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Anti - wrinkle eye cream

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Anti wrinkle eye cream contains ingredients that provide extra moisture
to your skin.

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Anti wrinkle eye cream contains ingredients that provide extra moisture
to your skin. This helps in diminishing darkness from the skin and makes
it look more firm. Many anti wrinkle eye creams contain vitamins A and D.
These are the vitamins that are lost when skin is exposed to sun rays for
longer durations.

Anti wrinkle eye cream come in different potencies and times of
application. The creams can be classifieds based on their time of

<u>Day Creams</u> : Day creams work on puffiness and dark circles.
<u>Night Creams</u> : Night creams usually contain Alpha hydroxy acid
and/or retinol. It is used to protect against damage to skin.
<u>General Creams</u> : The primary purpose of these creams is to provide
moisture to skin.

What is the cause of wrinkles? Due the gravitational force, the tissues
of our body are pulled down. This phenomenon is helped by the loss of
moisture in our skin. Loss of moisture results in collagen breakdown and
the free radical damage over a period of time. This results in sagging of
the skin, marking thin and deeper lines. Anti wrinkle eye creams work to
prevent the easing factors by providing extra moisture daily, reducing
collagen damage, and free radical activity with anti-oxidants.

Does anti-wrinkle cream work? Creams are local applications and effects
produced an veer off after some time. We need to catch the root cause of
wrinkle and act on them. The onus is on everyone to try on their own and
check the results over time. Many women think about it far too late and
for creams and lotions to have any protective effect you need to start
the treatment at the right time. A good diet and active life style are
the best ways to take care of wrinkles – especially water, vitamin c,
anti-oxidants from vegetables, etc.

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