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                Pro Dive Cairns earns a remarkable world first achievement in certifying 100,000 PADI divers
                4th November 2008                                             especially in challenging times like the present, is
                                                                              an outstanding testament to the dedication and
                In what is a world first achievement, on the 1st November     professionalism of all our staff, as well the quality and
                2008, Maike Federhenn from Germany achieved the               reputation of our product.”
                unique status of being the 100,000th PADI certification
                to be issued by leading Cairns dive operator, Pro Dive

                PADI (Professional Association of Dive Instructors) is the
                largest dive education company in the world and have
                acknowledged that Pro Dive Cairns’ achievement is a
                world first in the global dive industry.

                This historic event was celebrated with a function on
                Saturday evening (1/11/08) at Rydges Plaza Cairns. Senior
                delegates from PADI Australia made the trip up to Cairns
                to celebrate this major milestone with management and
                staff from Pro Dive Cairns along with a number of Local
                Touristy Industry leaders.
                                                                              Left to Right: Rod Punshon, Susan Majaupa, Maike
                                                                              Federhenn, Henrik Nimb, Danny Dwyer.

                                                                              Danny Dwyer (Manager, Marketing & Business
                                                                              Development - PADI Asia Pacific,) said,

                                                                              “Our entire team at PADI would like to congratulate
                                                                              the team at Pro Dive Cairns on reaching the remarkable
                                                                              milestone of 100,000 PADI students. While 100,000 PADI
                                                                              students is an outstanding numerical achievement we

                                                                              applaud Pro Dive Cairns commitment to teaching safe
                                                                              and responsible dive courses as their first priority. Pro Dive
                                                                              Cairns offers its customers a world class training facility,
                Left to Right: Rod Punshon, Julie Lee, Steve Brady            retail store and dive vessels which has obviously proved
                                                                              very popular with visitors to the Great Barrier Reef looking
                                                                              for comfort and quality. Our two companies have shared a
                Despite a downturn in the tourism industry, Pro Dive          strong and successful business partnership over a 25 year
                Cairns has had a big year. On top of this world first         period and we’re looking forward to sharing more success
                achievement, the company this year acquired more              in the coming 25 years”.
                land to allow for further expansion of their diver training
                facilities, celebrated their 25th birthday, and also          Established in 1983, Pro Dive Cairns has built an enviable
                relocated their dive shop to a new state-of-the-art retail    international reputation as one of the world’s premier
                centre in the heart of Cairns.                                dive schools and liveaboard dive trip operators. Today,
                                                                              with a team of 55 local staff, Pro Dive owns and operates
                Commenting on the company’s milestones, Pro Dive              a purpose built 5 star PADI Diver Training Centre as well
                Cairns Managing Director, Rod Punshon said, “We are           as three premier 25 metre liveaboard vessels that conduct
                extremely proud of our achievements and the reputation        3 day / 2 night trips to the Outer Reefs off Cairns 6 times
                we’ve built over the years. The fact that so many people      each week, all year round.
                have chosen Pro Dive Cairns to teach them to dive is
                very satisfying and reflects our philosophy of ‘quality       For more information on any of Pro Dive Cairns dive
                over quantity’ and a commitment to providing the best         courses or dive trips, or would like to see video coverage
                possible dive education and trips over many years.”           of the 100,000th event visit

                “Our longevity in business over the past 25 years,

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