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					           On the Street
           Where You LiveA National Library of Australia Travelling Exhibition

   DeGruchy & Leigh, Isometrical plan of Melbourne and suburbs in 1886, lithograph, 58.7 x 92.3 cm. From the Pictorial Collection
                                           Photographed for reproduction by NLA Photographics

                                have                                                            manuscripts and passages from
L       many things in common.
        They both allow movement,
        change, and the maintenance
                                                National Library's
                                                                                                printed books to suggest some of
                                                                                                the possible connections that can
                                                                                                be made in a great library
        of an informed, open and                    Travelling                                  collection. From the pioneering
democratic society. They both have                                                              years of white settlement to the
highways and byways: obscure,
                                                   Exhibition                                   present, from the remote north to
difficult corners and well-lit                  Program includes                                Norfolk Island, from the crowded
boulevards. They can both be                                                                    centres of capital cities to the wheel
misused. Societies which ban books               the exhibition                                 ruts of country dirt roads, it reflects
have a great deal in common with                                                                on the all-pervading presence and
those that impose curfews on
                                               On the Street Where                              importance of the streets on which
movement in the streets.                        You Live. Michael                               we all live.
      The exhibition, On the Street                                                                   What can one expect to find in
Where You Live, which is currently            Richards reflects on                              a library? Books, magazines, and
on view at the Library and which                                                                probably newspapers? Perhaps access
travels to Sydney next year, looks at
                                                the exhibition's                                to high technology databases.
some of the streets which can be                relationship to                                       Such things are the basics of
travelled in the National Library of                                                            most library collections in Australia,
Australia. It groups pictures with                  libraries                                   but our libraries hold much more.

DECEMBER 1992	                                                                                                                      7
8	   NATIONAL Library of Australia News
                           Far left: T.S. Henry, The Town Hall Perth, WA, 1914, watercolour;
                                       368 x 18.2 cm. From the Pictorial Collection
                    Top centre: Samuel Thomas Gill, 1818-1880 [Policeman meeting robber on street
                          corner], 1850s. Also known as The Trap, watercolour, 22.6x 15.7 cm.
                                               From the Pictorial Collection
                        Top right: George Lacy, c.1816-1878? Nothing like Opposition, c.1855,
                                watercolour, 37.7x 55 cm. From the Pictorial Collection
                       Above: Francois Cogne, 1829-1883 Part of Main Road, Ballarat East, 1859,
                         hand-coloured lithograph, 38.4 x 54.8 cm. From the Pictorial Collection
                              Left: Thomas Seller, [Settlement at Norfolk Island], c. 1835,
                               watercolour, 28.5 x 33.5 cm. From the Pictorial Collection
                                     Photographed for reproduction by NLA Photographics

DECEMBER 1 9 9 2	                                                                                   9
      Libraries are primarily
about communication and
connection, about moving ideas
around, putting them together in
new ways, taking them from one
context to another and reusing
them. Making connections can
take you to unexpected places,
and Australian libraries have
therefore developed a tradition of
collecting widely in many
different fields. Thanks to them
much has been preserved in
public ownership which would
otherwise have been lost, or

are ... about
hidden away to be seen by only
the privileged few.
      The National Library of
Australia is the Commonwealth
Government's oldest collecting
institution. It has long identified
pictorial material and
manuscripts as making a vital
contribution to the task of
documenting Australian life and      Harold Cazneaux, 1878-1953, photographer, Sunshine in the Alley. From the Pictorial Collection
achievement. After nearly a
century of collecting, the Library             From Tom Roberts' Allegro con          work of the unknown artist who
holds the world's largest collection    Brio Bourke Street West, a key work in        painted Broad Street, Albury, NSW in
of materials relating to Australia's    the history of the Heidelberg School          1891, to the unpublished poems of
heritage.                               of Australian painters, and the naive         Dame Mary Gilmore and the
                                                                                      recollections of New South Wales
                                                                                      Premier Jack Lang, the Library's
                                                                                      collections are rich with the
                                                                                      movement and bustle of the streets
                                                                                      of Australia.

                                                                                              The exhibition On the Street
                                                                                              Where You Live will be at:
                                                                                              The National Library
                                                                                              of Australia, Canberra,
                                                                                              14 November 1992-
                                                                                              7 February, 1993.
                                                                                              The Greenway Gallery, Hyde
                                                                                              Park Barracks, Historic Houses
                                                                                              Trust of New South Wales,
                                                                                              Sydney, 3 April-27 June, 1993.

                                                                                          MICHAEL RICHARDS     is Exhibitions
      Heinrich Bergen fl. 1850-60, North & South Adelaide, 1860, pen lithograph,
                 21.2 x 265 cm. Rex Nan Kivell Collection NKI0999                         Curator at the National Library of
                    Photographed for reproduction by NLA Photographics                    Australia

to	                                                                                    NATIONAL Library of Australia News

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