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Emergency LED Lantern: The Features That Make It Important for Homes

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As winter approaches and the potential for power   outages and other
emergencies rise, it is important to ensure your   home and outdoor
survival kit is stocked. An emergency lantern is   a very important element
to such a kit. This article discusses the value    of an LED emergency
lantern for such a kit and what to look for in a   good one.

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Having a dependable light source that isn’t going to fail at a vital
moment is essential, especially as inclement weather sets in this time of
year. Winter emergencies can strike with little warning. It is therefore
important that your home is prepared with the best lighting and survival
tools possible. When it comes to a light source, it is important that it
not only cast a strong light when you need it most but one that also has
a variety of features to make sure that you’re never stranded in the dark
during an emergency situation. Consider purchasing an LED emergency
lantern which produces a strong white LED light at a fraction of the
energy cost of traditional light bulbs.

What’s So Great about LED
An LED light like those available in emergency lanterns or flashlights
are far superior to a standard incandescent flashlight. LED’s are not
like traditional bulbs because they contain no glass casing or a
filament. This means you don’t have to worry about the bulb breaking or
the filament burning out at an inconvenient time. A white LED light will
burn for years longer than a comparable white light bulb at a much lower
energy cost. You may also find that manufactures will combine LED’s in a
lantern or flashlight to produce a brighter light in the same amount of
space as a standard bulb would be able to create. This is why you can
find small LED flashlights that put out a great light than some larger
traditional versions. Because multiple LED’s are used in these lights you
are also generally able to use different light settings easily as well.
The ability to dim an emergency lantern in the evening or at night at the
push of a button is another great feature of a quality LED lantern.

What to Look For
There are a few key features you should make sure to pay attention to
when you are purchasing your LED emergency lantern. Look for a lantern
that is convertible between a “lantern” mode and a “flashlight” mode.
Also look for one that utilizes multiple LEDs. Depending on the size of
the lantern, 8-12 bulbs are recommended. A hand crank to provide
emergency power in case the batteries are low is a wonderful feature as
is a rechargeable battery pack. As mentioned above, the ability to
adjust the light intensity either through different settings or a dimmer
switch is a practical feature that can ensure that your lamp can be used
for both emergency situations as well as general outdoor use.

Extra Bells and Whistles
As always, there are some additional LED lantern options and features out
there that may prove useful to you. Some come with built-in radio systems
for listening to news or weather reports. Others have emergency road
flare settings which blink orange or red lights should you keep the
lantern in your outdoor survival kit or camping gear. As always, check
out product reviews online and read about other users’ experience with
lanterns with these features to see if they prove useful or not.
Regardless of the brand or style of LED emergency lantern you choose, it
is important that your home have one in its emergency tool kit. The
value of having a dependable light source in any emergency situation is
immeasurable when it comes to the safety and comfort of your home and

-Ben Anton, 2007

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