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       Medical Transcription and the Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Records to
Transcription Companies

       Medical Transcription is an allied health profession which converts voice-
recorded reports as dictated by Doctors or healthcare professionals into text formats. A
person performing transcription is known as medical transcriptionist.


       Medical Transcription

<a=href>Medical Transcription</a> is an
allied health profession which converts voice-recorded reports as dictated by Doctors or
healthcare professionals into text formats. A person performing transcription is known as
medical transcriptionist.

When a patient visits the doctor, the doctor conducts a physical examination, reviews the
patients past medical history and requests for laboratory studies before making the
diagnosis ,only then he plans on the treatment .After the patient leaves ,the doctor records
the patient information into a voice-recorder like a cassette player or a telephone where
the information is held temporarily by a server in the hospital or sent to a Transcription
office .This report is then accessed by a medical transcriptionist who converts the
dictation into medical record which is properly formatted, edited and reviewed. The next
time the patient visits the doctor, the entire medical chart of the patients previous visits
can be reviewed by the doctor, thereby simplifying the treatment process. Both the doctor
and the medical transcriptionist play an important role to make sure the transcribed
reports are correct and accurate.

  The doctor should speak slowly and concisely especially, when he is dictating
medications and disease conditions. In the case of Emergency (ER) reports the doctor is
time-challenged and has to dictate quickly, the large part of the job is handed to the
transcriptionist.therefore, a medical transcriptionist should possess medical knowledge,
good comprehension, be creative and research any medical terms as quickly as possible
when in doubt.

Outsourcing Medical Records

 Due to the increasing demand for documenting medical records countries like Britian,
United States, Australia have started to outsource the services of medical transcription to
developing countries like India and Philippines the main reason being cheap labor.

 Initially outsourcing was considered to have several demerits for example; most of the
medical transcriptionist are not given proper training and lack the basic education to do
the job accurately. The other disadvantage being lack of privacy while outsourcing
patient medical records from one country to the other.However, India is said to be leading
among the other outsourced countries in the level of English fluency, understanding the
medical terms and the increasing literacy rate in English

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Medical Transcription through Outsourcing

Medical Transcription is one of the numerous activites that have
benefitted from outsourced. Medical Transcription refers to the
transformation to text of prerecorded physician notes. This activity
has long been carried out by transcription services allied to the
hospitals. Yet, with the outburst of offshoring, there has been a
reposition in the service delivery model adopted for medical
transcriptioning. There has been a paradigm shift in the epicenter of
medical transcription to India. With more and more companies
mushrooming in India to cater outsourced Medical Transcription services
to US based clients, it has spelt a windfall in savings for US based
medical practices. After the initial resentment against outsourcing, it
has grown to be recognised as the de facto way of doing medical
transcription primarily as a means to cut costs. No wonder, outsourced
transcription services are focussing on cost as their USP.
Nevertheless, the tendency has been such that medical practices are
prepared to spend more for qualitative service.

Why Consider Outsourcing Medical Transcription Services
Thursday, January 24, 2008 3:11 PM
Medical transcriptionists has become one of the fastest growing
sections of the medical field these past few years. Most medical places
require the doctor´s words to be put into writing for patient's files
and other documentation purposes. In today's technological world, most
hospitals require it to be in digital format. It is for this reason
that the need has arisen for people to translate doctors oral reports
into digital documents. Employed secretaries usually do this job, but
because of the high demand and quantity, it is becoming big as an area
for outsourcing. The transcription can be done a lot more quickly when
outsourcing versus in house transcriptioning. This is because the
outsourcing medical transcription services devotes all of its time to
this one assignment. A secretary is constantly interrupted by phone
calls and patients and other duties. An outsourcing medical
transcription service provides adequate services to medical facilities
of all types who outsource this kind of activity. Individual home based
people can become transcriptionists and you don't even have to live in
close proximity. As long as you have a reliable computer and Internet
connection you can do this kind of work.
Skills and Duties of a Medical Transcription Professional
Thursday, January 24, 2008 3:11 PM
Becoming a professional medical transcriptionist is today worth
considering as a career especially because it is predicted that the MT
profession will be in high demand for some time to come. This is
chiefly because the rise in the total number of the aging population
will cause the entire health care sector to experience a boom for the
next ten years at least as predicted by the US Department of Labor. So
as the years go by, one can expect that there will be more and more
hospitals /doctors/ nurses and other health care technicians including
Medical transcriptionists. Medical Transcription Supervisors are
seniors who do all the follow ups on the physicians, take care of all
the missing and /or late dictations and are responsible for the timely
delivery of reports. Other duties include doing quality assurance
checking, maintaining backups, ordering supplies, reports generation
and reporting of problems in the infrastructure/ machinery etc.

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