The maternity services in the Bega Astrology is a subject which has by alendar


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									                                                  Giving Birth                                         Astrology
                                                   Our Way
                                               going home early in order to obtain care                  strology is a subject which has
                                               in their preferred location or to be closer to            fascinated human beings for
                                               their families. The damaging possibilities are            thousands of years.
                                               endless.                                              Astrology, the word, is made up of two
                                                   Both the NSW Health Department and           Greek words, ‘astra’ a star and ‘logos’ logic
                                               the Greater Southern Area Health Service         or reason; and is defined in the Australian
                                               agree that continuity of maternity care is       Concise Oxford Dictionary as, ‘the study of
                                               best practice. Fragmented maternity services     the movements and relative positions of
                                               have been shown to affect breastfeeding          celestial bodies interpreted as an influence
                                               success and increase the rates of parenting      on human affairs’.
                                               problems and post natal depression.                  Astrologers study the connection
                                                   In response to these problems a group        between the movements of the planets
                                               of mothers got together to share their           and people’s lives, by means of the Natal or
                                               experiences. From this, BirthCentral was         Birth Chart. They observe and interpret the
                                               formed, a group advocating for family            relationship between the Sun, Moon and
                                               centred maternity services in the Bega Valley.   planets, and the lives of people.
                                                   BirthCentral consulted wide-ranging              Natal Charts are an Earth-centric map of
                                               research, joined the Maternity Coalition and     the planets at the precise time and place of a
             Jan Lewis, Safekeeper

                                               contacted other maternity units with similar     person’s birth.
      he maternity services in the Bega
                                               demographics. When we made comparisons,              The Natal Chart shows planetary
      Valley have been under review
                                               there is a genuinely poor birthing choice for    placement within the twelve signs of
      for 8 years. Lots of revision, lots of
                                               the women of the Bega Valley.                    the Zodiac, and the different angular
recommendations but still no solutions. In
December 2006, due to staffing issues, an          Some women are leaving the area to           relationships (aspects) between each of
alternating roster between the Bega and        have their babies because they don’t want        them.
Pambula maternity units was commenced,         to have them here. Women go to Cooma,                 Once the Natal Chart has been
being an ad-hoc schedule based on service      Moruya, Canberra and Sydney. They go to          assembled, the astrologer can then begin
providers availability and thus requiring      these places because they can have access        the delicate process of deciphering this map,
women to transfer between Bega and             to the carer of their choice, they have space    revealing that particular Natal Chart’s unique
Pambula Hospital before, during or after       and accommodation for their partners and         imprint. To some people this can mean
labour. This temporary arrangement was         families, they have privacy, or they have        affirming their talents and behaviours, to
proposed as a three month trial and eighteen   access to a pool or spa. They go to these        others it is a revealing of hidden resources.
months later has become a permanent            places because they feel the care is designed
                                                                                                    To make sense of current events that
arrangement. This is not good enough for a     with their own needs in mind.
                                                                                                may be occurring in a person’s life, the
modern Health Service.                             In the Bega Valley, we feel maternity        astrologer notes wherever the present
     The roster service has caused pregnant    care is not designed to meet the needs of        position of the planets (called transiting
women great anxiety as they try and plan       birthing women, it is designed to meet the       planets) aspects any of the ten planets in the
for their babies. There are stories of women   needs of the health service. BirthCentral        Natal Chart.
booking inductions and cesareans and           hopes to improve this situation by becoming
                                                                                                    Revealing which planetary energy, or
                                               an interface between pregnant women and
                                                                                                cycle, is currently operating can be insightful
 When it's Time                                the health service. When we asked why the
                                               other services were so good and why the
                                                                                                and empowering, enabling a person to use
                                                                                                these periods to their best advantage.
                                               women in other areas had these options we
  To mark the                                                                                       A useful website to visit is
                                               were told it was because the community of
  special moments we share                     women demanded it.                               where you can register for free, enter your
  together ...                                     Let’s ask the health services to bring our
                                                                                                own Natal Chart and get a short reading.
                                                                                                You will be intrigued how accurate it can
  Weddings, Funerals,                          maternity services up to standard. Let’s get
                                                                                                be. A trained astrologer can give you deeper
                                               the women back. Let’s ask for an end to the
  Commitment Ceremonies,                       eternal review process. Let’s join together
                                                                                                insights into the influences, short and long
  Renewal of Vows,                                                                              term and the overall import or lessons your
                                               and make the Bega Valley a place women
                                                                                                Chart is inviting you to discover.
  Name Givings                                 want to give birth!
                                                                                                Janet Manefy
                                               BirthCentral has members in Bega, Tathra,
                                               Pambula & Eden and meets regularly at
                                               both ends of the Bega Valley Shire. We are
                                               not asking for the closure of any services
                                               and have no opinion on the location of
                                               the proposed new health facility. If you
  Suzette Hazlett Celebrant                    would like to join BirthCentral, receive our
  Serving the South East                       newsletter, feedback comments or read our
  bookings 02 6495 4131 m 0419 105 000         aims and objectives go to 


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