Laser Eye Surgery Dangers!

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					                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                                     Laser Eye Surgery Dangers!
                                                             By Alfred J.James

    Dry Eyes Treatments will vary depending on the level of dry eye syndrome. Most people can use
artificial tears or similar eye drops or ointments that simulate the action of tears. These eye drops vary
from temporary relief, ones that adhere to the eyes and protect for long term, some with preservatives
and others without. It is best to ask an eye care professional which one is better suited for your dry
eyes syndrome. Some are sold over the counter and trying out which one works best for you is a

Laser Eye Surgery Laser eye correction surgery can be a great thing if it is successful, and you are
able to ditch the eye glasses and contact lenses because of it. Before you jump into any surgery, you
should always know the pros and cons about it. This way if the surgery is not successful, and you fall
into the few people that have side effects from the surgery, you will not have any surprises. When you
are weighing the pros and the cons, always consider each and every one of them to the fullest extent.
You should know what you are getting into, before you have eye surgery done, and know the risks, as
well as the benefits.

Pros and Cons of Eye Surgery The cons are important, and there are more cons than there are pros
when it comes to laser eye correction surgery. However, you should be fully aware of all of the cons,
and talk them over with your loved ones that help you make important decisions in your life.

1. Dry eyes Having dry eyes from laser correction surgery is a con. When you get dry eyes from
having the eye laser procedure performed, you are looking at a lifetime of it. Dry eyes can be
uncomfortable, and make you feel as if you have something in your eyes on a regular basis. However,
that is not the only side effect of dry eyes, they can also itch, and just feel scratchy. You can use drops
to help relieve this con of laser eye surgery, but drops do not always help.

2. Still needing eye glasses or contacts There are times that laser eye correction is performed, and the
patient will still need to wear eye glasses or contacts to see correctly. Sometimes this con occurs when
the surgeon did not remove enough bad tissue from your eyes, or maybe he removed too much.
Because the amount of tissue that he removes is based on your particular eye prescription, there is
really no way to tell how much is not enough, or too much until the procedure is over.

3. Loss of vision The worst con from having laser eye correction surgery is the chance of loss of

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

vision. When you experience this con, your vision cannot be corrected by contact lenses or eye
glasses. You will have permanent loss of vision, and as a result, will not be able to have it corrected.
This is a huge con that you really should consider, and decide if the risk is worth it to you. While the
cons are rather extensive, they may outweigh the pros in your book. However, if you are someone that
really despises contact lenses, you may be willing to take the risks.

4. 20/20 vision While 20/20 vision is not always the outcome, it could be a possibility. The chance of
having perfect vision after laser eye correction surgery may be worth all of the risks to you. You will be
able to go swimming and not have to worry about your contact lenses in your eyes. Waking up in the
morning and not having to reach for your eye glasses may be a joy that you want to experience, and
make all of the associated risks worth it. You will also want to read about the pros that are associated
with laser eye correction surgery.

5. Slimmer eye glasses While sometimes 20/20 vision is not something that occurs after laser eye
correction surgery, the thought of no longer wearing thick glasses may appeal to you. If your vision is
not corrected 100 percent from the laser eye surgery, it may mean that you will just need a different
prescription for your eye glasses. For some, the idea of slimmer and sleek eye glasses may be worth
the pain and discomfort that you may feel after surgery.

While the cons can outweigh the pros, you should take all of them into consideration before you jump
into laser eye correction surgery. Know your pros and cons, and know what you want your outcome to
be after the procedure. Be sure that you discuss all of the above with your surgeon, and let him know
how you feel about each possibility.

Bacterial Conjunctivitis Bacterial Conjunctivitis is caused by certain types of bacteria that have made
their way to the eye. Common bacteria include staphylococci and streptococci. Allergic Conjunctivitis is
caused by allergic reactions to different substances such as fumes, cosmetics, medication, and many
others. Pink eye usually effects people who have allergic conditions.

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

                              Laser Eye Surgery: A More And More Popular Procedure
                                                          By Gabriel Adams

 Laser eye surgery is becoming more and more popular as more research is conducted and more
sophisticated procedures are being developed. Laser eye surgery is the best alternative to glasses or
contact lenses, as it removes the need to don any object in order to improve upon one's sight. Laser
eye surgery is now much more safer and less expensive then it was ten years ago, and no one can
foresee the advances that scientists will make in the field in ten years.

Specialized doctors all across the nation are now involved in this field. The business is lucrative, as
many people are interested in the procedure, as well as prestigious. The service is even being
advertised heavily on TV now, and there are many establishments completely devoted to laser eye

As stated, laser eye surgery is very cheap (relatively) nowadays. Some companies who have put their
businesses online proclaim they will perform the procedure for less than three hundred dollars. On
television, advertisements for laser eye surgery have deals such as, "Pay $2,000 for one eye, and get
the second eye half off!" Some people have even pondered about getting one eye done and then
having the other done months or even years later, just to save money.

Some of the long term effects of laser eye surgery are not yet known. A humorous look at a possibly
"blinding" effect is your eyes falling out after ten years (Simpsons). Of course, that is extremely
unlikely, if not totally impossible, as an effect that extreme. However, it is truly unknown about some of
the lesser serious long term effects laser eye surgery, but that small possibility should not stop anyone
from receiving the procedure, if they need it.

It might be better to wait a few more years before having laser eye surgery, as so far the research has
been exponential and it become even more safer and effective then it is now in just a few years. Still,
the technology today is still amazing, and it is definitely worth having the procedure done now.

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