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Eagle Eyes Sunglasses - No More Rays

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Eagle Eyes sunglasses, there is no better.

Eagle Eyes sunglasses, Eagle Eyes sun glasses,

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Eagle Eyes sunglasses are designed to block blue light as well as the
Ultraviolet rays of the sun. These sunglasses offer you the ultimate
protection for your eyes. The Eagle Eyes sunglasses not only give you
protection, but they also help to enhance your vision on foggy days as
well. This doesn’t mean that if you have a vision problem, Eagle Eyes can
fix it for you without a prescription. It means that the technology in
these sunglasses helps you see better in different light conditions.

When you first put on the Eagle Eyes sun glasses, it seems as if your
surroundings get brighter. This might make you think that the sunglasses
are no good. However, in this kind of light, your eyes are comfortable
and you don’t need to squint. The Eagle Eyes sunglasses all have the
Polarized Selective transmission in the lenses to block blue and violet
light, but still let other colors from the spectrum get through.

Unlike ordinary sun glasses, those from Eagle Eyes do not use dark lenses
to indiscriminately block different colors. Eagle Eyes sunglasses try to
mimic the lenses in the eyes of hawks and eagles to bring you the best
possible clarity when you are wearing them. This doesn’t mean that it
will look as if you have the eyes of an eagle, but it will certainly feel
like it when you wear Eagle Eyes sun glasses.

With Eagle Eyes sunglasses, scenes appear to be more vivid. This is
because the lenses in the Eagle Eyes sun glasses enhance the harmless
colors, such as red, orange and green, but neutralize harmful blue and
violet to appear gray. The unique eye protection you get from the Eagle
Eyes line of sunglasses offers you 100% blockage of UV rays.

Have you ever noticed that while sunglasses help you see things clearly
outside during the day, when you take them off inside, it is difficult to
see at first? Well, with Eagle Eyes sunglasses, you won’t have this
problem. Because these sunglasses are so comfortable on your eyes, even
when you enter a darkened room, you don’t have to wait for your eyes to
adjust to the light. You can have prescription lenses in the Eagle Eyes
sun glasses or you can buy clip on sunglasses that fit over your regular
glasses. Now how much more convenient can you have it?

Eagle Eyes sunglasses, there is no better.

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