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Baby Name Meanings

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You've found a really nice name for your new baby. But what does the
name mean? This article explains the significance of baby name meanings
and how you can avoid nice -sounding names with nasty meanings.

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Speaking as a Michael (a Hebrew name, meaning "Who is like God"),   I'm
really proud of my name. And I think that I - mostly - live up to   the
title! Of course, my mother would probably disagree; I think the    phrase
"little devil" would probably pass her lips if she was describing   me
during many stages of my childhood.

 But then, my mother has her own issues; apparently her name (Kathleen)
is a Celtic name meaning "Little Darling". Hmmm, that isn't the way I
used to think about her during those regular occasions when she was
punishing me for my "not like God" behaviour…!

And that's the fun of baby name meanings - parents make naming decisions
based on many, many different reasons, including family traditions,
religion, culture, uniqueness and "it just sounds really nice." But - in
the Western world - we rarely do any real research into the history or
real meaning of baby names. So when the poor/lucky child finally finds
out the meaning of his/her "really nice sounding" name, the results can
be interesting, ironic, unfortunate or just sometimes hilarious.

You can have a lot of fun thinking up family/friends names, finding out
the meanings and trying to make a connection between the two. For
example, my eldest brother Clive is apparently "a cliff dweller", which
is coincidental, since he lives at the top of a very long steep hill! Or
why not play the game with celebrities - consider the following:

Badu (as in r n'b singer Erykah Badu): African name meaning "Tenth born

Winona (as in actress Winona Ryder): Sioux name meaning "Firstborn

Aaliyah (the late r n'b singer): Arabic name meaning "High, exalted"

Hilary (as in actresses Duff/Swank): Latin name meaning "Cheerful"

Some cultures have very interesting traditions when it comes to baby name
meanings. For example, Hindu names usually have connections with very
positive things such as truth, beauty, happiness, blessings, etc, or one
of the Hindu gods. In the Sikh culture, girls traditionally have the
middle or surname "Kaur", meaning "Princess", whilst the boys have the
middle or surname "Singh", meaning "Lion".

An African friend of mine once mentioned that many Africans are given a
second name corresponding to the day of the week on which they were born.
I think is a really nice tradition, but in my case, my middle name would
be "Sondo" (born on Sunday)!! Hmmmm…

Whatever type of name you have chosen, or are thinking about for your
"bundle of joy", its worth doing a little research into the meaning. And
it's never been easier, with the wealth of Internet resources and books
available, including my own site at, which
is jam-packed with resources, tips and information on baby names, baby
name meanings and baby products.

Your search may yield some surprises; for example, the lovely-sounding
name "Malory" is French and means "Bad luck". You could get round this by
spelling it "Mallory", but this means "Without good fortune" in Old

Alternatively, you may end up a little confused by different meanings of
the same name; for example "Leah" is a beautiful girl's name, but what
does it mean? Well…

"    In Hebrew it means "Cow" or "Weary one" - uugghhh!
"    In Greek it means "Glad tidings"
"    In Assyrian, it means "Mistress, ruler"

And a final warning: if you are planning to go for a funky, unusual-
sounding name, be sure to avoid "Bacia," - its Ugandan meaning is "Family
deaths ruined the home!"

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