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									What Can Social Media Do For You?

HYPE │ Building your Online Buzz
12.05.08│Kevin Dugan, FRCH Design Worldwide


Google Changes Everything


The Brand Called You


How-To in 3 Steps

Google Changes Everything

Resume vs. Google
Carefully selected professional highlights 10 seconds of attention ALL of your online activity


First impression/ interview reinforces
Context Quickly outdated

First moment of truth/ make or break
Out of context Increasing in relevance

Professional vs. Personal
 If it’s online, it’s on Google.

Distribution vs. Destination
 Multiple content streams  Decentralized

 Easily shared
 Good content is contagious


75% of Obama’s online community lives “off site”*
*via www.slideshare.net/saydowin/obama-social

How-To in Three Steps

The Steps
 listen. it all starts with Google  define. map out the niches relevant to you and your interests  participate. generate content, comment, communicate

the end result of your efforts is conversation

What’s your passion?

New rules for new tools


“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”
— Charles Darwin

Now Let’s Get Funky!

Find me online. Start here: prblog.typepad.com

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