MYSTERIOUS goings-on in Adelaide, where

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      Sparrow's chicken liver recipe has celebrity chef a-twitter


               YSTERIOUS goings-on in Adelaide, where  

       M        Food Detective enjoyed an excellent night
                out with British celebrity chef Gary Rhodes
       and his charming wife Jennie last week before the
                                                                   SO much Tasmanian produce, so little time. In good company: Gary Rhodes in Adelaide
                                                                 Detective is chuffed to see that Fruit Growers
       couple boarded P&O's Arcadia to set sail                  Tasmania has launched the Farm Gate Guide, giving
       for Melbourne.                                            visitors the lowdown on where to source some of the
          Accompanied by Carnival Australia's super-             best fruit direct from the grower. Freshly picked
       efficient public affairs managerAnthony Fisk,             apples, pears, cherries, berries and stonefruit?
        Detective and co dropped by slick North Adelaide         Detective is downloading her copy now.
        newcomer Sparrow Kitchen &Bar, sister restaurant
       to Farina Kitchen & Bar, for dinner on Sunday night,
       and found the O'Connell Street venue buzzing                 FIND of the week: It seems Detective has been
       despite the economic downturn.                            labouring under the false assumption that baking
          With a tempting Spanish-Italian menu running the       blind means polishing off the rest of the gin before
       gamut oftapas, pasta, seafood, grills and braises,        getting out the White Wings cake mix. Thank
        plus an extensive pizza list, Detective's party opted
                                                                 heavens, then, forthe new Women's WeeklyAsk
       for the tapas tasting menu, featuring such intriguing
                                                                 Pamela Q&A book ($14.95), which has finally set
       inclusions as duck doughnuts with porcini salt,
                                                                 her straight. This handy guide has the magazine's
       smoked eel croquettes and octopus carpaccio,
                                                                 test kitchen director, Pamela Clark, answering all
        potato foam and paprika. But it was the arrival of the
                                                                 manner of cookery questions, from the best position
       chicken liver parfait that had the Michelin-starred
       chef most animated. "That's my recipe!," Rhodes           in which to bake scones (Detective thought that
       declared, as a startled waiter turned on his heels        would be lying down, but it turns out it's the top
       and hightailed it back to the kitchen. "I'm               shelf of the oven) to how to cater for a party for 20
       absolutely certain of it." The famously fastidious         burly footballers (drop the keg and run?). As well as
       chef then recounted an intricate temperature-              myriad handy tips, there are charts covering correct
       controlled emulsification process - so bamboozled         food storage, and a section on measurements for the
       was Detective she is unable to recount even the            numerically challenged. Detective's copy is already
       sketchiest of details here - by way of proving parfait    well-thumbed. From bookshops and newsagencies;
        paternity. So is Sparrow showcasing the occasional
        best of British among its more Mediterranean
       offerings? Detective went straight to the source to          DETECTIVE loves: That she's finally found
       find out.                                                 someone who eats more than she does. Algerian
          Matthew Trim, co-owner of Sparrow, Farina and          Salim Haini, alias El Akoul (The Eater), is reported to
       Adelaide fine-dinerThe Manse, swears the recipe            have downed in one go two barrels of olive oil, 40
       was not nicked. From Rhodes, anyway. "It's one we          loaves of bread and 75 bowls of soup and "I once
       got from The Manse's original owner-chef, Bernard         ate an entire roast lamb weighing 35kg", he told
       Oehrli," Trim tells Detective. "Although it does           Reuters. Haini, who is unemployed, hopes to get
       sound very similar in the way it's done, with the         into The Guinness Book of World Records for his
       emulsification technique that Gary describes. Our          unusual dining habits and has reportedly polished
       chef Mathew Goodlet used to be sous chef at The           off more than 1000 boiled eggs in one sitting.
       Manse and that parfait recipe is one that stayed on          While it makes Detective's dumplings
       with us.                                                  consumption record seem positively lightweight,
          "I feel bad having to say that to Gary; it is very      Haini has some way to go to beat the present
       exciting to have had him in our restaurant. We had         "strangest diet" record-holder. Frenchman Michel
       [cricket greats] Ian Chappell and Andrew Symonds           Lotito has eaten 128 bicycles, 15 supermarket
       in that same day, too."                                   trolleys, six chandeliers, two beds and a pair of skis.
          Regardless of who owns bragging rights to the          A man to keep away from the household furniture if
       parfait, Detective can confirm that Rhodes and his        ever there were one.
       wife left Sparrow very happy campers. "I'd definitely
       go back. It was great food, great company and a             DETECTIVE loathes: That it's so hard to find a
       terrific atmosphere," declared Rhodes. "And that's        decent bicycle recipe these days.
       what it's all about.";                          0* indulgence@a

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