Supplementary regulations by fjhuangjun



The Björkviks Motor Club will promote the third round of the individual European Championship for
Trial, on behalf of the Swedish Federation, Svemo. The event will be held in accordance with the
Sporting code of F.I.M together with the relevant Appendices, the these supplementary Regulations,
and any Final Instructions, approved by the jury. It has to respect the FIM Environment code.

The event will be held on the 13th of August in Björkvik.

Nearest airport:     Norrköping
Motorway:            E4                      Exit: Katrineholm, Björkvik
National road:       216
Nearest town:        Katrineholm             at km 28

Organiser:                                   Accommodation service:
Name:          Björkviks Motor Club          Address:
Address:       Stenbylund                    Tel:
               640 20 Björkvik               Fax:
Tel:           + 46 150 310 24
Fax:           + 46 150 310 24

Secretary of the event:
Address:       Björkviks MC
               c/o Anna Hult
               Tegelvägen 6D
               611 50 Nyköping
Tel:           +46 155 57578
Fax:           + 46 13 105421

1.             ENTRIES

Entries must be made on the official entry form and sent to the Secretary of the event. The rider must
specify either Championship class or International class (see art 7.2) All entries must be received by
13th of July.
All riders not affiliated to the promoting FMN, must have their entry endorsed by their own FMN.


The administrative and technical controls will take place on 12th of August between 12 noon and 3.00

Each machine must be road legal for the Country which it is registered, and comply with all
requirements of the FIM sporting code including those under 8.1. Parts will be marked in accordance
with 8.4. Noise testing will be carried out in accordance with 8.3.

At administration control, the rider must submit his FIM or UEM Riders licence, valid for the event, his
Driving license and International Insurance Certificate (Green Card).

At the technical control, the rider must submit the administrative documents of his motorcycle and a
helmet, according to the FIM standards.

3.             NUMBERS

The organisers shall issue riding numbers.
4.             STARTING ORDER

At Administration Control each rider will sign on and take a start position from the appropriate ballot
box (See Art 7.7)

5.             COURSE

The Length of the course is of 15 km. using public road.
The event will consist of three laps of 14 sections.
The individual time limit for riders will be 7 hrs.

6.             PADDOCK/PRACTICE

The paddock will be opened to all riders from 10th August 12.00am.

A practice area shall be provided by the organisers. Any rider found practising outside the area’s set
aside by the organisers may not be allowed to start.

The practice area will be opened to all riders from 5th August at 12.00 am.


The headquarters for the event and the jury meetings will be held at Björkviks school (the starting

The first Jury meeting will be held at 9.00am on the 12th of August.

The Jury President will call additional Jury Meetings.

8.             AWARDS

Awards will be presented to the first 10 placed riders of the Championship class and to the first 5 riders
of the International class.

The official price giving ceremony will be held after the jury meeting.


The prize giving ceremony will take place in the start area within 15 minutes of the final classified rider
arriving at the finish.


Enclosed with these Supplementary Regulations is a hotel list which includes the locations and the
costs. Also attached is a map showing the main access roads to the event and the precise location of
the paddock.

11.            OFFICIALS

President of the Jury:     Mr Anders Minken               FIM License No 5696
FMNR Member of the Jury: Mr Arne Hedin                    FIM License No 3092
Clerk of the Course:       Mr Magnus Liljeblad            FIM License No 3093
Chief Technical Steward    Mr Tomas Soldin                FIM License No 5231
Environment Official:      Ms Veronica Söderman           FIM License No 5396
Chief Timekeeper:          Mr Mikael Kvarnström
FMN Delegates: In accordance with art. 50.7 of the Sporting code

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