; Investing in San Felipe Real Estate
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Investing in San Felipe Real Estate


Why investing in San Felipe Mexico is a good choice for you. Low taxes and gorgeous weather are just some of the reasons. Whether you are a retiree or just looking for a vacation home, affordable opportunities abound in this beautiful part of Baja California.

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									Investing In San Felipe Real Estate

       is an excellent choice
It is a remote desert community
that nestles by the warmth of the
Sea of Cortez. It is just a couple of
hours drive from the US.
• This part of Mexico is
  highly renowned for
  its affordable

• The weather is similar
  to Florida. It is warm
  and dry in the winter
  and hot & humid
  during the summer.
Retirees from the USA & Canada
are common. Now, people from
other parts of the world, such as
 Australia, are catching on too.
   Why invest in San Felipe?

• Taxes are low
• Property values are reasonable
• Close proximity to the US border
• Laid back lifestyle
• Growing community of more than
 20,000 permanent residents
San Felipe is known for it’s
wide variety of recreational
It offers everything from world-class
       fishing to biking to golf.
              And more!

• Many people bring their mobile homes
  for the winter months.
• Others rent villas, own timeshares or a
  condo. These are offered with modern
• Increasingly, people are opting to build
  their own homes.
 Please visit www.Baja247.com
to find out more about rental &
    real estate opportunities.

   We have a loyal customer
     following due to our
unparalleled service, competitive
   prices, and overall value.

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