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					                        Phonological                        Visual                     Morphemic                     Etymological
 Spelling &
                        How words sound                  How words look            How words change form          Where words come from
Debbie Draper
    2008                     Aural                          Visual                                      Cognitive
                   Learn the sounds of            Do Cloze exercises             List words – add               Using a dictionary find
                   Rimes – e.g. ack, ale          using missing letters          endings, prefixes,             the root word and
                   Digraphs – th, qu, sh          Crosswords                     suffixes                       origins of words.
                                                  Have-a-go book                 Use a dictionary to find       Find synonyms and
                   Say the words                  Use LSCWC                      word derivations               antonyms.
                   Sound out words                                               Find the smallest              Write meanings of
                                                                                 meaningful units               words
                   Learn spelling rules.          Discover and highlight         Analyse words and              Map words according
                   Break words into               similarities between           find the rules / patterns      to where they
                   syllables.                     words.                         Create compound                originated.
                                                  Write out the words            words                          Create word
                                                  and circle the vowels          Divide words into              derivation charts
                                                                                 morpheme and affix
                   Sound out the words            Write words according          Create word webs               Make word webs with
                   and highlight letters          to their shapes.               with prefixes / suffixes       root words
                   and letter
                   combinations that
                   sound the same.                Draw empty shapes
                   Draw each of the               and guess the word,
                   words to represent             Make up or solve word
                   how they sound.                searches
                   Say or sound out                                              Use sign language to           Act out the word
                   words whilst skipping or                                      represent morphemes            meaning as in
                   jumping.                                                      and then “spell” out           Charades
                   Bounce or throw a ball                                        words.
                   in time to syllables.
                   Spell words and stand
                   for every vowel.
                   Clap when the sound                                           Assign different
                   changes in the word                                           musical notes to
                   Tap out word syllables                                        common prefixes and
                   Use a musical                                                 suffixes. Ask others to
                   instrument to mimic                                           guess the words you
                   the sounds                                                    are playing
                   Practice sounding /            Play Compound Word             With a friend. Create a        Create a chart to
                   spelling words with a          Snap with others               PowerPoint                     display for others that
                   friend – take it in turns      Play Hangman                   presentation about             shows some of the
                   to say or spell each           Play Pictionary                adding endings e.g.            more common word
                   letter or syllable             Play Scrabble                  “adding ing”                   origins.

                    • Reflect on the strategies that you use to spell unknown words. Categorise them into
                      phonological, visual, morphemic or etymological
                    • Set some goals and devise some strategies to assist you to improve your spelling and word use

      Please note: these strategies are not mutually exclusive – many words require the use of several strategies at the same time.
    References: Focus on Literacy: Spelling (NSW Dept of Edn & Training), MI Spelling and Word Knowledge Activities (Debbie Draper)

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