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Music: you can’t get by without it!
Children often resent being forced      Born in Budapest in 1913, she first
                                                                                                                                  WINTER 2006

to play scales and learn music but,     began playing at age 4 by
as time moves on, non-verbal            mimicking her father, an
forms of expression can become          established opera singer, when he
increasingly important.                 practised, accompanying himself on
Experiencing and making music           piano. He taught her until she
has been linked to lower heart          required private tutoring; eventually
rate, decreased blood pressure and      she studied at the Conservatorium
reduced stress.                         of Music in Budapest.
Music and music therapy can be an       It is a family value she has passed
especially helpful tool in aged care    down to her own relatives.
but, for some of the residents in       She often plays for organised
Northern Sydney facilities, music is    facility events when asked, but
much more than that. It is              also enjoys sitting down at a

                                                                                                                                                                 PHOTO MARTIN LANGE, THE MANLY DAILY
something that they have devoted        piano, warming up her fingers and
their life to, and something that       seeing who will gather around.
they could not get by without.          “I’m 93 in October, but when I play
                                        the piano I feel like I’m 20”.
Committed to                                                                       Above: Clara Molnar doing what she loves best.
memory                                  ‘There’s been                              Below left: Kenneth Leech displays his trophy, won
At 92, Clara Molnar, a resident of      music all                                  at the Male Voice Choral Championship while he
Wesley Gardens Hostel, has              my life’                                   was president of the Sydney Male Choir in 1962.
enjoyed a lifelong career as a solo
concert pianist.                                                                 hear that the room was packed full       Frederick Keel. It turned out that I
                                                                                 of people.                               was a bass baritone with them and
Along with memories of taking the                                                                                         one of their main soloists!”
stage all over the world, Mrs                                                    It is understandable to still feel
Molnar carries around 300 songs in                                               protective about a choir of which        His time with the choir came to an
her head.                                                                        he was president for 15 years.           end after a leg operation left him
                                                                                                                          unable to mount the stage without
“I don’t like to play music from the                                             “I joined the choir after going to the
page — I don’t need help,” she          Kenneth Leech, 93, recently received     Sydney Conservatorium and having
said. “I sometimes practise if I can    an invitation to see the Sydney Male     lessons with Lyndon Jones,” he said.     “I still sing sometimes. I sang Into
get to the piano but often when I       Choir perform at Sydney Town Hall.       “He asked me to come along one           the Night at my wife’s funeral.”
go to sleep at night I practise in my   He couldn’t make it that night and       night to the Sydney Male Choir           Mr Leech is also well known for
mind. It’s something that not           stayed home at his residency in          where he was the conductor. He           leading Keenagers in song on
everyone can do.”                       Kamilaroi, but it still pleased him to   said, ‘Bring a song.’ I sang a song by   Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

        Keenagers get mobile with a new                                             Support for working carers:
        bus                                                                         Georgian House opens to the public
        Skills and stories at Northern
        Beaches Community Men’s Shed
        Kamilaroi prevents resident falls
                                                                                                                                                 The Link 1
                                                                            ‘Without music
From the                                                                    I’d be lost’

Regional                                                                    There were two things
                                                                            Elisabeth Hessin, 52, insisted
                                                                            on bringing into Wesley
Director                                                                    Gardens: her pet bird and
                                                                            her piano. Luckily they both
It is a time of achievement in the Northern                                 fit, and her bird is quite
Sydney region.                                                              happy to sing along with her
Accreditation continues to progress well with all of our assessed
facilities passing without problems. As I write this, Northaven, Kari       “Music is a big part of my
Court, Georgian House, Kamilaroi, Wesley Gardens and Lynvale have           life; it always has been, ever
all received the full three years accreditation from 2006 to 2009. By       since I was a kid,” she said. Though piano playing is her first love, and the
the time you read this, St Columba’s, The Garrison, Wyllie Lodge,           first instrument she learnt at 5, she can also play the violin, guitar and
Thomas Bowden and Wesley Heights Manly will be working through              organ.
the process, with Bowden Brae due in August.                                “I use it to help people out. I don’t play as a concert pianist now. I mainly
I’d like to thank managers and staff for the momentous effort that it       play as accompaniment over singing. I get more pleasure out of that.”
takes to organise and undertake accreditation; alongside the                When she first arrived at Wesley Gardens she organised afternoon sing-a-
executives that have supported the process.                                 longs, hoping to offer some entertainment and perhaps jog some
Donna Dark, Anne Johns and Eve Perez-Perakis continue to do an              memories through the old tunes. These wound up when she noticed that
admirable job in quality and risk management during the hectic              nobody was singing any more, just coming to hear her play.
period of accreditation.                                                    “I get a lot of inner peace from playing. It sort of takes you out of this
We wish Donna the best of luck as she moves into the Pitt Street            world into another world. I’m just thankful that I did stick with it because
office of UnitingCare Ageing as the Quality and Risk Manager.               it is always going to be with me now, right up until the time when my
                                                                            fingers don’t work!”
Glendin Franklin-Browne, IT Manager for the Northern Sydney
Region, has also moved to UnitingCare Ageing to take up the role as                                                    You don’t need to be
Technology Infrastructure Manager and we wish him all the best for                                                     an expert
the future.
                                                                                                                       “You haven’t got to be an expert
I offer a warm welcome Karen Wetton-Smith as the new Coordinator                                                       to enjoy yourself at the piano. I
of Jacaranda Day Care Centre.                                                                                          could play the piano all day long;
Phil West had his last day with us as Director of Corporate Services on                                                I want to keep at it.”
July 7. We are very grateful for the commitment he has shown and                                                       Reg Rudgley, 99, has already
the important work he has done for UnitingCare Ageing during his                                                       kept at it, playing stubbornly into
time with us. We wish him the best of luck as he moves onto his new                                                    his 90s despite losing two fingers
position as Director, Finance in the New South Wales Department of                                                     in a circular saw accident at 60.
                                                                                                                      The incident did hold him back
Congratulations goes to Jim Proffitt, who was awarded an Order of                                                     for a while. In fact, it was a few
Australia Medal this year for service to the community through the          years until he bought a piano for his son, then, thinking that it mixed
Wesley Heights Aged Care Facility.                                          badly with his homework, decided it was better for him to use it himself.
We now have a Registered Training Organisation available to the             “I’m only practical with a couple of fingers now,” he said. “I used to play
region: Professional Aged Care Education and Research (PACER). It           the classical stuff when I was younger. I didn’t play any popular music
delivers Certificate III and IV in aged care and also provides courses in   then. My teacher was a professional from England and he wouldn’t let me
leisure and lifestyle and traineeships, some of which can be funded         play ‘that rubbish’. Now I’ve got to play it because it’s all I can! And that’s
through the Better Skills for Better Care program.                          okay because it’s what people like.”
The regional merge continues to progress well with the final                Now he is mostly heard entertaining his friends at Jacaranda Day Care
administrative changes due to be completed by December 2006.                Centre. He modestly admits to trying “to make them happy if I can” but
The blessing of the new regional board by the Ku-ring-gai Presbytery        Betty Snelling, the founder of Jacaranda, is enthusiastic with her praise.
was held on Thursday June 22 at Kamilaroi Retirement Centre.                “He makes them very happy. They love it; they want him to play more and
Ivan Armstrong                                                              more!”

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Keenagers celebrate new bus
On April 4 an official ceremony was      Other impressive guests included           Joyce Heggarty “opens” the
held at Keenagers Day Care Centre        Gladys Berejiklian MP, Mayor Pat           new bus, offering Keenagers
in Chatswood-Willoughby Uniting          Reilly and Chairperson of the              comfortable transportation.
Church to celebrate the arrival of a     UnitingCare Northern Sydney
new bus. The bus was provided by         Regional Board, Peter Andrews,
UnitingCare Northern Sydney              who attended the ceremony
Region and will be used to               along with the members of the
transport Keenagers members in           Day Care Centre, staff and
their activities.                        volunteers.
Keenagers’ oldest volunteer, Joyce       Keenagers, an activity of
Haggarty, 93, cut the ribbon to          Chatswood-Willoughby Uniting
officially “open” the bus for use.       Church and UnitingCare Ageing             “Transport for members has been            Keenagers is funded by the
“Joyce attends Keenagers every           Northern Sydney Region, has               provided all of that time using            Australian Government, the Help
Tuesday as an active volunteer,”         provided respite for the carers of        borrowed buses,” said Ruth                 Street Foundation and UnitingCare
said Ruth Woodley, Secretary for         frail elderly people and those with       Woodley. “Now we have a bus of             Northern Sydney Region with
the Committee of Management of           dementia for almost 13 years.             our own which will be larger and           grants from Chatswood RSL Club,
Keenagers. “She has done so for          This enables carers to have some          more comfortable than any we               Willoughby City Council and other
nearly 13 years. She is quite a          time to themselves away from the          have previously used. It is indeed a       donors. New volunteers are always
remarkable lady!”                        constant demands of their role.           cause for great celebration!”              welcome.

  As I write these words, two Australian miners (Brant Webb and Todd
  Russell) have just been released from their 14-day entrapment, 900
  metres underground. As we have watched and prayed over the past two
  weeks, it is with a great sense of relief and thankfulness that we see their
  smiling faces appear over our television screens.
                                                                                    As I visit our facilities throughout
  We are moved as we see the tearful faces in the crowds of local people
                                                                                    Northern Sydney Region, I am
  who have held a prayerful and determined vigil through the days and
  nights. Their rescuers are clearly delighted but make modest,                     encouraged by the warmth with which
  understated comments about the part they played in the drama that has             we are welcomed. I see first-hand evidence
  unfolded before us and the wider world.                                           of friendship.
  It occurred to me that one word summarised all that was happening:                There is no greater friend we can have than God. The book of Proverbs
  friendship.                                                                       has a lot to say about friends. It points us to God and forces us to think
  People who belonged together, who shared a common identity and                    about our friendship with God by saying that, “The friendship of the Lord
  experience together, who helped each other, rescued each other, wept              is for those who fear him, and he makes known to them his covenant.” It
  and rejoiced with each other — these were friends.                                is not only important to be a friend of God but it is also possible to be a
                                                                                    friend of God.
  With the huge success of the Chronicles of Narnia, The Lion, the Witch and the
  Wardrobe, I am reminded of the friendship of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R.Tolkien.        We become friends with God through the work of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  Both literary superstars, known around the world as creators of Middle            “God demonstrates his love for us in this, while we were still sinners,
  Earth and Narnia, shared an important and complex friendship. Without             Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8). Once we were enemies of God through
  the persistent encouragement of Lewis, Tolkien would never have                   our sin; now we are God’s friends only through the death of Jesus.
  completed The Lord of the Rings. Likewise, all of Lewis’ fiction, after the       Jesus is the true friend that the book of Proverbs describes. He is the
  two met in 1926, bears the mark of Tolkien’s influence.                           greatest friend, who laid down his life for his friends. Jesus calls us into the
  Despite their differences, what united them was much stronger: a shared           liberating fellowship of being friends of God, blessing us with the power to
  vision that continues to inspire their readers throughout the world.              establish communities of friendship, grace and care. What unites us as
  Friendship is one of God’s richest gifts. It is a gift all humanity shares and    friends is our shared story; we are part of God’s story of salvation history,
  one which we have the opportunity to understand, and practise in the              and our shared identity in the one to whom we all belong.
  communities in which we live and work within UnitingCare Ageing.                  Jennifer Johnston, Coordinating Chaplain

                                                                                                                                                      The Link 3
                                                            P R O F I L E
Alternatives encourage ‘specialness’
Sally Wilson says her job as Manager of Low Care at Wesley Gardens Hostel         “I want to provide things that interest them but also give them the option
in Belrose is essentially about making residents feel comfortable and             of saying ‘no’.”
secure.                                                                           Sally studied to be a teacher, but quickly decided that nursing was the
An important part of comfort, she said, is offering as much choice as             profession for her.
possible.                                                                         “Because of the nurse in me, I enjoy delivering care. I’m interested in their
“It’s important to offer residents alternatives in an aged care facility so       lives; it never ceases to amaze me what people have done. The paths
that they don’t become institutionalised. To                                                           they’ve walked and the things they’ve seen are just
make sure they’re still treated as individuals. You                                                    fascinating.”
need to look at their ‘specialness’ and encourage                                                     Sally’s 15 years experience in aged care facilities
it.”                                                                                                  spreads across both hostels and nursing homes. When
It is about offering the same respect that she                                                        she came to work for UnitingCare Ageing Northern
expects if she retires into care.                                                                     Sydney in October 2004, she was attracted to the
And an early warning to carers of the future: this                                                    challenge of a large hostel.
one wants more activities on offer than just                                                          Since then, there’s been no such thing as a typical day
bingo.                                                                                                at Wesley Gardens. Her timetable is arranged around
“If anyone tries to make me play bingo when I’m                                                       the particular needs of residents and relatives on any
old, I’ll give them a piece of my mind! Not                                                           given day.
everyone is the same. I’d hate to have to play                                                        “When I walk in the door, I try to find out what’s
bingo. But there are also people who love it. It’s                                                    happened overnight, I speak to relatives of residents
important to ask residents what they want to do                                                       on the phone and, apart from that, it’s a lot of
and make sure that, if it’s physically possible and                                                   paperwork! Building systems, writing care manuals,
safe, they can do it.                                                                                 making sure I get all the up-to-date legislation.”

     Dementia care: it’s about heart
                                          Tracy Dickerson, Manager of High        When it comes to her job, it seems      work into maintaining staff morale.
                                          Care Dementia, freely admits that       that Tracy’s own heart contains a       “There are a lot of things that we
                                              working in The Luke Centre and      lot of this “something”. She has        want to do here. We want to make
                                                 Banksia at Wesley Gardens is     never wanted to move on from            The Luke Centre and Banksia the
                                                   not everybody’s cup of tea.    working in aged care as she feels it    pinnacle of what they can be.
                                                    “They are very special        is where God wants her to be.           There is a lot of emphasis on
                                                     people who work here.        “It’s very hard for residents here to   teamwork. I feel that staff could
                                                     We find that some people     communicate. You have to watch          easily feel undervalued because
                                                     will come from the           their body language carefully to        you’re not getting back that
                                                    agencies for relief work      see if they are in pain or              recognition from the residents. In
                                                   and they only do one shift.    uncomfortable. I spend a lot of         nursing care, residents also have
                                                  Then there are the others       time dealing with the behaviours        needs, but the residents are able to
                                                            who prefer it. It’s   that manifest in people with            thank you.”
                                                                something         dementia; from people who yell all      That thanks is often found through
                                                                   about their    day to those who hoard slippers”.       the relatives of those in care, but
                                                                     heart.”                                              sometimes they are in need of a
                                                                                  The Luke Centre and Banksia are
                                                                                  dementia-specific, secured              bit of caring themselves.
                                                                                  facilities. Because working there       “I do a lot with the relatives because
                                                                                  can be challenging and repetitive,      it’s very hard for them to come to
                                                                                  Tracy believes in putting a lot of      terms with their relative no longer

4 The Link
                                                          P R O F I L E
Nursing in the blood
There has never been any doubt in       everything is running smoothly.       “It’s nice to know that we can
Annette Davis’ mind that she was        But she says, “Every day is           provide that comfort and security
destined to work in nursing.            different. I may have a relative      that they need in their twilight
“I was born to be a nurse or a          interview, I may have meetings to     years.”
doctor,” she said. “And it was in my    attend, I may have projects to get    Her hopes for the future are for
blood from the time that I was four     ready for, staff to interview or      continuous progress. “I hope that
years old. I was a very busy child      problems to deal with.”               through constant work with the
and I’m a very busy person now!”        Her favourite part of the job is      nurses, sisters and staff we
She worked as a dental nurse in         spending educational time with        are able to improve
the year-long gap between leaving       the Registered Nurses because she     their quality of life
school and turning 18, when she         finds their growth through            here at Wesley
could begin study and pursue her        learning very rewarding.              Gardens.”
real career.                            She says that there are other good
Her work in aged care began in          parts too.
1993 and in the last ten years she      “It’s really very nice to try and
has been a director of nursing.         make sure that residents have the
Annette began working for               best care and attention in what for
UnitingCare Ageing in December          them is probably difficult
2004 as Manager of High Care in         circumstances, because they’ve
Wesley Gardens in Belrose.              had to leave their homes or
                                        familiar places to come and be in a
A typical day is spent checking in      nursing home.
with staff and making sure

recognising them. Sometimes they        She says that it is primarily their
feel guilty; they feel that they        spirit which makes her interested
should be the ones doing the            in working with older people —
caring, but they can’t. It’s too much   even when spiritedness can lead
work. Sometimes it is like we           to more work. Despite the
become part of the family. When         moments of frustration, there are
the residents pass away, we often       also the moments that make it
find that the relatives miss us too.”   worthwhile.
Tracy began work with                   “We get those moments of clarity
UnitingCare Ageing Northern             from the residents. There was one
                                        lady recently who was sitting next
                                                                                Secret men’s business
Sydney Region as a Registered
                                        to another in the dining room. I        An Open Day was held on Saturday June 24 for the Northern Beaches
Nurse and was promoted to
                                        started getting the impression          Community Men’s Shed at Manly.
manager in April this year.
                                        that the lady beside her was really     The Men’s Shed is a well-equipped workshop providing a space for
Tracy’s interest in the profession                                              “shedless blokes”. Retired men can tinker with shared tools, develop
                                        irritating her. I could see what
began at 14 when her mother                                                     new or old skills, trade stories, tell jokes and socialise.
                                        was happening through body
died from cancer after two years        language, so I moved the nosier         So far in excess of $20,000 has been spent on industrial quality tools,
under her care.                         lady to a different table, and you      and two carpenters have volunteered their time to ensure that the
“I was with her when she died.          know what the lady did? She             men using the shed are well instructed.
Nursing was something that I            went (gestures a thumbs up) like
                                                                                Rick Frith and Ron Durham have spent innumerable hours in the
wanted to give back because             that. It was a moment when I
                                                                                construction and fit-out of the Shed to ensure its completion in time
everyone had been marvellous to         knew that I’d done something for        for the Open Day.
us.”                                    her and she really appreciated it.”

                                                                                                                                            The Link 5
Bruce Chapman acknowledged
for diabetes struggle
For Chapman Close resident Bruce        Diabetes Research Foundation to
Chapman, living with Type 1             work towards improving the lives
diabetes has been a balancing act       of others.
performed daily for over 50 years.      For Bruce, it has been 50 years of
To commemorate his efforts,             ups and downs, but recent
Diabetes Australia awarded him a        research has made the disease
silver Kellion Victory medal.           easier to cope with and has             Self
“In the coming years these medals       reduced the likelihood of               discipline
will become fairly common,”he           complications. He says that more        recognised:
said. “But for people diagnosed in      detailed ingredient labels              award presented
                                        emerging in modern times have           by Christine Booth
the 1950s it has been a difficult
                                        given people with diabetes greater      from Diabetes
journey and I have lost quite a
                                        choice when planning meals.             Australia.
number of friends to complications.
“In the ’50s it required only one       He credits his parents, who set        their cat, which developed Type 2        didn’t have you put down!”
injection per day but in recent         healthy eating habits in the early     diabetes in later life. Bruce himself    Bruce is keen to raise awareness of
years this has increased to five.”      years of being diagnosed with          advised his mother to put the pet        the often preventable Type 2
Bruce has not only managed his          diabetes, for much of his success.     down after they informed their son       diabetes, and proud that Australia
own condition admirably, but has        Their positive attitude has done       of the diagnosis.                        is a leader in the research to find a
also volunteered with the Juvenile      much to help their son, and later,     His mother replied: “Bruce, we           cure.

Preventing resident falls                                                                                                Farewell Sharyn;
                                                                                                                         welcome Danielle!
and rising statistics
Falling in later life can lead to       individual daily programs were         among those at risk. Kamilaroi
serious consequences, such as injury,   developed to target problems.          adopted fall awareness as a theme
psychological stress, functional        Staff began detailed                   for Senior’s Week 2006. Robyn
decline, premature placement in         documentation of any falls             Kirkby, Regional Manger of Care,
high level care and death.              occurring and started helping          addressed residents and staff,
                                                                                                                         May 24 marked the departure of
The Australian Physiotherapy            residents maintain routines with       providing them with information
                                        their programs. They then reported                                               the ever-helpful Sharyn Johnson
Association says that many falls and                                           to increase their awareness of
                                        back to the physiotherapist who                                                  (pictured) from the Chatswood
related injuries among older people                                            safety and strength building,
                                        checked their progress weekly.                                                   regional office.
are preventable, and the early                                                 practical footwear and clothing.
                                        Currently, 42 residents are working                                              Danielle Jones has since moved
identification of risk factors can                                             “We have decreased falls by around
                                        through individually-developed                                                   into the position of Executive
minimise the harm done by falling.      daily physiotherapy programs,          50 per cent,” said Ms Koroi. This is a
                                                                                                                         Assistant to the Regional
When the staff at Kamilaroi             while 25 participate in the            result she is very happy with and
                                                                                                                         Director, Ivan Armstrong.
Retirement Centre in Lane Cove          strength-building exercise group.      one she feels could not have been
                                                                               achieved without the dedication           Danielle is no stranger to
noticed a comparatively high            “The numbers are increasing for
                                                                               shown by the rest of the staff at         UnitingCare Ageing: in her
number of falls among residents,        our exercise group,” says Emily
                                                                               Kamilaroi.                                previous position she worked as
they took action to find out what       Koroi, Facility Manager.
                                                                                                                         Personal Assistant to the
could be done to reduce the             “We make it fun, put it to music and   “The staff are taking it on as part of    Director of Care at Wesley
statistics.                             the Recreation Activity Officers who   their daily workload and there            Gardens.
A physiotherapist was brought in        oversee the group do the exercises     have been no grumbles. They
to conduct risk assessments on          with them.”                            handle it very well —                     “I love my new job. Ivan and the
residents who were experiencing         Another important part of fall         participating in the program for          Executive Team have been very
frequent loss of balance and            prevention is raising awareness        the benefit of the residents.”                supportive,” she said.

6 The Link
                            R E S I D E N T S                                               R E M A R K
We spoke to three residents at Kamilaroi Retirement Centre, Lane Cove, about the benefits music has
brought to them and the role it has played in their lives.

 Olga Soden, 86                                         Isabelle Young, 94                                     Betty Shwabsky, 92
 I’ve had music all my                                  I started to learn                                     I’m a particular sort of
 life. My father was                                    piano when I was                                       music fan. I liked
 very musical and                                       8. I used to go in                                     the romantic
 involved in church                                     eisteddfods — I                                        period. I love
 work. By the time                                      loved those. Later                                     from Mozart to
 I was six I was                                        I taught. During                                       1912. I’m a fan of
 playing for all the                                    the war I realised                                     the 19th century. I
 littlies. That was when I                              that I wanted to learn                                 like music as part of
 first started the organ. I’ve been playing that        how to play popular music as well as classical.        history. I don’t play anything; I just like to
 for 77 years! I played at the Lyceum in Sydney         I did a course in popular music. Eventually I          listen.
 once.                                                  was teaching that too!                                 There certainly is melody in earlier music. As
 Now I still play at the local chapel. And I play       I’ve never had any desire to write music, but I        Benjamin Britten said, a lot of modern music
 if we have a sing-a-long here in the                   was foolish not to have taken up another               won’t live because there is nothing for people
 afternoons.                                            instrument. My mother and I moved to                   to grasp. I agree with that because there’s a
                                                        Kingsgrove and began teaching there. I had a           lot of sound but it doesn’t make any sense.
 Music is built into me; it has grown with
                                                        nice lot of pupils and put them through their          The 19th century, the late 18th century and
                                                        exams at the conservatorium and their                  the early 20th century has an emphasis on
 My family would perform together. In our               parents were pleased and they did well. And            melody.
 house we had a “family orchestra”. I played            then I thought, “Gee, I’d love to take them out        My taste in music hasn’t changed much over
 the organ, my father played the cello, one             to a show.” I bought a whole lot of tickets half       the years, but I’ve come to learn more about
 brother played the violin and the other played         price to go see My Fair Lady. They’d never             it as I’ve gotten older. I studied history and I
 the piano.                                             seen anything like it before!                          like to associate it with a period and what
 I listen to music all the time. I don’t go for all     Betty and I used to have a classical music             was happening.
 the modern things now. It’s just noise, it’s not       program here every month. She’d talk; I’d              Music brings back a lot of memories. I used to
 music. I love Chopin and Beethoven.                    produce a video of somebody doing                      love to go to the symphony. I’m not so keen
 Playing music is emotional — you’ve got to             something beautiful.                                   on chamber music or individuals, but I love
 get out what you’re feeling. I would be                We had a beautiful cat here at Kamilaroi, and          symphonies. They’re my favourite because it’s
 absolutely lost if I didn’t have music to              when she died I decided that I wasn’t going            so interesting hearing the ways the
 listen to.                                             to play anymore.                                       instruments come in.

Looking after working carers
Georgian House Seniors’ Day Centre        people aren’t getting a break,          in North Sydney. It is, however, a        in running aged care programs.
is now providing affordable,              they’re going to work. There are a      self contained centre. The main           The centre is open weekdays from
quality day care for seniors with         lot of social and economic benefits     meal is eaten within the hostel           8 am to 6 pm, and there is no limit
carers who are currently employed         that people get from being able to      and additional services like              to how long a care recipient can
or would like to work.                    work. We hope to help people            podiatry, hair dressing and               stay. The basic fee is negotiable,
Coordinator Miriam Watsford says,         keep those benefits or begin to         chaplaincy are available through          and nobody will be excluded from
“We are here to assist and alleviate      find them if they’ve just started       the hostel if requested.                  attending because they can not
some of the pressure involved with        working.”                               Days are filled with individual or        afford to pay.
juggling dual roles, particularly         An Australian government                group leisure and recreation              “The hours we open are negotiable
with the added stress of working          initiative operated by UnitingCare      activities including exercise, arts,      if people require additional help
and caring. It is like respite, but       Ageing Northern Sydney, Georgian        music, discussion groups and              outside them,” says Ms Watsford.
you can’t use that word because in        House Seniors’ Day Centre is run        outings. All are conducted under the      For more information, call 0438
respite you get a break and these         alongside Georgian House Hostel         care of activity officers, experienced    250 251 or 02 8907 1008.

                                                                                                                                                    The Link 7
Regional Office                                        Thomas Bowden Retirement Village               Northaven Retirement Village - St Margarets
UnitingCare Ageing – Northern Sydney Region            279 Morrison Road, RYDE 2112                   18-22 Gilroy Street, TURRAMURRA 2074
4 Chapman Avenue, Chatswood                            Phone: 9809 7843                               Phone: 9449 5644
PO Box 304, CHATSWOOD 2067
Phone: 9468 5900, Fax: 9468 5990                       Wesley Gardens                                 Northaven Retirement Village - Self Care
Toll free: 1800 665 966                                2b Morgan Road, BELROSE 2085                   10, 12 & 20 Congham Road, WEST PYMBLE 2073
                                                       Phone: 9452 3022
HIGH CARE (Nursing Homes)                                                                             Phone: 9449 5644
                                                       Wesley Heights Manly
Bowden Brae Nursing Home                               47 Birkley Road, MANLY 2095                    Pindari Self Care
40-50 Pennant Hills Road, NORMANHURST 2076             Phone: 9977 7366                               33 Church Street, RYDE 2112
Phone: 9487 1799                                                                                      Phone: 9809 7843
Lynvale Nursing Home
                                                                        SELF CARE
                                                                                                      Thomas Bowden Self Care
7-9 Lynvale Close, LANE COVE 2066                      Bowden Brae – Karinya
Phone: 9419 7606                                                                                      279 Morrison Road, RYDE 2112
                                                       Frederick & William Streets, HORNSBY 2077      Phone: 9809 7843
Northaven Retirement Village                           Phone: 9487 1799
1322 Pacific Highway, TURRAMURRA 2074                  Bowden Brae Self Care                          Wesley Gardens – Tredinnick Village
Phone: 9449 5644                                       40-50 Pennant Hills Road, NORMANHURST 2076     75 Cook Street, FORESTVILLE 2087
                                                       Phone: 9487 1799                               Phone: 9452 3022
Wesley Gardens Nursing Home
2b Morgan Road, BELROSE 2085                           Carinya Self Care                              Wesley Heights Manly Self Care
Phone: 9452 3022                                       62 Norfolk Road (PO Box 211), EPPING 1710      47 Birkley Road. MANLY 2095
Wesley Heights Manly Nursing Home                      Phone: 9876 5245                               Phone: 9977 7366
47 Birkley Road, MANLY 2095
Phone: 9977 7366                                       Chapman Close Self Care                                       DAY CARE
                                                       6 Chapman Avenue, CHATSWOOD 2067
Wyllie Lodge Nursing Home                              Phone: 9418 3611 ext.206                       Jacaranda Day Care Centre / Jacaranda Café
2 Chapman Avenue, CHATSWOOD 2067                                                                      Pittwater Uniting Church
Phone: 9419 7788                                       Coombah Self Care
                                                                                                      10 Jubilee Avenue, WARRIEWOOD 2102
                                                       43-53 Oxford Street (PO Box 211) EPPING 1710
       LOW CARE (Hostels)                              Phone: 9876 5245                               Phone: 9979 4299
Bowden Brae Retirement Village                         Copeland Gardens                               Keenagers Seniors Day Activity & Respite Centre
40-50 Pennant Hills Road, NORMANHURST 2076             129 Copeland Road, BEECROFT 2119               Uniting Church Hall
Phone: 9487 1799                                       Phone: 9875 3436                               10 Clanwilliam Street, WILLOUGHBY 2068
The Garrison                                                                                          Phone: 9415 2070
                                                       Garrison & Killarney Self Care
13 Spit Road, MOSMAN 2088                              13 Spit Road, MOSMAN 2088                      Northaven Retirement Village / Northaven Day
Phone: 9960 2100                                       Phone: 9960 2100                               Therapy Centre
Georgian House                                         Mawarra Village                                1322 Pacific Highway, TURRAMURRA 2074
52 McLaren Street, NORTH SYDNEY 2060                   3a Verney Drive, WEST PENNANT HILLS 2125       Phone: 9449 5644
Phone: 8907 1000                                       Phone: 9875 2662
                                                                                                      The Men’s Shed
Kamilaroi Retirement Centre                            McDonald Homes Self Care                       Lane Cove Community
155 Longueville Road, LANE COVE 2066
Phone: 9418 6088                                       Howard Avenue, DEE WHY 2099                    15 Figtree Street, LANE COVE 2066
                                                       Phone: 8966 8020                               Phone: 9418 8459
Kari Court
251-257 Mona Vale Road, ST IVES 2075                   McDonald Homes Self Care                                 JOINT VENTURE
Phone: 9488 5100                                       Wingate Avenue, EASTWOOD 2122
                                                       Phone: 9418 3611 ext. 206                      Dougherty Apartments
Northaven Retirement Village                                                                          1 Victor Street, CHATSWOOD NSW 2067
Northaven Hostel                                       Northaven Retirement Village - Self Care
                                                       26 Treats Road, LINDFIELD 2070                 Phone: 9419 3000
1322 Pacific Highway, TURRAMURRA 2074
Phone: 9449 5644                                       Phone: 9449 5644                               James Milson Nursing Home
St Columba’s Retirement Centre                         Northaven Retirement Village - Self Care       Cnr Clark Road & High Street,
15 Figtree Street, LANE COVE 2066                      1322 Pacific Highway, TURRAMURRA 2074          NORTH SYDNEY 2060
Phone: 9418 3611                                       Phone: 9449 5644                               Phone: 9959 4144

   Produced with the assistance of the NSW Synod Communications Unit of the Uniting
   Church in Australia in conjunction with UnitingCare Ageing – Northern Sydney Region.

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