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On The Inside

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					                                                                                                                                                        Vol. 58 - No. 6
                                                                                                                                                 Thursday, July 20,1978
                                                                                                                                               Youngstown State University

   Ohio's new motorcycle helmet.     1
                                            riders, felt it was their lives.
law and driver's test took effect              In 1971, A B A T E (A Brother-
Monday, July 10.                            hood Against Totalitarian Enact-
    According to the Department ments) was formed. The national,
of Highway Safety, the new ver- motorcycle group began organiz?
sion of the law requires that all ing and lobbying against the
motorcycle riders under 18 and helmet law.
those who have had their licence                In 1975, The Department of
for less than one year must wear Transportation eventually threat-
their helmets. This includes the ened to "withhold highway funds
passengers of these cyclists.               from Utah, Illinois and California
    To apply for a motorcycle- if they didn't adopt helmet
operater's licence the driver must laws." This was in effect until the
now pass a vision test as well as Federal A i d Highway .Act was
a special written test. The motor- passed stating that helmet laws
cyclist must also obtain a tem- couldn't contribute to that, state's
porary permit to allow him to loss of funds.
practice before taking the re-                  Eventually, Greg Anderson of
quired riding test.                         A B A T E discovered that Terry          N E W F R E E D O M - - - U n d e r O h i o ' s new l a w , tb^se bikers must be over 18 and experienced
    Safety goggles are also required Tranter (D-Gincinnati) was willing riders. Or else they w o u l d be wearing helmets, right?                                              P        8 ° Camp
                                                                                                                                                                                          h o t o   b   v       b

when riding, on..the street, .the to back an anti-helmet; bill If
                                                                                  out "the signature of Gov. James                                        - • '       .
State Highway Department said.> passed,...the law would ;aUow :1.8
    In the past,. a motorcycle,,, •year olds and over J o , have., the
                                                                                      State Highway Safety Director
endorsement could be added to option of helmet wearing as long
 the regular driving test merely v, as they had their licence, oyer               Robert Chiaramonte urges all
 by passing.a r i d i n g : t e s t . . \ ~ one year. - -           -             cyclists to wear their helmets at
     In 1965, a law was passed                   In 1974 the bill passed hearings all times., Chiaramonte.notes that
                                                                                  wearing a helmet is for the safety
 requiring all wear in the House Rules £dmmittee
 a helmet at all times, according ;with ,the. help of the American of the automobile driver as well

                                                                                                                             by Natoh Leslie                      Salata ; continued, will yield
 to' the XuT^isstfc of Ohio'Maga- •Motorcycle Association and let- as for the safety ofxthe motor-
                                                                                  cyclist. In Ohio, 150 motorcyc-                                                 "quick pay-backs" or savings in
zine. The law was in effect until ters written by A B A T E .                                                                   The capital         improvements dollars equal to the investment
 the 1970's. The controversy was                 In 1978, the question of         lists were killed in 1976. This
                                                                                                                            planned for Y S U costing up to made, in approximately 3-5 years.
 over whether or not the govern- choice won. The anti-helmet pro- figure has risen to 186 in the past
                                                                                                                            $3,011,600 from 1979-81 and a Some projects, however, "could
ment could tell the cyclists to testers had succeeded when the year.
                                                                                               (Cont on Page 4)             total of S25.5 million through "pay-back" in a matter of
 wear a helmet. The motorcycle anti-helmet bill was passed with-
                                                                                                                            1985 will save the University months, he added.
                                                                                                                            20 per. cent in "cost avoidance"         Salata stated that the Untver-
                                                                                                                            per year, Edmund Salata, dean sity is still operating at a 15 per
                                                                                                                          . of administrative affairs said yes- cent decrease in energy consump-
                                                                                                                            terday.                               tion due to the conscious efforts
                                                                                                                               Salata continued to explain of individuals on campus to
by Stacey Savka                                 The art center, according to           Although Cucaro does hot yet "cost avoidance" by saying that conserve.
                                            Cucaro, will be a place where know the exact site that the energy savings in dollars will                                He also said that buildings
                                            young people of the arts will art center will be located, he probably not be realized due to which have been recently con-
      "It's not what you do, it's
                                            be able to express themselves. said "young people's abilities will inflationary energy costs, but structed have already been made
 what-you can do better," said
                                            The center will not only allow be tested at the art center." that Y S U should be able-to energy efficient or nearly effi-
 Pascal (Pat) Cucaro, world re-
                                            young painters freedom, but will          Cucaro stated that the art "avoid" an increase in energy cient, adding that the new Art's
 nowned artist, last Sunday - at
                                            also allow all types of art to be     center will be funded • through costs by instituting the neces- and Sciences Building was built
 his art exhibit in the Community                                                                                          sary improvements.                    with thermal windows along with
                                                                                  private donations.
 Room of the Southern Park Mall. expressed, such as dance and                                                                  Salata said that the improve- the newly remodeled Jones Hall,
                                            music.                                     "There is more money in
     Cucaro, a Youngstown native,                                                                                          ments will be either a "quick             The proposed energy saving,
                                                "Ohio people work hard and Youngstown than in all of Cali-
 dreams of someday establishing an                                                fornia and the people that have fix" consisting of an immedi-. measures, .according to Salata,
 art center in the Youngstown should, have a place where they the money should put it to use, ate change or a "retrofix and re- were being considered before the
 area.                                       can start out," said Cucaro.
                                                                                  because it will give them great novation" which would revamp energy crisis last winter,, "but,"
                                                                                  satisfaction to know that they older buildings on campus to he added, "the experience o f
                                                                                  helped someone to develop his make them energy efficient.                      the energy crisis confirmed our
                                                                                  talents," said Cucaro.                       Salata said that each buildmg feelings that there are signifi-
                                                                                      Cucaro stated that he has on campus will need to be anal- cant amounts of energy that can
                                                                                  inspired many young painters yzed; energy consumption of the be saved."
                                                                                  and by establishing an art cen- building estimated; then improve-                  The    University    currently
                                                                                  ter "young people will not have ments recommended to reduce spends close to SI million dollars
                                                                                  to break away from their roots." energy consumption.                           annually on fuel with $1.3 million
                                                                                       "Painting is a very personal            Some of these improvements having been allocated in the 78-
                                                                                  thing," commented Cucaro. " A n will include therma-pane wind- 79 fiscal year budget to meet
                                                                                   artist, is evergrowing."                ows and additional insulation, energy needs.
                                                                                       Cucaro has painted over 100 he added.
                                                                                   self-portraits and said that peo-           Many of these improvements,
                                                                                             ple know their faces better than
                                                                                             anything else.
                                                                                            " One self-portrait, included in
                                                                                             the exhibit and entitled "Self-
                                                                                                                                      On The Inside...
                                                                                             Impression'," is a painting in                 /Spotlight Re view
A R T EXHIBIT - - - Charles J . Carney chats with other admirers of                          which Cucaro has pictured him-
Cucaro's works, last Sunday at the Cucaro art exhibit in the Com-                            self as a clown. According to                         Rare Books
munity Room of the Southern Park Mail.                                                       his brother Thomas Cucaro, this
                                                                                                                                                    Dr. White
                                                p   h   o   t   o   b   y       m   m   e

                                                                                                                                                          • «EW»-.•*£*»•. -«ZSi»'«(SiS»         -«^B-•"•ESS* * S 3 S » « H 5 > . .
 The Jaifbar        Page 2                                                                                                         Thursday, J u l y 2 0 , 1978

                       Orientation planned for students;
   Popular Legislation includes special parent activities
                                                                                        by Carol Hayward                     visement and registration, their, Center.
                                                                                         ^ A special orientation session     parents will also have the opport-   .Participating on the committee
                                                                                        will be held on August 7 for         unity to become acquainted with to plan the Parents' Orientation
     .Recently, Ohioans have witnessed the repeal o f the
                                                                                        put-of-town students and their       the University.                    Program,, jn addition to Shanley
 m u c h disputed "helmet l a w s " requiring all motorcyclists
 to wear safety, helmets w h e n operating motorbikes. A l -                            parents. The iParents' Orientation      The Parents* Orientation Pro- and McBriarty, are: Patricia
 though the pros and cons o f helmet laws are varied, and the                           Program will provide interested      gram will open with a multi-' Bleidt, assistant dean of students,
 question, seems largely settled, one point arises from the
                                                                                        parents with campus tours, ipfor-    media presentation portraying and Harold Yiannaki, registrar.
                                                                                        mal discussion•'. periods, and an-   campus life. This wiU be followed
 controversy that seems to be w i t h o u t question. T h e repeal                                                                                                           Hopefully, this program will
                                                                                        swers to their questions about       by remarks by President Coffelt
 o f the "infamous helmet l a w s " is another example o f what                                                                                                          fulfill a need that parents have
                                                                                        YSU.                                 and. Charles McBriarty, dean of
 c o u l d be loosely termed " p o p u l a r legislation."                                                                                                               to understand and be involved
                                                                                                                             student affairs.
    " P o p u l a r legislation" consists o f groups o f people w i t h                     The program is being intro-                                                  in that their sons and daughters
                                                                                         duced because "out-of-town stu-         Three panel discussions are             will be doing at Y S U , says Shan-
 similar concerns and interests acting through the existing
                                                                                         dents bring their parents (to        also included i n . the program.           ley. Following, the orientation,
 legislature (recall, referendum, and iniative) to change an
                                                                                        orientation) more frequently than    Student services administrators              the program will be evaluated,
 undesirable law or situation.                                                         . area students and nothing is ever   will relate information^ about               arid, if successful, plans will be
     We have witnessed the lowering o f property taxes i n                              done for parents, (so) a need was
                                                                                                                             financial aids, housing, $ health            made to continue the program
 California (proposition 13); the effects o f N O R M L (Na-                            felt to do something different
                                                                                                                             services, parking, the bookstore             on an annual basis.
 tional Organization for the ' R e f o r m o f Marijuana Laws)                          this year" according to Mark G .
                                                                                                                             and career planning. Faculty
 i n slackening marijuana penalities; the proposed E q u a l                            Shanley, coordinator of student
                                                                                                                             members wiJl explain academic
 Rights A m e n d m e n t t o the C o n s t i t u t i o n ; and the attempted           activities.
                                                                                                                             expectations, the- student load,
 recall o f Cleveland M a y o r Dennis K u c i n i c h b y p e t i t i o n .                                                 and grading procedures.
                                                                                          In the past years area students                                                       Th&Jambcr Staff -          'M
 Regardless o f whether the aims o f these groups are justi-
 fiable, one positive aspect surfaces; that groups o f people,
                                                                                       and out-of-town students have            The third discussion, led by                                               PI
                                                                                       participated together in orienta-     Shanley and Phil Hirsch, dir-                      'Editor-in-Chief*" ,        w
 are returning to the legislature process t o make the changes
                                                                                       tion sessions held;throughout the
                                                                                           ;                                 ector, Kilca.wley Center, will ex-                      , Naton Leslie < *V . | | |
 they see as necessary.                                                                summer,ssays Shanley. But when                                                              Layout Editors*       ' fm
                                                                                                                             plain student life and involve-
   In the past, similar groups have attempted social and                               parents accompany their sons-,        ment in student activities. The'                       , Liz Lane          ' j l
political reform through passive resistance, peaceful assem-                           and daughters.hecontinues,there                                                      < \        Ed Snanfcs           If
                                                                                                                             panel discussion will be "geared                   *News£cHt<JrV -r *          |§
bly and b y organized marches.. A l t h o u g h these are also
                                                                                       has never been a structured           to a question and answer session,                    1
                                                                                                                                                                                       John Keaffft"'      jp
effective means o f protest and change, b y using the con-                             program prepared for them. Many       so parents have a chance to find               /-/Photo Editor.-\'-' ^ m
stitutionally tailored avenues o f r e f o r m , . concerned c i t i -                 parents have "expressed the desire    out as much as they can about                       * Sofa-Camp "             ^11
zens are better able to effect these reforms.                                          to find out about the University,"    the University," says Shanley.                   > Sports Editor,:,             m
                                                                                       says Shanley.                                                                         , - , 8#i Snier >           , jjj
    These action groups deserve praise i n , their efforts to                                                                  Approximately 110 invitations                 , ^ NewsjStaff:    -\          ij
transform laws b y utilizing those laws designed for the                                  As out-of-town students exper- have been issued for the program                          - GragGarramoVie ' 1    11
purpose. H o p e f u l l y , this active participation w i l l carry over              ience the regular freshman orien- which will take place in the Read-                      '
                                                                                                                                                                            y < Stacey Savka <              fjj
into a l l aspects o f ^ a v e r n m e f l t i ^ n c l w ^ i p g . a n increased-use   tation, including informal :.;"rap -ying- Lounge Ohio Room - and^ Art                        - l Beckerc <
                                                                                                                                                                                      K   m
                     ;                                                                                                                  >;

o f voting power.           "                                                          sessions," • tours of .campus, ad-;.- Gallery; all located- in • Kilcawley'

                                                                                                                                                                                   Carol Hay wa.r#* '       |p
                                                                                                                                                                                   Mary & n « Dixon         |jt
                                                                                                                                                                            '    Compositors:^ "           -fm
                                                                                                                                                                                   Carol Pechatk            jlj
                                                                                                                                                                                   Roserftary."Tymii,       fjf

MS IT A REALAMTIFACT                                                                                                 BM.WMITE?                                                   Laii'.oj'n i ec».i r'-njjft
                                                                                                                                                                                      Sob Camp
                                                                                                                                                                                 PhotographersJ -
                                                                                                                                                                                                       ' \f|f
                                                                                                                                                                                    , Bob Camp       \
by Kim Becker                                nance, located on Lake Hamil-         White always takes students on several beer bottles dating back                                    Debbie Pallante.      ^
                                             ton in Struthers. In 1975, White  his digs because he maintains to the early 1900*5.                                              ' Advertising staff: * . |jf
     If you've ever found what                                                                                                                                                        Rocco Pochlfg \     |fj
 looked like a dinosaur bone in              was asked to head an experi-      that it's a good learning exper-         A professor at Y S U since                               Secretary';      *" *     ff|
 your garden, you probably con-              mental high school archaeology    ience for them to participate in 1971, White is on the Selection                                      MtMieMcDonough -
 tacted Dr. John \Vhite, sociology           class. Through the Struthers To-  the discoveries.-                    Committee of the Archaeological                              Advisor:
 and anthropology, to check i t i            tal Environment Education Pro-        White's well publicized disco- Council. He helps designate a few                                ' Dr. J, Mason
 out.                                                                          very of a structure near the of the most eligible archaeolo-                                  The Jambar is published on
                                             gram, about 30 students were
                                                                                                                                                                         Thursdays during summer quarter
     "I get constant phone calls                                               Hopewell Furnace was his most gists in each state to investigate
                                             able to participate in an archaeol-                                                                                         by the students of Youngstown
 from people in the community                ogical dig that excavated the fur-recent one. On June 17, the federally funded construction                                 State University and under tfife
 who think they have important               nace.                             archaeologists began digging in a sites. For example, if, a highway                       authority of the Student Publi
 artifacts that turn out to be                  The furnace which operated     field that looked very promising , is being builL this committee                          cation Committee. Editorial ma-
                                                                                                                    makes certain the proposed piece                     terial and comments are the
 chicken- bones. I always check              between 1803 and 1808 pro-        White said.
                                                                                                                                                                         responsibility of the edttois Opm-.
 them out so at least they know              duced such iron wares as stoves,      "You get a sixth sense after of land isn't upon a prehistorical                       tons expressed in the newspaper
 someone from the University'                utensils, etc. The Hopewell is theworking with them (sites) for so site. If the site does contain the                       are- not necessarily those of,the
 cares. 99 out of 100 are false                                                long. It becomes ah intuition," contours of a possible site,
                                             earliest blast furnace "west of the                                                                                         staff, the student body, or tne
 leads but that one time might                                                                                     the archaeologists are permitted                      Y S U administration. Advertising
                                             Alleghenies and the oldest indus- White said.
 be the one," White said.                                                                                          to begin digging. If something                        rates on request at the Jambar
                                             try of any kind in the Western        White had hoped the site                                                              office. Subscription rates.- $8 for
                                                                                                                   prehistorical is uncovered, the
   White is known throughout                 Reserve" White said. The fur-    .would uncover the ironmaster's                                                            three quarters, $9 for year.
                                                                                                                   state has to detour the highway
the community for his involve-               nace ceased operations in 1812    house since it was located near
                                                                                                                   elsewhere, White said. The com-
ment in the excavation of the                and had become partially buried   the furnace. Instead, the re-
                                                                                                                   mittee has to fill out'a Cultural                         The Jambar welcomes the;
historical Eaton Hopewell Fur-               in Yellow Creek-Park.             maining wails of a building that
                                                                                                                   Impact      Statement     declaring                   opinions of its readers through
                                                                               was 37 feet long and 16 feet whether or not construction can
                                                                                                                                                                         the form of letters to the tditoi
                                                                               wide were uncovered*                begin.                                                and Input columns.
                                                                                   The discovery o f square nails
                                                                               and clay, pipes has determined          Dr. Cary Fry, sociology, and                          Letters to the- editor may not
                                                                               that, the structure was in use White are both on the investi-                             exceed 250 words and should
                                                                               before 1850 when these mater- gating committee in this area.                              concern campus issues. Input
                                                                               ials were, no longer utilized.          A proposed sewerline site was                     columns may jiot. exceed , 600
                                                                               White, also determined that the recently checked in Brookfield                            words and may concern issues
                                                                               person who built the Hopewell and- discovered to be heading                               beyond the campus. No sub*
                                                                                Furnace did hot build this struc- right     across the     Brookfield                    mission may be libelous, in-
                                                                                ture- as it was more sloppily and •Mound. This is the biggest Indian                     accurate, nor may it have any
                                                                                crudely constructed.               site in the area. The sewerline                       free' advertising. The ' editor
                                                                                                                   will have to detour it, White                         reserves >the right to edit or
                                                                                   White has been busy excava- said.                                                     reject    aH submissions. Both
                                                                               ting several other sites this sum-      White is applying to the                          letters and input must-be typed
                                                                               mer. A stone bridge built across Historical American Engineering                          and signed, and must include
                                                                               the furnace uncovered some china Record for a $15-$20,000 grant.                          the contributor** phone number^
Dr. White                                                    photo by Bob Camp dating back to the 1800*s and               (Cont. on Page 4)
                                       Thursday, July 20, 1978                                                                                                          ; The Jambar' Page3

by LuWayne Tompkins                     style as she takes Ruth Condo-
                                        mine through the stages of being
   Spotlight Theatre has opened
                                        a carefree wife and gracious
its fifth summer season with a
                                        hostess, to being the bitter and
fine production of Noel Coward's
                                        jealous spouse trying to rid her
witty farce Blithe Spirit
                                        home of the spirit of her hus-
   The small cast of seven works
                                        band's first wife.
well together, creating an inti-
                                            Dr. and Mrs. Bradman, played
mate atmosphere that captures
                                         by Scott Burin and Jini Finken-
and holds the audience's atten-
                                        hofer, have little to do with the
tion throughout the performance.
                                         actual plot but to add sarcasm
   Also contributing to a feel-
                                         and skeptism. The characters,
ing of actor-audience closeness is
                                         through no fault of the actors
the tastefully decorated living
                                         playing them, are flat: Madame
room of the Condomine's, the
play's main characters. With the       Arcati says she detects the skep-
advantage of all scenes taking         tic in Dr.' Bradman, but I do hot
place in this one room, the            know that the audinece can do
stage crew took the liberty to         the same. My only recommenda-
design an impressive set and           tion to Dr. Bradman is that his
should be commended for their          sardonic comments be more force-
                                                                                 A S C E N E - - - from N o e l Coward's Blithe Spirit w i t h Spotlight players Ninetta R e m l e y and
efforts.                               ful.
                                           The pace of the play picks up .       Lawrence K a l e .                                                                         photo by Bob Camp
      The Condomine living room is
  the perfect place for entertain- with the introduction of Elvira,
  ing, and that they do. One even- played by Debfa Coots. Her
  ing, Dr. >and Mrs. Bradman are in- ethereal qualities in voice and
                                                                                         eatregrad returns to
  vited over to join the Condo- movement are most. convincing
. mines in a seance, A i i .four are
  skeptics of the occult, but the
                                       as to her origin from "the other,
                                                                                         eps professional goals realistic
                                           A- true comic element is the           by LuWayne Tompkins                       What makes Coots unique is          Coots says her two majors and
  seance is necessary. for Charles
                                       maid, Edith, played by Christina                                                  not so much her talent, but her      ' minor are all used in her current
  Condomine, who needs a charac-
                                       Webb! Being relatively hew to the             The. applause from a crowd, level headed attitude toward her               job. "Broadcasting has helped put
  ter sketch of a medium for a
                                       Condomine household, she must              the bright lights, and the ap- career. Colleges throughout the              , a lot in working for a T V station.
  book he is writing.
                                       consciously watch her every rijove         proval of fellow performers can country graduate literally thou-              The advertising end of it is.obvi-
      The pace of the first act is a
                                       so that she carries herself like a         foster many unrealistic goals and sands of drama students who                 ous, and. as for acting, well, you
  bit slugglish, with the exception
                                       poised and experienced servant,            dreams in even the most remotely almost immediately converge on               act every day in dealing with
  of the moments, the guest spir-
                                       and not an over anxious track              talented actors. Such is not the New York or Los Angeles to                   people."
  itualist - is on stage. Alexandra
                                       star. While the Bradmans and the           case with Y S U graduate Debra await their big break. Coots,                     Fortunately for the Y S U thea-
  Vansuch plays the: eccentric Ma-'
                                     .\Con.domii«s :.;.op.ntr^)iatfeaaij^gh«!,    C o o t s . - ' • .                 ' On the other hand^emVco'ntetit-       (^tre- - department, -Coots attaches
imte'*kFf&tt<*toith' all the Exu- •society cynicism as 'their comic'
                                                              ;      !|
                                                                                   "~' f&e 1974 graduate ha£'a com- with Youngstown.                            much sentiment to' Spotlight
  berance and vivacity the part . endeavor, Edith contributes her                 bined major in theatre and broad-
                                                                                                                            While. she admits that the          Theatre. "I think of Spotlight
  deserves. The high spirited med- nervousness, coyness, and lack of              casting, and a minor in advertis-
                                                                                                                         only real professional acting op-      Theatre as a second home. I
  ium lives up to the farcical and finesse to delight the audience                ing. She is currently employed
                                                                                                                         portunities locally lie in an          have friends on and off the stage
  pretentious expectations of the thoroughly from the moment she                  with WYTV as an account execu-
                                                                                                                         occasional commercial,- she is         there, and I really feel comfort-
  Condomines and Bradmans with dashes on stage.                                   tive.
                                                                                                                        " optimistic about the potential of     able."
  one exception: she successfully
                                            The overall performance is               Coots joins Spotlight Theatre the local broadcasting affiliates.             Coots is aware that others
  brings back the spirit of Elvira,
                                       truly entertaining. With at least          in her third post-graduation per- "We have the advantage of having          might resent her landing parts
  the late wife of Charles Condo-
                                        three different comedy styles             formance. She plays the blithe all three national networks repre-           in Spotlight productions now
                                       working together (the sarcastic            spirit in Blithe Spirit. You'll sented in Youngstown." While                that she is no longer a student.
      Lawrence Kale plays the part dialogue of the Condomine and
                                                                                  know her right off - i f not by not everyone can count on                   "I do feel a little guilty sometimes
  of Condomine as he patiently Bradman, the eccentricities of
                                                                                  her acting ability, then by the fact becomming an on-the-air person-        when I think I might have de-
  tries to convince his wife, Ruth, Aracati, and the domestic in-
                                                                                  that she is gray from head to ality, jobs in the many facets of             prived a theatre student of a part.
  that Elvira is definately visable experience of Edith) the plot
                                                                                  toe.                                   production can provide invaluable    The policy is that anyone can
  and audible to him, though to still surfaces unmarred.
                                                                                      Prior to graduation, she acted     experience in the field, she main-   audition, but that students get
  no one else. With all the charm
                                            Blithe Spirit will continue with      in 12 Spotlight plays, along with tains.                                    first preference." She says she
  and decorum of the well-to-do
                                        two more performances, 8:30               assisting in make-up, lights and                                            was requested to audition for
  writer.he portrays, Kale's facial                                                                                        Coots has no plans to move
                                        p.m., Friday, and Saturday July           costumes.                                                                   two of the three post-graduation,
  expressions and voice inflections                                                                                     to the Big Apple or Hollywood.
                                        21 and 22, in Ford Auditorium,                As far as making the stage "I think I'm not confident enough            performances when the student
 vividly depict Condomine's ef-
                                        Bliss Hall. Student tickets are           her career, Coots comments, "I'm to try that." So, with family,             body was just not providing the
  forts to maintain throughout the
                                        SI.50, non-student $2.50.Tickets          leaning more toward broadcasting friends, and a job in the Youngs-          proper talent for the parts.
  ordeal his dignity, his sanity
                                        can be purchased at the box               right now." After graduating, town area, Coots seems content
 and his marriage. >                                                                                                                                             Though some in the cast of
                                        office the night of the. perfor-          Coots made a promotion tape with the status quo.
      Ninetta Remley develops her mance. Reservations can be made                                                                                             Blithe Spirit, including Coots,
                                                                                 which helped land her a television        At first glance at Coots'          have more theatrical experience
  character with notable grace and' by calling 742-3634, ext. 440.
                                                                                 commercial, for First Federal education and theatrical back-                 than others, she never appears to
                                                                                 Savings and Loan, as well as voice- ground, one might think Coots            upstage other actors. She is too
                                                                                 over spots on several Youngstown has settled for second best as an           much a professional for that.
                                                                                 radio stations.                        account     executive. However,

                                                                                 by Mary J . Dixon                    J. Brown, Elizabeth M . Brown           ant librarian, many of the stu-
                                                                                                                      and Mark A . Brown in, mem-             dents using the room might not
                                                                                     There is at least one place on   ory of their uncle, William F .         feel comfortable making pro-
                                                                                 campus where a perservering stu-     Maag Jr., after whom the l i -          longed, leisurely visits because
                                                                                 dent can find elegance, quiet and.   brary is named.                         they must be accompanied by a
                                                                                 a direct link to great minds and        Although the room has been           person from the library staff
                                                                                 ideas' of the past. It is in the     "open" for over a year, it is           who unlocks the door and re-
                                                                                 Rare Book Room located on the        seldom used. This is primarily          mains during the visit. She says
                                                                                 fifth floor of Maag Library.         because many students do not            that because of its limited staff,
                                                                                     This room houses YSU's col-      know it exists and also because         the Library is unable to assign
                                                                                 lection of over 1,500 special and    the value of the collection ne-         a person to remain in the room
R A R E B O O K S — These books are part o f a collection o f                    rare books. The room's attractive-   cessitates somewhat stringent se-       and keep it open on a regular
over 1,500 books housed ixi the Rare B o o k R o o m o f the                     ly understated furnishings were      curity procedures.                      basis. Wall also said there wa»
library.                           photo by Debbie Pallante                      the gift of Mr. and Mrs. William       ^According to Carol Wall, assist-             (Cont on page 4)
  The J l m b a r                                                                                                         Thursday, J u l y 2 0 , 1 9 7 8

                                                                                                                           (Cont. from page 3)
                             Dana Programs                                  not always a person available to        she says age is a relative factor.
                                                                                                                                                            source for historical information
                                                                            accompany a student wishing to           For example, she says a book
                                                                                                                                                            and cites the collection of McGuf-.
     The Dana School of Music has announced that two special mus-           visit..                                 printed in .England would have
                                                                                                                                                           fey. Readers as an example.
 ical programs have been scheduled for the end of July. On Monday,              Explaining how books are            to be much older than one printed
                                                                                                                                                                Use of the more valuable or
 July 24, at 8:00 pjn., at the Bliss Recital Hall, Dana will present        chosen for the collection, Wall         in the United States to be con-
                                                                                                                                                            delicate, books is limited to the
 the Overland Baroque Ensemble and on.Monday, July- 31, at 8:00             said it is. a joint decision of the     sidered rare because of the great-
                                                                                                                                                            room; however, readers are some-
 p.m. at the Bliss Recital Hall, Bernhardt Goldsmidt, violinist for the     administrative staff. She: says         er historical span, of English
                                                                                                                                                            times permitted to take some of
                                                                            there are probably some books           literature.
 Cleveland Symphony Orchestra will perform the Kreutzer Sonata.                                                                                            the others to different sections
 Goldsmidt will be assisted by Y S U faculty members Walter Mayhall         in the collection that might not            Because the books are con-
                                                                                                                                                           of the Library and, i f the cir-
  and Marcelline Hawk. Both performances will be free and open to           be considered rare by the strict-       stantly; increasing in value, Wall'
                                                                                                                                                           cumstances warrant, are permitted
                                                                            est standards.                          says it is difficult to estimate
  the public.                                                                                                                                             outside use of the books.
                                                                               -Wall said the factors, influenc-    the total value of the collection.
                                                                                                                                                               Wall said although there was no
                           Advocacy Program                                 ing their decisions arc whether         However, she says the Library
                                                                                                                                                          special provision made in the
                                                                            or not the book is easily replace-      does use the prices listed in
                                                                                                                                                          library budget for rare, book
                                                                            able; type, detail and. rarity of       American Book Price Current
      The personal Advocacy program need of a male volunteer                                                                                        purchases, books believed to be
                                                                            the binding;, and age. However,         as a: guideline to appraise out-
  living in the Canfield area. The possibility of a female volunteer                                                                                      especially suitable for the collect-
                                                                                                                    of-print books..
  may work. For more information contact Don Tumbull, Personal                                                                                            ion were sometimes added at the
  Advocacy, 759-7921, ext. 215,or Nancy. Elias, Student volunteer _                                                      Presently the two oldest books recommendation of the adminis-
                                                                                                                     in the collection are Delia historia trative staff or faculty members.
  Bureau, Room 273 Kilcawley Center, 742-3597 between 10 and'
   12 Tuesday.
                                                                                    Dr. White                         Vinitiana <de > .;
                                                                                                                                                  - Bimbo- >
                                                                                                                   (card Voigarmenie Scritta by Car-
                         Volunteer Bureau Hours                                    (Cont. from Page 2)               dinal Pieto Bembo, 1570, and
                                                                                                                     La Storie delta Citta di Firenze
                                                                            If he receives it, White would like
      Student Volunteer Bureau summer hours are Tuesday and Thurs-                                                   di M lacopo Nardi Citta Floren-                (Cont. from page 1)
                                                                            "to take a group of well-qualified
  day 10 to 12. Monday 12 to 2, Friday 2 to 3. Wednesday 11 to. 1.                                                  gtifi by Jacopo Nardi, 1584.
                                                                             archaeologists, specialized artists                                               "No matter how long you've
  Hours are flexible. If no one is in the office please leave a message                                              these two books, along with'the
                                                                             and photographers next summer                                                been driving a car, it takes diff-
  in the maObox. Room 273 Kilcawley Center, 742-3597.                        on a tour of about 200 furnace          others in the collection, are
                                                                                                                                                          erent physical skills and special
                                                                             sites. The group would travel           listed in the library's card cata-
                                                                                                                                                          knowledge to handle a motor-
                              Name Change                                    from West Virginia through west-        log. Wall points out that the
                                                                                                                                                          cycle safely in today's traffic,"
                                                                             ern Pennsylvania, Ohio and New         rare books serve as a reference
                                                                                                                                                          Chiaramonte said.
     The Office of Student Teaching in the School of Education has           York to study early 19th century
  been renamed. It is now called the Office of Student Field Exper-          ironmaking. White plans to bring
  iences, which falls into line with similar name-changes in other Ohio      back samples of ore, charcoal,
  schools, increased duties of the Office, and the varied nature of
  modern student teaching experiences.
                                                                             slag, cast iron and limes'tone.          REPORTERS                                 NEEDED
                                                                                   When White compiles a final
                                                                              testing of the various metal
                          Summer Orientation                      ,           making techniques, he would

      Summer orientation sessions, to provide incoming students with
                                                                              like to end his study of fur-
                                                                              naces by publishing a book of
                                                                                                                                      the Jambar
   advice and.academic information, will run from July 24-31 and              his findings.
   August 1-23. Sixteen orientation group leaders will guide groups of           . White attended the University
 ' new students through the 23 half-day sessions. The orientation pro-        of Oregon and moved to Youngs-
                                                                                                                       [The Jambar is looking for people who want"
   gram will help new students get an overview of campus life, obtain in-   , town upon receiving his present
   formation on academic-programs, plan course, work, see facilities,                                                  |to report the news. Will train.
                                                                              position at Y S U . About „ the
 " and pre-enroll for fall quarter. Sessions will begin at 9 a.m.             school, White said, "People here                     If interested please CONTACT:
                                                                              are as nice as anywhere. The                                Naton Leslie, Editor
                                                                              University has allowed me a.                                          or
                                                                              great deal of expression and                                Dr. J. Mason, Advisor
            Cucaro                         .RECYCLE    THIS PAPER             backed me up whenever possi-                                   Jambar Offices
                                            RECYCLE    THIS PAPER             ble."              .
                                            KECYOLE    THIS .PAPER
                                                                                                                                             410 Wick Ave.
                                            RECYCLE    THIS PAPER              White who is happiest when                                 Rayen Hall, 1st Flot>r
         (Cont. from page 1)                RECYCLE    THIS PAPER           digging a prospective new site                                 Tues 10-12:00 am
  type of self impression is not                                            loves archaeology and the satis-                            Weds9:30 am-7:30 pm
  unusual.                                                                  faction o f uncovering. history.
      "He is very serious about his
  work, but considers himself an
  ordinary man who is truly using
  his God given talent," said Thom-

                                                                PROMpTION and SALE
  as Cucaro.
      "I use myself as a model,"
  said Cucaro. "Sometimes the
  faces in my paintings are done
 consciously, but other times it is               Some books on                          Sale Tables..*         ^•
 an unconscious process."
     Not long ago, Cucaro was
                                                                                HALF M I C E or LESS
 commissioned as a portrait art-
 ist. However, the people that he
 painted criticized the portraits
                                                  Some books on Textbook Shelves...
 of. themselves done by Cucaro
 and said that they were not true                       PRIOR INVOICE PRICE
     "I painted the people mostly
 from self-thought. I painted them
                                                  Some books on Red Lined' Shelves by department...

 as,I saw them" stated Cucaro.
     Cucaro said that he represents                                             SALE or PRIOR INVOICE PRICE
  "the fighting spirit of Youngs-
. town" and by establishing an
  art center here others will also                Come see what
  be able to express themselves.
     Cucaro also plans to do other                                                                ome see
  art shows in the Youngstown                                                                                                                                                              *
  area as long as the sponsoring
  organization is non-profit.