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									                                 CONCOURS ESIEE
                                      Epreuve d'Anglais

                                        Durée : 1 heure

Questions 1-16                                   Temps conseillé : 10 minutes

Remplacez le(s) mot(s) souligné(s) par le meilleur équivalent ou synonyme (un seul choix possible).


0      Anne does all the housework for a family of four, and she’s fed up with the situation.
       A     delighted
       B     discontented
       C     satisfied
       D     not coping                             (Réponse correcte : B)

1      The boys said they had a terrific time at the football match.

       A         awful
       B         difficult
       C         marvelous
       D         frightening

2      Please come at once.

       A         alone
       B         finally
       C         another time
       D         without delay

3      I think that the boss is cross with me.

       A         proud of
       B         bored by
       C         annoyed at
       D         crazy about

Concours ESIEE 2007                              Anglais                                              1/15
4     When their parents were out, Sarah usually minded the children.

      A       obeyed
      B       listened to
      C       took care of
      D       was disturbed by

5     The children made a fuss about going shopping.

      A       insisted on
      B       objected to
      C       were proud of
      D       were worried about

6     Allan's car wouldn't start, so they decided to tow it.

      A       repair the engine
      B       use cables to start it
      C       leave it beside the road
      D       pull it with another car

7     Howard gave his girlfriend a shove.

      A       hug
      B       push
      C       wink
      D       glance

8     They watched Carla sketch the flower.

      A       pick
      B       draw
      C       water
      D       smell

9     Oh no! My library book is wrecked .

      A       late
      B       lost
      C       costly
      D       damaged

10    The meeting was called to order.

       A      started
       B      finished
       C      organized
       D      interrupted

Concours ESIEE 2007                            Anglais                  2/15
11    The doctor wanted to know why Gary's arm was swollen.

      A       red
      B       sore
      C       puffy
      D       spotty

12    We cracked up when we saw his face.

      A       stopped smiling
      B       screamed in terror
      C       burst out laughing
      D       ran in all directions

13    Deborah's ideas were very muddled.

      A       odd
      B       precise
      C       radical
      D       confused

14    My father was always building castles in the air.

      A       dreaming
      B       forgetting things
      C       thinking of the past
      D       achieving the impossible

15    The police claimed the witness had been bought off.

      A       bribed
      B       abducted
      C       mistaken
      D       threatened

16    Now that the report is finished, we must edit it.

      A       print it.
      B       correct it.
      C       publicize it.
      D       put it on line.

Concours ESIEE 2007                           Anglais         3/15

Questions 17-40                         Temps conseillé : 15 minutes

Complétez la phrase par la bonne expression ou choisissez la réponse qui convient (un seul choix


0        Anne _______all the housework for a family of four, and she’s fed up with the situation.

         A      do
         B      have done
         C      does
         D      doing                           (Réponse correcte : C)

    17   _______ you think Aymen is coming to the party tonight?

         A      Do
         B      Did
         C      Are
         D      Have

18       “Jim's studied at Oxford, you know.”
         -- “Oh, _______ he?”

         A      does
         B      did
         C      has
         D      is

19       Michael is going to stay ______ his cousins in Ireland this summer.

         A      at
         B      to
         C      by
         D      with

20       She didn't have _______ lessons, but her marks in math improved.

         A      plenty
         B      much
         C      many
         D      a lot

Concours ESIEE 2007                             Anglais                                             4/15
21 Waiter: What would you like?
     “ ______ a coke with ice, please.”

       A       I take
       B       I’ll have
       C       I'd take
       D       Could I

22     I've just been ______ to the recording of my teacher's lecture and taking notes.

       A       hearing
       B       assisting
       C       listening
       D       attending

23     I don't know where Rodrigo lives, ______ I can't send him a letter.

       A       then
       B       also
       C       why
       D       so

24     We won't go to the beach this afternoon _____ the sun comes out, since we won't be able to swim.

       A       if
       B       unless
       C       because
       D       whether

25     “How _______ did John run the marathon?”
       -- “In 2004 and in 2006.”

       A       long
       B       much time
       C       many times
       D       much longer

26     Shelley: “Mark and I are expecting a baby.”
       Mother: “ _______ I'm so happy for you.”

       A       Oh, drat!
       B       Go figure!
       C       Now, now!
       D       That's brilliant!

27     In 1961, the role of Rodolfo in La Bohème _______ by Pavarotti, the Italian opera star.

       A       sang
       B       was sung
       C       has been sung
       D       is being sung

Concours ESIEE 2007                           Anglais                                              5/15
28    Language teachers must be careful not to seem ________ when correcting their students'

      A      critic
      B      critical
      C      criticize
      D      critically

29   “You ought to start saving now to buy a car.”
     -- “Yes, I ______ .”

      A      agree
      B      agreed
      C      am agree
      D      am agreed

30    Since the beginning of the meeting, he ______ notes.

      A      took
      B      is taking
      C      was taken
      D      has been taking

31    There are _______ people waiting to greet the candidate.

      A      ten thousand
      B      ten thousands
      C      ten thousand of
      D      tens of thousand

32    “It's David and Anne's wedding anniversary.”
      -- “Oh?” How long ______ ?”

      A      did they marry
      B      they were married
      C      they have married
      D      have they been married

33    You ______ kiss or wear revealing clothing in public in Muslim countries; it shocks people.

      A      needn't
      B      shall not
      C      shouldn't
      D      don't have to

Concours ESIEE 2007                         Anglais                                                 6/15
34    William _____ a course in political science, and after his degree, he worked for the government.

      A       took
      B       studied
      C       assisted
      D       pursued

35    After _____ the film, we went out for ice cream.

      A       watch
      B       watched
      C       to watch
      D       watching

36    “Would you care to have dinner at my place?”
      “ Certainly, ______ .”

      A       I'll accept.
      B       I'd be glad to.
      C       I'll have a go.
      D       I'd better do it.

37    “Why isn't Jackie here?”
      -- “I don't know, she ______ forgotten the date of the meeting.”

      A       will have
      B       must have
      C       can't have
      D       may not have

38    “Do you know where Stacy is?”
      -- “_______ . Everyone's been looking for her, but I haven't a clue.”

      A       Lord knows!
      B       Don't go there.
      C       Lo and behold!
      D       Mum's the word.

39    Hannah didn't want to make a speech because she _______ in front of a crowd.

      A       didn't use to speak
      B       wasn't used to speaking
      C       wasn't usually speaking
      D       didn't get used to speaking

40    Beth desperately wanted to get rid of her husband for the evening, so she ______

      A       built a castle in Spain.
      B       had a bone to pick with him.
      C       gave him chapter and verse.
      D       sent him on a wild goose chase.

Concours ESIEE 2007                          Anglais                                               7/15
Questions 41-80              Temps conseillé pour cette partie : 35 minutes


Parmi les quatre propositions ci-dessous, choisissez le(s) mot(s) nécessaire(s) pour compléter
chaque phrase (un seul choix possible).

‘Soft Skills’ a key to employment today
   Today’s competitive job market means that minimum acceptable skills 41______ replaced
with higher standards. And 42______the higher standards are what many call “soft skills.”
   A soft skill refers to the cluster of personality traits, social graces, facility with language,
personal habits, friendliness, and optimism that mark 43______ of us to varying degrees.
People 44______ rank high in this cluster, with good soft skills, are generally the people that
most employers want to hire. Soft skills complement hard skills, which are the technical
requirements of a job. The ideal, of course, is someone strong in 45______ job and personal
skills, but as one employer 46______ in a recent report, Hard Work and Soft Skills, “Don’t
worry so 47______about the technical skills. We need schools to teach them how to 48______
up on time, how to work in teams, and how to take supervision.”

   In the Career Center, it is 49______to note which candidates make the best impression on
visiting recruiters. Invariably, it seems that recruiters 50______ the outgoing, friendly, well-
adjusted candidates more than those with great qualifications but less 51______ soft skills. And
there is 52______question that personal appearance contributes significantly to a positive
   There may be no easy way 53______for soft skills; the basics stem from early childhood and
the family environment. A list of some of these appears on the following page. To this must be
added the ability to sense what is 54______in different environments and to adapt quickly
55 ______those around you who are the most successful.
                                                        From Purdue University's Career Center guide

41     a) be                 b) has been                c) are been        d) are being
42     a) apart              b) among                   c) between         d) beside
43     a) every              b) whole                   c) each            d) those
44     a) what               b) who                     c) which           d) whom
45     a) both               b) and                     c) either          d) any
46     a) quoted             b) told it                 c) spoke           d) put it
47     a) much               b) more                    c) many            d) hardly
48     a) stand              b) dress                   c) give            d) show
49     a) interest           b) to interest             c) interesting     d) interested
50     a) are fond of        b) prefer                  c) like            d) love
51     a) available          b) susceptible             c) convenient      d) acceptable
52     a) a                  b) some                    c) any             d) no
53     a) train              b) to train                c) training        d) trained
54     a) required           b) obliged                 c) compelled       d) forced
55     a) for watching       b) by watching             c) to watch        d) in watching

Concours ESIEE 2007                           Anglais                                            8/15

Choisissez la réponse qui convient (un seul choix possible).

Text 1

Fri Jul 14, 2006
BERLIN (Reuters) - A Berlin postman who was caught with several thousand undelivered
letters in his basement has admitted he was overwhelmed by the job but insisted he planned
to deliver them soon.
Police recently found 90 boxes of post stacked in his basement. The postal worker, 36,
identified only as Thomas H., told Bild newspaper Friday he was only temporarily storing the
post at his house and friends would help with delivery. "There was just too much and I couldn't
deliver it all by myself," he told the newspaper. Police said some of the letters found had been
postmarked as early as April. The postal worker faces disciplinary action.

56       Which is the best headline for this newspaper article?

         A       He's got mail!
         B       Signed, sealed and delivered
         C       The postman always rings twice
         D       Berlin postal service strike expected

57       Why did the worker have difficulty doing his job?

         A       His co-workers were absent.
         B       He was always late for work.
         C       He couldn't work fast enough.
         D       His friends kept bothering him.

58       According to the text, what will happen to Thomas now?

         A       He will go to prison.
         B       He will lose his job.
         C       His friends will help him.
         D       His employer will punish him.

Concours ESIEE 2007                              Anglais                                  9/15
Text 2

                    Left-         Day,
                    Left-Hander's Day, 13th August
Every year around the world, we celebrate our uniqueness on Left-Hander’s Day. It is
also our opportunity to show all the right-handers just how difficult it can be living in
our modern world. Left-handedness occurs in 10-15% of the population – that’s
around 2.5 million Australians! Join in by letting everyone know about our special day
and see if they can do a few of their normal activities in a left-handed fashion, so they
can understand some of the frustrations we face each day.

 You can also send a free electronic greeting card for Left-Hander’s Day to all your
      left-handed friends. now has them for our special day!

59       What is the main purpose of this text?

         A       To sell electronic greeting cards.
         B       To promote a special awareness day.
         C       To explain why some people prefer their left hands.
         D       To show that left-handers can succeed at normal activities.

60       How many people are left-handed generally, according to this text?

         A       One in four.
         B       One in five.
         C       One in twenty-five.
         D       More than one in ten.

61       What can we assume about the author of this text?

         A       He is a left-handed Australian.
         B       He works for
         C       He is frustrated with his daily life.
         D       Most of his friends are left-handed.

Concours ESIEE 2007                               Anglais                                   10/15
Text 3

The Many Uses of Penguin Brand Dry Ice
1 – 877- PENGUIN
Toll Free 877-736-4846

Dry Ice is frozen carbon dioxide, a normal part of our earth's atmosphere. It is the gas that we exhale
during breathing and that plants use in photosynthesis. It is also the same gas commonly added to water
to make soda (i.e. carbonated) water. Dry ice is particularly useful for freezing and keeping things frozen
because of its very cold temperature: -109.3°F or -78.5°C. It is widely used because it is easy to handle
using insulated gloves, and leaves behind no reside or by-product. Dry ice is so-called because it changes
directly from a solid to a gas (sublimation) in normal atmospheric conditions without going through a wet
liquid stage. As a general rule, dry ice will sublimate at a rate of five to ten pounds every 24 hours in a
typical ice chest. Because of this, it must not be stored in an airtight container, which might burst due to
the pressure if the gas builds up.
Commercial shippers of perishables often use dry ice even for non-frozen goods, such as pharmaceuticals
or flowers. Dry ice gives more than twice the cooling energy per pound of weight and three times the
cooling energy per volume than regular water ice. However, dry ice is much heavier than traditional ice,
weighing about double. Other uses for dry ice are cooling and carbonating party drinks such as punch
without diluting them, creating fog for special effects, for high pressure cleaning of materials, and in

62       Which of these uses for dry ice is NOT mentioned in the article?

         A       Making fizzy drinks.
         B       Cooling freezers during power failures.
         C       Aiding fermentation of grapes in winemaking.
         D       Keeping goods from spoiling during transportation.

63       What sort of problem might occur when using dry ice?

         A       A sealed container might explode.
         B       It could leave a sticky reside behind.
         C       A toxic by-product could be released.
         D       Special equipment is needed to move it.

64       According to the text, which of these facts about dry ice is true?

         A       It weighs far less than H2O ice.
         B       It is far colder than frozen water.
         C       It can sometimes be found in nature.
         D       It gradually melts at room temperature.

65       What does the expression 'the dry ice sublimates' mean, according to the text?

         A       It liquifies.
         B       It cools down.
         C       It turns into gas.
         D       It becomes solid.

Concours ESIEE 2007                              Anglais                                            11/15
Lisez l'article ci-dessous, puis répondez aux deux séries de questions qui suivent.

Physics promises wireless power
By Jonathan Fildes , Science and technology reporter, BBC News

The tangle of cables and plugs needed to recharge today's electronic gadgets could soon be a thing of
the past. US researchers have outlined a relatively simple system that could deliver power to devices such as
laptop computers or MP3 players without wires. The concept exploits century-old physics and could work
over distances of many metres, the researchers said. Although the team has not built and tested a system,
computer models and mathematics suggest it will work.
"There are so many autonomous devices such as cell phones and laptops that have emerged in the last few
years," said Assistant Professor Marin Soljacic from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and one of
the researchers behind the work. "We started thinking, 'it would be really convenient if you didn't have to
recharge these things'. And because we're physicists we asked, 'what kind of physical phenomenon can we
use to do this wireless energy transfer?'."
The answer the team came up with was "resonance", a phenomenon that causes an object to vibrate when
energy of a certain frequency is applied. "When you have two resonant objects of the same frequency they
tend to couple very strongly," Professor Soljacic told the BBC News website.
Resonance can be seen in musical instruments for example. "When you play a tune on one, then another
instrument with the same acoustic resonance will pick up that tune, it will visibly vibrate," he said. Instead of
using acoustic vibrations, the team's system exploits the resonance of electromagnetic waves.
Electromagnetic radiation includes radio waves, infrared and X-rays.
Typically, systems that use electromagnetic radiation, such as radio antennas, are not suitable for the
efficient transfer of energy because they scatter energy in all directions, wasting large amounts of it into free
space. To overcome this problem, the team investigated a special class of "non-radiative" objects with so-
called "long-lived resonances".
When energy is applied to these objects it remains bound to them, rather than escaping to space. "Tails" of
energy, which can be many metres long, flicker over the surface. "If you bring another resonant object with
the same frequency close enough to these tails then it turns out that the energy can tunnel from one object to
another," said Professor Soljacic. Hence, a simple copper antenna designed to have long-lived resonance
could transfer energy to a laptop with its own antenna resonating at the same frequency. The computer would
be truly wireless. Any energy not diverted into a gadget or appliance is simply reabsorbed. People and other
objects would not be affected unless they were resonating at the same frequency.
The systems that the team have described would be able to transfer energy over three to five metres."This
would work in a room let's say but you could adapt it to work in a factory," he said. "You could also scale it
down to the microscopic or nanoscopic world."
Old technology
The team from MIT is not the first group to suggest wireless energy transfer. Nineteenth-century physicist
and engineer Nikola Tesla experimented with long-range wireless energy transfer, but his most ambitious
attempt - the 29m high aerial known as Wardenclyffe Tower, in New York - failed when he ran out of
Others have worked on highly directional mechanisms of energy transfer such as lasers. However, these
require an uninterrupted line of sight, and are therefore not good for powering objects around the home.
A UK company called Splashpower has also designed wireless recharging pads onto which gadget lovers can
directly place their phones and MP3 players to recharge them. The pads use electromagnetic induction to
charge devices, the same process used to charge electric toothbrushes. One of the co-founders of
Splashpower, James Hay, said the MIT work was "clearly at an early stage" but "interesting for the future".
"Consumers desire a simple universal solution that frees them from the hassles of plug-in chargers and
adaptors," he said. "Wireless power technology has the potential to deliver on all of these needs."

Concours ESIEE 2007                              Anglais                                                 12/15

Choisissez la réponse qui convient (un seul choix possible).

66      What problem are the MIT researchers trying to solve?

        A       The lack of cheap, efficient radio antennas.
        B       The need for plugs and cables to transmit power.
        C       The need for smaller battery chargers and adaptors.
        D       The emission of high-pitched sounds by electronic devices.

67      According to Professor Soljacic, what sort of physical phenomenon would allow wireless
        energy transfer?

        A       Acoustic resonance.
        B       Electromagnetic radiation.
        C       Electromagnetic resonance.
        D       Electromagnetic induction.

68      Why are radio antennas inefficient for power transfer?

        A       They reabsorb too much energy.
        B       They use 'non-radiative' materials.
        C       They leave long 'tails' of energy behind.
        D       They disperse the waves and dissipate power.

69      Why can't lasers be used to power portable gadgets at home?

        A       The lasers scatter the energy.
        B       The beams are not directional enough.
        C       There is a risk of accidents to people and pets.
        D       Objects in the room may block the transmission.

70      Over what distance might the system described by Soljacic function?

        A       Several meters.
        B       Up to twenty-nine meters.
        C       From three to five kilometers.
        D       Microscopic or nanoscopic distances only.

71      What characteristics must the antennas used in Solejacic's system share in order to transmit energy?

        A       They must resonate at the same frequency.
        B       They must be made of different materials.
        C       They must be of the same length.
        D       They must be placed in tunnels.

Concours ESIEE 2007                            Anglais                                               13/15
72      Which devices are not mentioned as possible users of Solejacic's system?

        A       Cell phones.
        B       MP3 players.
        C       Portable computers.
        D       Electric toothbrushes.


Consultez le texte 'Physics promises wireless power' encore une fois et lisez les phrases qui
suivent. Pour chaque phrase, choisissez

A TRUE                  si la phrase est VRAIE selon les informations données dans le texte
B FALSE                 si la phrase est FAUSSE selon les informations données dans le texte
C NOT GIVEN             si l’information n’est pas mentionnée dans le texte

73      The scientific principles that would enable engineers to build wireless power delivery
        systems have just been discovered in the last few years.

        A       TRUE
        B       FALSE
        C       NOT GIVEN

74      A working model of the wireless system described by Soljacic does not exist.

        A       TRUE
        B       FALSE
        C       NOT GIVEN

75      Scientists do not yet know what type of materials to use in the antennas described.

        A       TRUE
        B       FALSE
        C       NOT GIVEN

76      Nikola Tesla's huge antenna, Wardenclyffe Tower, is an example of successful wireless
        transfer over long distances.

        A       TRUE
        B       FALSE
        C       NOT GIVEN

77      Electric toothbrushes are usually recharged by electromagnetic induction.

        A       TRUE
        B       FALSE
        C       NOT GIVEN

Concours ESIEE 2007                             Anglais                                          14/15
78    Splashpower has created recharging pads for portable DVD players and laptop computers.

      A       TRUE
      B       FALSE
      C       NOT GIVEN

79    The researchers at MIT are the first to suggest the possibility of using electromagnetic
      resonance for powering portable devices.

      A       TRUE
      B       FALSE
      C       NOT GIVEN

80    Scientists in the UK do not believe that Solejacic's system will work.

      A       TRUE
      B       FALSE
      C       NOT GIVEN

Concours ESIEE 2007                           Anglais                                            15/15

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