-23-2009 thru 04-01-2009
                                              Advanced                    04-13-2009 thru 05-20-2009
                                              Beginning                   06-01-2009 thru 07-08-2009
                                              Advanced                    07-20-2009 thru 08-26-2009

Tuesday & Thursday          Casting, Faceting, & Wirewrap                 02-24-2009 thru 04-02-2009
                                 Classes                                  04-14-2009 thru 05-21-2009
                                                                          06-02-2009 thru 07-09-2009
                                                                          07-21-2009 thru 08-27-2009

Monday thru Friday          (NEW) ADVANCED WORKSHOP                       All the time
(see note below)            12:30 – 3:00 PM

Friday            Beading                                       Held from 9 AM to 12 Noon.
                                                                Fee $3.00. Bring your own


The shop at the Memorial Senior Center is open for anyone’s use on Friday’s from 9 AM to 12 Noon. The shop fee
for every session is $3.00 to be paid to the instructor in charge of the Workshop.
                                                     SHOW DATES

6-8--SHARONVILLE (CINCINNATI), OHIO: Show; GemStreet USA; Sharonville Convention Center, 11355
Chester Rd.; Fri. 10-6, Sat. 10-6, Sun. 11-5; adults $7, seniors (60+) and students (12-17) $5, under 12 free, ticket
good all weekend; fine gems, jewelry, mineral specimens, fossils, beads, findings, display items, Scout badges,
discount coupon on Web site; contact Jane Strieter Smith, (216) 521-GEMS (4367); e-mail:; Web

7-8--BIG SPRING, TEXAS: 40th annual show; Big Spring Prospectors Club; Howard County Fair Barn; Sat. 9-5,
Sun. 10-5; dealers, demonstrators; contact Jerald Wilson, 707 Tulane, Big Spring, TX 79720, (432) 263-4662
7-8--CALDWELL, IDAHO: Show, "Gems Are Fine for 2009"; Owyhee Gem & Mineral Society; O'Connor Field
House, 2200 Blaine; Sat. 10-6, Sun. 10-5; dealers, displays, black light, silent auction table, wheel of gems, sand
dig, rock bags, grand prize, demonstrators, door prizes; contact Tom Rogers, 208-465-5529; e-mail:; Web site:

7-8--ROBSTOWN (CORPUS CHRISTI), TEXAS: 47th annual show; Gulf Coast Gem & Mineral Club; Richard M.
Borchard Regional Fairgrounds, U.S. 77 and Rte. 44; Sat. 10-6, Sun. 10-5; adults $5, children under 12 free;
minerals, fossils, jewelry, kids' wheel, silent auction, door prizes, dealers and demonstrations; contact Jerrold
Simpson, (361) 851-8788

12-15--DEMING, NEW MEXICO: 44th annual show, "Rockhound Roundup"; Deming Gem & Mineral
Society; Southwestern New Mexico Fairgrounds; Thu. 9-5, Fri. 9-5, Sat. 9-5, Sun. 9-5; free admission;
displays, demonstrations, jewelry, rocks, drawings, raffle, field trips, silent auction, live auction; contact Bud
Daily, P.O. Box 1459, Deming, NM 88031, (575) 267-4399

13-15--CLEVELAND, OHIO: Show; GemStreet USA; Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds, Bagley Rd. entrance, 0.5
mile west of I-71 and Bagley Rd.; Fri. 10-6, Sat. 10-6, Sun. 11-5; adults $7, seniors (60+) and students (12-17) $5,
under 12 free, ticket good all weekend; fine gems, jewelry, mineral specimens, fossils, beads, findings, display
items, Scout badges, discount coupon on Web site; contact Jane Strieter Smith, (216) 521-GEMS (4367); e-mail:; Web site:

13-15--OGDEN, UTAH: 58th annual show, "2009 Gemstone Junction;" Golden Spike Gem & Mineral Society;
Union Station, 2500 Wall Ave.; Fri. 9-6, Sat. 10-6, Sun. 10-5; adults $2, students $1.50, children under 12 free with
adult; more than 25 dealers, more than 30 display cases, dinosaur bones, fossils, minerals, jewelry, beads, faceted
stones, geodes, petrified wood, lapidary tools and equipment, demonstrations, rock bags, wheel of fortune, door
prizes, silent auction; contact Richard Gabel, P.O. Box 12835, Ogden, UT 84412-2835, (801) 648-5060; e-mail:

14-15--MACOMB, ILLINOIS: 29th annual show; The Geodeland Earth Science Clubs; Western Illinois University,
Student Union Ballroom, Murray St.; Sat. 10-6, Sun. 10-5; free admission; dealers, minerals, fossils, jewelry,
equipment, silent auction, rock, mineral, fossil and artifact identification, activities for kids, Spin & Win game, door
prizes, live and recorded programs, lapidary demonstrations, earth science displays, fluorescent mineral display,
geode cracking, grand door prize; contact Dennis Bomke, (217) 546-4096; e-mail:

14-15--SAN MARINO, CALIFORNIA: 51st annual show, "Tournament of Gems"; Pasadena Lapidary Society; San
Marino Masonic Center, 3130 Huntington Dr.; Sat. 10-6, Sun. 10-5; free admission; member displays,
demonstrations, dealers; contact Drew Wilson, (626) 298-1534

14-15--SPRECKELS, CALIFORNIA: 63rd annual show; Sat. 10-5, Sun. 10-5: Spreckels Veterans Hall, 5th St. and
Llano St.; displays, beads, finished jewelry, rough rock, fluorescent display, kids' activities, demonstrations, free
hourly door prize, raffle, dealers, silent auction, minerals, fossils, lapidary; contact Ernie deFever, (831) 422-3422,
or Karin Salomon; e-mail:; Web site:

14-15--TWIN FALLS, IDAHO: Show; Magic Valley Gem Club; Boys and Girls Club, 999 Frontier Rd.; Sat. 10-5,
Sun. 10-4; contact Harold Waggoner, 3439 N 3300 E, Kimberly, ID 83341, (208) 423-9668; e-mail:

20-22--ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO: 41st annual show, "Treasures of the Earth Show"; Albuquerque Gem &
Mineral Club; School Arts/Flower Bldgs., New Mexico State Fair Grounds (EXPO-NM); Fri. 10-6, Sat. 10-6, Sun.
10-5; adults $1 (Fri.) and $3 (Sat. and Sun.), kids under 13 free; more than 35 dealers, mineral displays,
demonstrations, door prizes, kids' booth, silent auctions; contact Paul Hlava, (505) 255-5478; e-mail:

20-22--SANDY (SALT LAKE CITY), UTAH: Show; Gem Faire Inc.; South Towne Exposition Center/Exhibit Hall
5, 9575 S. State St.; Fri. 12-7, Sat. 10-7, Sun. 10-5; $5 weekend pass; contact Yooy Nelson, (503) 252-8300; e-mail:; Web site:

20-22--SPANISH FORK, UTAH: 50th annual show, "Spring Parade of Gems"; Timpanogos Gem & Mineral
Society; Spanish Fork Fairgrounds, 475 S. Main; Fri. 10-7, Sat. 10-7, Sun. 10-5; free admission; contact Don
Bagshaw, 210 S 400 E, Salem, UT 84653, (801) 423-2538; e-mail:

21-22--CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA: 46th show; Cedar Valley Rocks & Minerals Society; Teamsters Union Hall, 5000
J St. SW; Sat. 8:30-6, Sun. 9:30-5; adults $2, students (12-18) 50 cents, youth groups and children under 12 free
(with adults); programs, demonstrations, Pebble Pit for kids, silent auctions, displays, 20 dealers, special exhibit
theme "Crystals"; contact Leslie Blin, 505 5th Ave., Marion, IA 52302, (319) 377-3339;

21-22--SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS: 48th show, "Fiesta of Gems"; Southwest Gem & Mineral Society; Live Oak
Civic Center, 8101 Pat Booker Rd.; Sat. 10-6, Sun. 10-4; adults $4, seniors and military $3, students $2, children 50
cents; minerals, gems, jewelry, fossils, lapidary, exhibits, silent auction; contact Robert Bowie, 1324 Kings Point
Dr., Canyon Lake, TX 78133; e-mail:; Web site:

27-29--FORT COLLINS, COLORADO: 48th annual show, "Nature's Treasures"; Fort Collins Rockhounds; Lincoln
Center, 419 W. Magnolia St.; Fri. 4-8, Sat. 9-6, Sun. 10-5; adults $3, $5/weekend, seniors $3, students (under 18)
$1, children under 12 free with adult; exhibits, door prizes, grab bags, silent auction, demonstrations, 7 gem and
mineral dealers; contact Dave Halliburton, P.O. Box 482, Fort Collins, CO 80522, (970) 493-6168; e-mail:; Web site:

28-29--LINCOLN, NEBRASKA: Show, "Gembalaya"; Lincoln Gem & Mineral Club; Pershing Center, 226
Centennial Mall S.; Sat. 9-6, Sun. 10-5; adults $5, children under 12 free with adult; rocks, gemstones, minerals,
fossils, beads, jewelry, exhibits, displays, demonstrations, programs, dealers, youth activities; Charles Wooldridge,
Lincoln Gem & Mineral Club, P.O. Box 5342, Lincoln, NE 68505, (402) 416-3233; e-mail:; Web site:


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