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					Arkansas Child Support and Enforcement

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Arkansas child support is known to be administered under the Office of
Child Support Enforcement

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<B>Child Support</B>
Arkansas child support is known to be administered under the Office of
Child Support Enforcement. The (OCSE) is under the jurisdiction of the
Division of Revenue, which is within the Department of Finance and

<B>Applying for Child Support</B>
Any parent who receives state assistance, such as Foster care or
Transitional Employment Assistance will be automatically referred to the
Office of Child Support Enforcement for any child support help. Child
Support applications can be obtained through your local child support
enforcement office or by calling the local number which is provided for
you by clicking the link below. The Office of Child Support Enforcement
aims to retrieve at least a partial amount of the actual cost of services
that it provides to parents that are not in the Transitional Employment
Assistance programs. These cost include: legal work done by an (OCSE)
attorney, cost to establish paternity, and the expenses of locating the
missing non-custodial parent.

<B>Enforcing Arkansas Child Support</B>
Child support laws, weather state or federal provides a numerous amount
of tools and methods that Arkansas child support can us to collect and
enforce child support laws. These methods include: income withholding,
property liens, unemployment compensations deducted, reporting any debt
to the credit bureaus, the suspensions of drivers licenses etc. These
methods will be enforced on any non-custodial parent who is behind are
refuses to pay child support.

<B>Modifying Arkansas Child Support</B>
Over the years child support orders may need to be modified due to a
change in life styles. The OCSE office can provides assistance with
these procedures. You may also modify a child support order and have it
terminated if the child no longer needs support.

In today’s world, child support plays an important role in the custodial
parent and child’s life. Child support payments assist the custodial
parents to provide and nurture their children. Child support payments
help pay for food, clothes and anything else the child may need to
survive and live a health live. For more information on Arkansas Child
Support, please click the links below.<br>